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     Well gals and guys here is your proof that women want level 4 or level 4 like activities in their relationships. Even if she calls it level 2 or 3. This support might apply to play or in some cases be periodic but at least 37% of women answering survey questions said they want level 4 FLR and 43% more said they wanted level 3. Though women are 30% less kinky than men they show a drive for control and since 81% want level 3+ you can assume women want to provide many of the same things you want from your FLR fantasy. One strange thing in FLR websites are men masquerading as women answering questions and making comments. 25% of all comments supposed to be made by women are actually men trying to make it look like women want FLR. Well you can stop, women want it, we worked hard to weed out the males and we know at least in part what women want.

There is support for level 3+ .::. women want you to prove your desire to serve them

     Listen up guys, women have said it loud and clear, they want to see the proof of your desire to serve them. They want men to prove it. 93% of women say "prove it to me" and 83% say do what I want even if it means men dancing for their women. Women want to be acknowledged as HOH, appreciated in public, they require the obedience of men and 81% of women want absolute obedience.

There is support for level 3+ .::. domination, leading, managing, control and punishment

     We all know that the male fantasy for FLR is about domination, control and most often includes slave like behavior and punishment. Realize once again the women want 30% less than men do as a group so that might mean 30% less severe, 30% less activity and we also know women want to remain their same loving selves so turning into a domino is not what they are saying. Women are saying they find some of these ideas at least in play to be a turn on or at least interesting. Women are not willing to trade for most of them so you can put that behind you, they are willing to enjoy them as part of a relationship they are getting fulfillment from and that means men pleasing their women in ways women want to be pleased. It is far less likely men will ever get any fulfillment unless they are providing fulfillment women want. 69% like the thought of dominating a man. 75% like the thought of leading a man. 71% like the thought of managing the couples lives. 71% like the thought of controlling their man. Interestingly only 4% of women don't like the thought of some kind of control over their men.

There is support for level 3+ .::. let the punishment begin

     If you streamline a relationship and optimize decision making you should have very little need for punishment and even if you did you'd likely use punitive actions first before physical pain. Unless a women gets pleasure from punishment the chances of a man getting it are not so good. The idea of training by punishment is also not a great idea but in a boot camp approach it might be useful in breaking a man. So the bottom like (no pun intended) is there will be less punishment than men want. That said maybe you should call it play, I'll bet you get more then. Women like the idea of obedience, they like the idea of being able to punish their men and they agree that pain is something they would do in combination with non physical methods. Only 5% of women said they would never punish and that is very close to the number of women who want FLR level 1.

There is support for level 3+ .::. women will encourage slave like behaviors

     Don`t read to much into this because what women want they don`t want all the time. You can take to the bank that women want confident gentlemen most of the time but from time to time they would enjoy punishment, bowing, kneeling, kissing of her feet and having her man be a body servant. There is a power trip that goes with obedience that seems to make men and women feel good. It is like a vacation from the ordinary and from time to time it might also be a vent for frustration. 10% of women said no to bowing. 0% of women said no to kneeling. 0% of women said no to kissing her feet. 13% of women said no to spanking men. 0% of women said no to commanding their man.

There is support for level 3+ .::. orgasm denial and chastity is in

     Women show a high interest in controlling some or all aspects of sex. We assume that means their sex life with their man. We covered the topic in several ways. We asked about sex control, orgasm control and chastity including so called key holding. On all categories we asked about women showed favor in their answers. Only 3% Yuck to the thought of his orgasm denial. Key holding crossed from "full-time" to "play" so women may move to a more permanent form of chastity with encouragement. 88% of women are interest in key holding for men who want chastity. 91% of women said they want to control his sexual release.

There is LITTLE support for edgy kinks .::. cuckolding, humiliation and sissification are low priority to women

     It is not overwhelming but most women don`t want to participate in the edgy kinks men ask for. This is where men cheat and pretend to be women more than any other area. Men answer questions pretending to be women presuming it will be used as proof that other women want it. Well you can stop pretending, some women do want it but they are a small minority. The majority don`t want to participate at all. don`t lose hope there are a significant number of women willing to participate in edgy kinks.

more to follow....

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Women were asked
I like the thought of managing our life?
26% 3% 71%
In Some Ways No Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

97% of women like the idea of managing the couples lives. Add this to the 99% of women interested in having the final decision in the couples lives and it speaks volumes about how women feel.

Women were asked
I like the thought of changing him?
35% 11% 55%
In Some Ways No Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

Women think highly of the idea of changing their men. 89% of those polled were positive about it. So another strong motive is a woman's desire to control their environment and their men.

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