Top 10 Reasons FLR is Good for Us as a Couple - From a woman in a level 4 female led relationship.

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Top 10 Reasons FLR is Good for Us as a Couple - From a woman in a level 4 female led relationship.

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Top 10 Reasons female-led marriage is Good for Us as a Couple - From a woman in a level 4 female-led relationship.

-- by L.K.
  1. Excitement: We have a shared 'secret' which is sweet, profound and slightly forbidden. Our secret gives us opportunity to play in our dynamic just 'under the skin' of normal day-to-day interactions with the larger world.
  2. Satisfaction: FLR gives each of us a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness with each other, because our core needs mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually are being met.
  3. Sexy Sex: FLR provides sexual fulfillment for both of us in both fantasy and reality. Fantasy can become reality because we're both open to new things especially in relation to control. She likes to be 'on top' both physically and metaphorically and he is deeply stimulated and moved by Her control and power.
  4. Empowerment: FLR gives me confidence and empowers me as a woman. My embrasure of the "Goddess" in me keeps him constantly enamored, turned on, and deeply in love (and worshipful too).
  5. Provision: He is willing and able to provide for my needs and interests. He is fulfilled in this selfless service towards me, the woman he adores. As a result, I am confident in his love; I feel cherished and central to his desires.
  6. Trust: FLR requires a deep trust between us since he is giving his power and autonomy to me. While I am taking charge and must trust myself that I am doing best for us. Trust is central to the health and well-being of our commitment to each other.
  7. Self-Honesty Shared: FLR Is natural to us because it lets us both "be" in our truth: I need to lead and he needs to serve. We don't have to hide who we are from each other.
  8. Security: FLR grants both of us a sense of security -- the agreement is more real in making the relationship stay. Both of us receive the love we need and in the form we desire it. This creates a safe haven for our relationship to grow.
  9. Open Talk: Conscious communication is always the order of the day. FLR requires clarity and honesty in desires, needs, goals, and dreams. We're not only on the same page; we're in the same sentence.
  10. Intimacy: Our dynamic requires us to be fully present with each other not only sexually, but in the more mundane activities of life. It creates intimacy through mindfulness towards the responsibility we share in meeting each other's needs. Our desires are bared to each other and there is nowhere to hide. What a blessed relief!
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Women were asked
I want to control Sex?
15% 1% 9% 75%
Final Word No Shared Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

90% of women want the final word in control of sex in their relationship. So no means no and yes means now? Couple this with the 76% women who want his participating in initiating sex and there will be a little confusion on the part of men. Women will need to train men to respond to their cues or need to just tell him when to start.

Women were asked
I want him to make himself attractive for me?
5% 1% 94%
Depends No Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

Women overwhelmingly want their men to make themselves more attractive. 99% of those polled were positive about it. Men in FLR will be asked to make themselves attractive by losing weight, better clothes, better grooming and improving the way they carry themselves.


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