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"Community > links to FLR blogs"

Looking for FLR friends or a new relationship? - we have a solution Whoopee!

Introductions has had a make over. Everyone is welcome to participate. Did you know 1 in 2 of all the people who come to this site are looking for a new relationship or to find new friends? Did you know this site offers a safe and beautiful way to participate in new friendships? Look over the new Introductions - let us know what you think

Community > links to FLR blogs

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Worshipping Your Wife

Worshipping Your Wife is both a 2 book series and a website blog by a man about his experiences with FLR

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Radzzz wrote: nice site, positive vibe --1327368799

She Deserves My Very Best

A journal of random thoughts from a man wishing for an ever deepening wife led expierence

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Radzzz wrote: this one seems more made up and fetish driven --1327370031

Subservire - Diary of a Female-Led Husband

Ones mans experiences for fLR - "My want is to worship you, to serve and obey you, to always put your needs above mine. You are my superior. You are strong, intelligent, sensitive and compassionate. You are Woman and you are beautiful."


One Couples Journey In Reversing Roles

This blog is a living memoir of a wife and husband coming back from the brink of divorce by implementing an FLR. The blogs focus will mainly be on the topic of making the FLR work. Practical, Interactive, and Informative.

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vanillaqueen wrote: link doesn`t work :-( --1449770812

The Vanilla Queen

A vanilla womans point of view on starting an FLR with her kinky husband. Intended to be helpful to women whose husbands want an FLR so they can learn the advantages and learn to enjoy it from a vanilla point of view.

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Female Led University

Female led relationships explained in a non fetish or kinky way so that everyone may intergrate this kind of relationship into their lives for a more fulfilling life experience.

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NEW! Training men with chastity
This is a couple's guide using chastity and resocialization for training a man permanently. The guide does not re-cover anything from the first guide so you need them both. It covers chastity, punishment, rewards, positive reinforcement, community help and launching a growing FLR. Can be used to start any level FLR. 26 week program, ready now in PDF


Combined Guides + 5 Food Groups
We combined the two training guides into one and added the 5 food groups. This means you get chastity, training and relationship dynamics all in one for a reduced price. Many of our members were downloading these as individual file so we combined them for a better value.


Couple's Training Guide
Women who want to train, re-socalize or grow their men for the perfect FLR have a comprehensive guide. Boot camp, weight loss/shape-up, 2 day and multi week guided programs. We address punishment, masturbation and growing good habits for supporting your leadership. Help with motivation and positive programming. Women will learn valuable leadership and control skills. This guide puts women back in control of FLR.
The 5 Food Groups In depth
How to have a harmonious relationship. Negotiating in relationships explained. How the 5 food groups can help you define and explain a better cleaner faster relationship. One hour with this book will enlighten you! Ready now

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