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Top 10 Sex Secrets for FLR women

-- BY L. C.
  1. Boots: big heeled stompy boots that he can bow down and worship, lick, kiss, and adore. The big boots will show him your power as a woman and he will adore you for it.
  2. Clothed Female and Naked Male: A situation of vulnerability to it that makes him stand at attention. Women can be wearing something sexy or even jeans and a top, but his nakedness puts him 'in his place' so to speak as your sexy toy. The idea that you can take what you want, when you want , because it's all just hanging out there is exciting to him.
  3. Bondage: Tie his hands so he cannot touch himself. There is a deep vulnerability and surrender to it, but he has no recourse for release. It is all up to his Woman to choose when he gets to release. The immobility of bondage empowers his need to be at your beck and call
  4. Role-playing: such as the "Naked Gardener" is a fun way to keep it fresh and interesting while getting household chores done. He is turned on by being naked and working (flexing those muscles) under your watchful eye and sometimes sharp tongue. He will make every effort to please you - - because there is something exciting about being watched and ogled.
  5. Dirty Talk or "Humiliation": is a powerful aphrodisiac when teasing your man about his proclivities such as calling him a 'slut' or going to be used by your friends for 'service' (it is the taunt that gets him going). Perhaps he likes being told he belongs to you and only you and to with as you see fit or "just wait 'til I get you home."
  6. Positions to Train Him: to please you from how to properly kneel and bow in front of you so he may kiss your foot or how to stand up at attention with arms folded behind him so you may properly inspect him. Positions are excite him because he has to be very certain to please you in the manner you desire. He desires your correction and some naughty boys will purposely mess up positions so he can be corrected. It will bring a gleam to his eye.
  7. Fetish Clothing: is important for both of you. Women should wear fetish clothing that you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in. It may be leather pants or slit skirt with a leather vest or black or purple silk. For him, fetish clothing will always be at the females whim from leather and chains to frilly panties, spandex, or lace. He is there after all to please you so have him dress (and undress) in front of you in the manner you wish.
  8. Panties: your panties, worn at least one day are vitally important sexy control tools. If your male talks too much (other than yes ma'am or no ma'am or whatever honorific you choose) then stuff your panties into his mouth. It not only shuts him up giving you pleasure, but it will tantalize him to no end: he has panties in his mouth!
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Women were asked
I like the thought of punishing him?
28% 14% 58%
In Some Ways No Yes

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86% of women like the idea of punishment in their relationships. The trick is being comfortable with your choices and responsible to your core values in doing it.

Women were asked
The thought of commanding him?
20% 77% 3%
Interesting It`s Hot Yuck

*on-going poll requested of women

Women opverwhelmingly like the idea of commanding their men. 97% of those polled were positive about it.

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