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Male chastity, form, function, and fantasy (for couples)

     The jury is out on male chastity as a means to an end but there are some elements that merit discussion without knowing exactly how beneficial male chastity is for a relationship. When a women considers male masturbation for instance, where men admit to masturbating 1 to 7 times each week even when they have a female partner in their life, it seems clear that much of the male sexual energy is being spent on fantasy and not being spent on satisfying female partners. I think we all know that in long term relationships there are low periods of sexual activity between men and women and some boredom, one wonders if it is a result of the ease of masturbation for men.

     Of course masturbation as with sex is most often done in private, so men need some privacy to get the job done. Men do find ways even with little privacy such as waiting until everyone else is asleep or in the shower or while driving or at work. because of the many opportunities men have they seem to take advantage of them.

     For couples in female led relationships - male chastity can take several paths that at face value seem to enhance FLR. Male chastity can address areas of a relationship that might suffer from expending sexual energy on fantasy instead of on a partners desires. Male chastity can address the psychology of controlling the food group sex, when women want to have that kind of authority and control. Male chastity can have a hand (no pun intended) in resocialization and focus for men wanting to become more supportive and better servants as well as less self centered. Here are the main areas male chastity seems to address:

  1. Reasonable assurance of fidelity
  2. External assistance with self control
  3. Measure of control over food group sex
  4. Measure of surrender of food group sex
  5. Tool for resocialization and behavior modification
  6. Substitute fantasy enhancement
  7. Erotic edition to intimate relationship

Reasonable assurance of fidelity

     Women who are jealous or insecure or have experienced the betrayal of infidelity might enjoy male chastity to give them peace of mind. The form of male chastity needed would be a locked chastity device, As with any practice there needs to be a measure of safety so there is often a emergency key which means there is a small chance of his removing the devise without your approval but when his word is not enough a chastity devise is a strong inhibitor.

External assistance with self control

     because men spend so much sexual energy masturbating, controlling that energy with a chastity device seems to be way of saving male sexual energy for the benefit of his mate. Men don't seem to be able to control that habit so a chastity device provides an external inhibitor to private masturbation. Women who assist or demand this for masturbation control get the double benefit of asserting leadership over this very personal part of his life.

Measure of control over food group sex

     Men locked in a chastity device are more reliant dependent on women. Men who give control of the key to a woman become vulnerable to her for hope of release. The act of him presenting himself to her to be locked in is a power psychological moment of surrender for him and a powerful moment of her "taking" control. The act of his being exposed to her and her clicking the key locked is also an intimate one she is sharing with him. The mere act of male chastity seems to serve many functions for both men and women.

Measure of surrender of food group sex

     Men looking for their mate to take control and lead will find male chastity to be a strong shared moment and a constant reminder of her control. If she asks for it, so much the better; but even when men ask for it there is a humbling process that shapes surrender and fills the need for connection, vulnerability and intimacy. That member of his body being most private exposes him to her making him doubly vulnerable to her. I can imagine an even more powerful surrender of the event is a ceremony where he is asking her to take control and offering his surrender or she is demanding it of him.

Tool for resocialization and behavior modification

     Men in chastity devices are set-up for change because of the reminder they are wearing and the personal and social pressure a woman can use to make change happen. Men surrendering sexual control to a woman are also surrendering a way for women to bring about changes in both of them. A woman gains confidence and assurance of his growth, skills accusation and behavior changes. A woman can use release as a reward for change of course, but women can also use the shame of her controlling him in this way to a much bigger advantage for them both as a couple. Then there is the treat of his never getting release again to consider unless he masters an area of behavior or a skill to her satisfaction. There is the threat of exposure to other women and men as a motivator too.

Substitute fantasy enhancement

     Men who have a strong fantasy for FemDom will get that itch scratched with a male chastity device. Even if a woman does not want to pretend to be his dom the act of the installation of the device provides grand stimulation for him with little effort from her. Wearing the key and using male chastity to bring about change only enhances the experience for men. Women also seem to get some gratification from the power exchange, a devious smile knowing they have him where he lives.

     Playing this to the max for him will solve some or all of the disappointment that come to men who don`t get part of their fantasy fulfilled by FLR. His presenting himself to her to be locked after showers, his sleeping naked in only his chastity device so he is exposed, her reminding him of it by tapping on it or showing the key when she gives a command, making him ask or beg for her help (playfully) and setting rewards for his release play skillfully on his psychology.

Erotic edition to intimate relationship

     If nothing else male chastity devices are at least somewhat erotic and might enhance a couples sex life. His focus on her, her active stand in his sexual expression, his courtship like response to having less sex and her knowing she has the key may build a better tomorrow for couples.

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