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Introducing your mate to FLR
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So you want to introduce FLR to your wife?

     Before you catch your hair on fire you should count the cost and analyze if your wife is even a good candidate for the job. If you do the math you will find a low probability that she is either interested or capable. You could raise her interest but her capability is not something you are able to help with.

Answer the question - My wife is ready for FLR

     If you said YES and your wife tested above 50% on the 3 assessments you have a shot. There are basically 4 stages to any experience. 1) Awareness is the essential primer but not any kind of commitment. 2) Participation is the next step - is he willing to play at it? try it? experiment? - does he get enjoyment from it? 3) Conversion to loyalty - converts have adopted the ideas and made it their own. Converts know a great deal about the practices of any lifestyle. Lastly 4) Evangelists tell others, promote and mentor others. So where is he at in his development?

My wife is just starting to understand FLR (or knows nothing)

     Being sweet to her and serving stealthily is not going to help your cause if you otherwise are not sweet. So step one is make a calendar - a 2 month adventure for you to introduce your wife to female led relationships. Set in your heart you are likely not going to get all you dream of then when you have your plan and heart prepared begin. Begin doing things for her and being especially nice. Don't ask anything in return. Stop masturbating and looking at porn if you are. The initial primer is a skillful element in her introduction. Include giving her oral sex (if she like it and if she is comfortable getting it at that moment) Pick up some of her chores you can do skillfully. Pamper her a little with back, neck and foot rubs, All these things should be fun. Then draft a nice evening plan where you focus on her pleasure. Here is an example.

"Dear Maggie - I am feeling especially close to you and it would make we really happy if I could take time Friday night to spend on you. I'd like to run you a bath, wash your back, give you a massage, kiss you here and there and then we will see what comes up! Are you game? I can't wait."

     She might fall over dead but she might say Yahoo! too. That evening don`t pressure her at all, don`t discuss FLR and do enjoy your time together, launch, play and have fun - remember this is for her NOT for you.

We are making progress I am ready to broach the subject

     Wait until she is relaxed and sit near her or rub her neck. Ask if she is willing to discuss something that make you a little uncomfortable. If you have a hard time working up the courage then stand behind her and run her neck. You can tell her the reason you have been doing more to get close to her is you want both of you to look into something that you find fascinating. Tell her you have been following the advise of someone who recommended you ease into it. Then talk about it a little. You might blush, she might blush when you say you are interested in a female led relationship and wonder if she it. Something like this

"Maggie - I have been trying to work up to something I am a little uncomfortable with. That is why I have been so interested in being close with you. I have been following someone's advice of someone on how to ask if you would look into female led relationships with me."

     Blame it one me, no worries, I can take it. Alright you broached the subject now what. Now discuss your vision. You want her to lead (which likely scares her a little). Now you invite your wife to the website and let her indulge at her own pace. Give her the url. This process can take some time - ask her if she will read it with you.

What if she laughs?

     Hey big guy you can take it - remember what you have to gain, figure out how she feels over time, often knee jerk reactions are difficult. don`t give up until she tells you to stop. If she hates the idea, all is not lost, work on your relationship, keep pampering, have fun with what you have!



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