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     I thought it was time to address the minor cultures that grew up with FLR. I want to say in advance that none of the cultures is very big or fully mature, but neither is FLR as a relationship choice. It is also time to address the major cultures too. There is after all a huge difference between goddess worship and feminism; between matriarchy and FLR; between female authority and female supremacy. So I am picking a fight with the smallest woman in the room and pitting her against the biggest woman in the room. Women will fight this one out.

  • Feminism is strong and valuable and female supremacy is weak and almost useless
  • Goddess worship, female supremacy, and female superiority are almost always connected to FemDom
    • Goddess worship, female supremacy, and female superiority are fetishes aimed at men
    • Goddess worship, female supremacy, and female superiority are part of the 'for profit' internet porn industry
    • The goddess club is a for profit business
    • Unfortunatly on the internet so is FLR
  • Female superiority is in some ways true and in others false
  • There was never a matriarchy or gynarchy of any size larger than a clan
  • Matriarchy is not the next big wave
  • FLR is not Matriarchy

     Why spread all this bad press you ask? Simple, for women in large numbers to be attracted to FLR, FLR needs to separate itself from fetishes and subcultures. If FLR is not successful at that then FLR will fail as an experiment. Women love sex and women enjoy kinky sex but to base a relationship on it is very weak. FLR needs to be about relationship and the values women want.

Feminism is strong and valuable and female supremacy is weak and almost useless

     Feminism in it's many flavors is a well reasoned response to inequality in business, government and society; but what is female supremacy a response to? While feminism might not be popular in some crowds it is morphing with society and remains intact. In feminism women have a real argument that they are being unequally treated and that there are double standards; but female supremacy says women are just better than men which is only true in fetish dreams. The argument that women excel in one area or another does not support supremacy. To have supremacy one must have the power to dominate or defeat. Men have to volunteer for that. Supremacy can also signal a high office, in this way some women might be supreme to men. Say a woman who is the prime minister or chief justice. Primacy is another way of looking at supremacy where the primary person is supreme because they are first; that could be said to be true for HOH. There is no real strong definition for "female supremacy" therefore it is a weak idea. Feminism fights for equality and fairness while female supremacy stands for nothing. There is no argument that anyone can make that says women are as a gender are supreme to men. They can do a few things men cannot and vise versa; it is just a fetish in support of a subculture.

Goddess worship, female supremacy, and female superiority are almost always connected to FemDom

     Although it does not have to be this way, women might actually start a female supremacy movement, right now the proponents of female supremacy are mostly professional dommes and for profit businesses. Unfortunately the same can be said for FLR. Feminism seeks to correct a problem, FLR is about relationship but female supremacy has not shown any colors aside from being tied to sex. Naked men bow to the commands of women with torture devices or they bow and kiss the feet of goddesses. Does that not sound like supporting male fantasies and fetishes? The goddess club is no exception, men pay for the "privilege" to worship a woman. It is called tribute. I challenge you to look around at female supremacy and compare it to FemDom. You will see it is remarkable similar if not exactly the same - and this site has time and again established FemDom as part of the for profit crowd making money on male fetishes.

Female superiority is in some ways true and in others false

     Some/a few women are superior to most, many or all men. There we got that out of the way. Yes there are excellent women in the world that have such high qualities as to excel over everyone male and female. But by and large women are just people, some might excel in some areas of life and others in other areas, some may be superior to men in one way and not in another and vise versa. The words "female supremacy" is a "supremacism" fits anyone who has a role with no peers (how many do you know like that). most supremacism is about race, cast and wealth. The words "white supremacists" stir anger and fear. Supremacists are almost never seen in a positive light. Some women may be superior and one could be supreme but that is it.

     There are two aspects of goddess worship and female supremacy that have some value (very small because there are other ways to get what it delivers). Many women have fought long and hard to raise their self-esteem after destruction and while "goddess worship and female supremacy" goes overboard; but it does address self-worth. The supremacist and the goddesses place themselves in a role where they are unlikely to get hurt and likely to enact retribution on men and perhaps other women for past or current offences. Small value though it be there is a also a public-image aspect as well where women are elevated in some ways, men see it with their eyes and if they take it to heart women are recast in a higher light then that of those men might normally lust after in porn images. Very weak.

There was never a matriarchy or gynarchy of any size larger than a clan

     There have been bigger religious movements with Isis and Athena than there ever were societies based on women ruling men or mothers ruling men. My own culture the Pic of Brittiana were those blue faced warriors the Romans could not defeat and they were rumored to be led by women priestesses of some sort. There are rumors of women leading American indian tribes, of course man women have led men in society and government but that itself is not a matriarchy or gynarchy neither is a religious movement. There is also a mythical female led society called Amazonia and another one near Greece in ancient times. Truly there is just not enough evidence to support the myths of utopian societies based on matriarchy or gynarchy. If it was so good, why did it not last? Sorry. That does not mean we can't have one or that one would not be better than what we have now.

Matriarchy is not the next big wave

     There is some rhetoric about "the comming Matriarchy" but there would need to be a huge cultural shift for that to happen. Lets do some math, remember when they said math might save your life? Whenever one thing has to happen to create a change that is called a 1:1 action. If that thing happens then change will happen. Each other thing you add to the list increases to number of variables and decreases the change of it happening. How many things do you think would need ot change before the world would allow a Matriarchy? The answer is lots and most of them are not known or understood fully and there is no leader to make it happen. The real through of the western culture is not that it is a partrearchy but rather it is a pretence for capitalism. People with money rule the world not specifically men. The people with money will put anyone in power who will defend and grow their wealth. It has been that way since the begining of man. Sorry no Matriarchy coming no Patriarchy either.

FLR is not Matriarchy

     Matriarchy is a kind of givernment by women especially mothers who hold political leadership and moral authority over a society. FLR is much smaller then that and does not address politics or morals.


     Enjoy yourself with goddess worship, FemDom, female supremacy and and anything that floats your boat but don't confuze these fetishes with relationships, religions or governments they are about male fantasy and sex; these movesments consist of several hundred women out to make money and a few others who wanted to correct an injustace. On the other hand Feminism is the 2000 pound gorilla in the room with many factions and objectives, women get behind feminism.


  • Matriarchy "a society where females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership and moral authority"
  • Gynarchy "government by women"
  • Types of Feminism
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I like the thought of punishing him?
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86% of women like the idea of punishment in their relationships. The trick is being comfortable with your choices and responsible to your core values in doing it.

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97% of women find spanking their man at kleast interesting - this might be in play but compare it to the punishment question.

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94% of men are asking or at least willing to accept punishment from their women

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