How women rate themselves and their readiness for female led relationships

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How women rate themselves and their readiness for female led relationships

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How women rate themselves when it comes to female led relationship

     The on-going self assessment tools on this website provide an insight to how women rate their ability and to some extent how men rate their women when it comes to their potential for success in FLR. The assessments are blind, the taker does not see anyone's score so they are going their own way with their answers. At the end a general assessment is given, showing "Scores about 80% suggest success or interest, Scores above 60-79% suggest a struggle with eventual success or interest, Scores between 40-59% suggest an up hill battle with some chance of success or interest and Scores below 40% suggest you will likely not succeed or have little to no interest"

Overall women rated their readiness at 72.67% that of what men want

     A high number - over 80 suggests that women will be very successful at female led relationships as a group. It speaks to their alignment with what men want and how men see FLR and leadership. The closer the number to 100% the closer aligned men are with women in female led relationships. Since men and women are in a relationship we want that number to be as close as possible.

For the assessment"(Are You A Leader Type) How compatible are you with Female Led Relationships"

     Women showed a 76% rating on average. This means women believe they are ready for female led relationships as they see leadership. All our polls consistently speak to women expressing interest, capability and the drive to lead men in their relationships.

For the assessment"(Is FLR For You) How much interest do you have in Female Led Relationships

      In general women express a 93% interest in female led relationships but rated their readiness at 70%. The gap is how far women need to come to succeeds as a group at leading their men. This does not mean most women won't succeed, just that there is a gap between readiness and interest. Interestingly women can change this gap just by taking charge of "what female led relationship means". What I mean by that is women can redefine the baselines in FLR to what is more her way and less his way. Our current comparison takes into account what he wants compared to what she understands that he wants.

For the assessment "How much kink would you allow in your Female Led Relationships

     When we set the scale of what men want at 100% we get a comparative number of what women are ready for, ready to accept, or want. Women rated their interest in kink at 72% of that of men. This means the expectation of men for kink is higher than that of women. It also means women will need to manage down expectations for kink or get ready for more kink.

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Women were asked
I like the thought of managing our life?
26% 3% 71%
In Some Ways No Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

97% of women like the idea of managing the couples lives. Add this to the 99% of women interested in having the final decision in the couples lives and it speaks volumes about how women feel.

Women were asked
I like the thought of changing him?
35% 11% 55%
In Some Ways No Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

Women think highly of the idea of changing their men. 89% of those polled were positive about it. So another strong motive is a woman's desire to control their environment and their men.


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