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Part 2 - How the couple sees it (The Ideal Female Led Relationship)

-- By Victor Bright Ell and Gwen McKellen author and publisher

     The couple made an agreement after 16 years of marriage to adopt a formal FLR. Zia took control of all 5 food groups which made Andy extremely happy. Andy had been feeling a need from inside him to surrender to Zia and after years of marriage he has the level of trust to begin that process. Zia could not have it any other way, she takes to FLR like butter on bread. Still part of her needs distractions and she does not want to lead every second of every day.

What Andy sees (The Ideal Female Led Relationship)

     Andy senses he is a gentle man and feels things deeply. He does not participate in girl watching, hot cars or acquiring toys, he gets a kick out of making others feel good and the success of others. He sees his relationship to Zia as ideal but knows it is different and gets teased about it from time to time. In his heart he knows he is on the right path for him and he thinks other men would want this too if they could get over the peer pressure. Andy is being fulfilled by serving Zia and the kids.

     Each morning Andy makes breakfast for the family as they rush around like rockets, Zia still pats him on the ass as she passes by on her way to coffee and yogurt. Zia drops the kids off on her way to work, planting a kiss on Andy and brushing against him before leaving. After the family is gone Andy handles some of the house work before a conference call he has about a project he is contracting on. They can afford a maid so Andy just needs to make sure things are straight and the laundry gets done. The kids are 11 and 13 now and they have several other couples they take turns with so Zia and Andy get time alone together. Andy really appreciate that. About 10:00 Andy shops for the family for food and then pick put some new towels for the kitchen at a bed and bath store. Home again he finishes his consulting project, works out, lunches and plans the family dinner. At 2:30 he picks up the kids and take them to their after school activities. On his way back home he stops for Zia dry cleaning.

     A trusted friend brings the kids home from their activity around 4:30. Andy is glad to greet them and gets them both a snack. Zia won't be home until 7ish but the kids will need to eat earlier. They still have occasional family meals but not on weekdays. Andy spends time with his youngest who is having some issues with grades at school, so he helps him with his homework. Zia get in at 7:20. Andy leaves the book he is reading and greets her at the garage door she always enters from after work. Andy likes this time. He takes her coat and bag while she slips off her shoes and pecks him on the lips. They make small talk as she heads for the kids and he puts away her things. Soon after Zia and Andy talk as they both make their way to their bedroom. After entering Zia begins pealing layers and Andy collects them to be put in their proper place. Andy had already laid out Zia's comfort clothes on the bed and she dresses in them as they talk about the day.

     Andy has a warm dinner and glass of red wine for Zia ready and as soon as she is ready he serves her the meal and sits with her as she eats. Andy is an accomplished cook, he has taken many classes has been in a cooking club for years now. Andy pours himself a glass of wine and she eats, they both drink and they talk though occasional interruptions from the kids. After the mean Zia heads for her den to do some work while Andy cleans up and gets the kids off to bed. Andy reads until Zia comes up, sometimes falling asleep when she works late. This night she come in at 10:00 PM and Andy rises to help her into our of her lounge clothes. This is one of Andy's favorite moments of the day when Zia showers before bed. Andy and Zia have agreed to his chastity and he gets aroused easily seeing her naked entering the shower. He puts her lounge clothes away and gets he night gown and slippers and waits while she finishes her shower. Andy dries Zia and helps her apply lotion all over, Andy find this somewhat painful and nice. This is a very intimate time from his perspective because she is allowing him to participate. Andy helps her dress for bed. From time to time Zia wants a rub and a climax which Andy is happy to provide. Once a week they date each other and he gets his release but not tonight. Andy take pride in satisfying her, it is more fun than climax for him.

What Zia sees (The Ideal Female Led Relationship)

     Zia wakes early each morning except Sunday to get in some rigorous exercise before her busy day. She needs that time to herself and having Andy supporting her with the house and kids is a real comfort to her. Zia rinses off after her workout dresses and greets Andy with a pat on the ass as she goes for her coffee and breakfast. Zia reminds Andy about her suits at the cleaners as she and the kids rush our the door. Zia drops the kids at school then heads to work. Zia is a EVP at a PharmTech company and owns a small stake in the company which is set to IPO in two more years. Her dedication to the company has richly rewarded her. Her time at work requires complete focus but she does participate in anything the kids need. Andy and she have a relationship where he realizes he cannot be a distraction to her during work - yet another benefit to having Andy so willfully pleasing her she thinks because he handles most everything.

     Zia leaves work at 6:45 spent from the day. The pressure at work is huge and she looks forward even longs for home where the is treated like a queen. While she drives she fantasizes about something's she has been thinking about and realizes the commute time has passed quickly as she pulls into the garage. Zia is greeted at the garage door to the kitchen by Andy who is nicely dressed and cheerful. She likes being welcomed and feels it as she moves through the kitchen to see the kids who are both playing a video game having completed their homework. One more reason she appreciates Andy as she leans over to him and tells him so with a little kiss and a whisper.

     Unwinding is a snap for her because Andy is her constant helper. It took sometime to get used to but now the couple has it down to a routine and it feels good to have dependable routines and a reliable mate she can count on. Andy is there when she changes into her comfort clothes as they talk about the day. Andy tells her he picked up her clothes and they are ready for her in the closet when she needs them. Zia rubs against Andy as a sign of approval, then smiles devilishly as she heads for her den. Zia has some papers to finish but she is distracted by her own lusts which she has been indulging recently, especially now that Andy has surrendered to her. She has discovered a side of her that she likes but the distraction is an interesting problem when she needs to complete work. She need the distractions like a short vacation but it does take time away from work,

     Zia completes her homework around 9:00 then spends the remainder of the time reading and fantasying. She is free to do this and has many fantasies she has tried and a few more to experiment with. She think about him locked in the chastity device and how that focuses his sexual attention on her. It is like being chased all over again, a whole new dynamic to their long relationship. Zia is fulfilled in many ways buy has allowed herself to dream about more. She notices the clock and heads up to bed passing the kids rooms for a nighttime kiss on sleeping cheeks.

     When she enters the bedroom Andy rises to meet her and help her undress, Andy is dressed only in pajama bottoms and she can see the bulge of the chastity device. She can see his arousal and it feels good to tease him a little and she is aroused herself because of her fantasies she is making plans to fulfil. When he has finished undressing her and she is naked she reaches inside his pajama pants to feel the chastity lock and tease him a little. She gets a kick out of knowing it is a little painful for him, and he loves her more for it by his expression. After showering she stands dripping wet as Andy dries her and they both rub lotion on her skin. Andy dresses her for bed. On the way Zia drops a simple request "rub me and give me a cum". She has been looking forward to this since leaving the office. Andy skillfully delivers his magic and she moans her appreciation, approval and passion. Another day together well spent.

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