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Reputation Points - becoming a trusted and respected FLR kind of man

     We have made it faster for men to earn reputation points by downloading and reading the MAG handbook. The handbooks are critical for the education of men and owning and reading them an invaluable step.

     As a way to help men advance their knowledge and enjoyment of FLR, we are adding "Reputation Points". Reputation points signify a dedication to the process of becoming a more FLR kind of man. The points help men show they are dedicated to more than just the idea of FLR, they are dedicated to transforming themselves into a man who is fulfilled by FLR and well suited to fulfill FLR women. Whether they are in an LTFLR or looking to get into one this score shows how much work and dedication they have put into transforming themselves into a trusted partners. Think of the score of a diploma in FLR, a stamp of approval. Women will enjoy these scores to see the development of men in the body of knowledge of FLR. Women will use these scores to develop trust with a man.

To begin earning reputation points

  1. read the ground rules for
  2. sign-up or log-in and go to your profile - make sure you are identified as male
  3. find the radio button on your profile "Reputation Points" and change it to "track points"
  4. At the bottom of your profile page will appear a list of links to the eligible point activities
  5. To earn points by clicking an activity and completing it
  6. Points are automatically awarded upon completion but you must begin by clicking the activites below
  7. The list will automatically grow as you complete activities
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     NOTE: to get Reputation Points you must complete an activity designed to grant points in one session (don't log out or you will lose your credit and have to start again) Activities may only be completed once by each participate. Participants must be registered and logged in. Men can also lose score for violation of ground rules or inappropriate communication.

How reputation scores should be interpreted

    formulated 01-Jan-2012
  • 0 means this user has no score - may not be actively participating in reputation points but has them on
  • 1-19 means the users is new and working to build a score
  • 20-60 means the users is working toward open communication
  • 60+ means the member has earned communication priledges - this is the first milestone
  • 81-200 means the user is dedicated to improvement (good candidate for FLR)
  • 201-300 means the user is working to master improvement (great candidate for FLR)
  • 301-500 means the user is has master improvement and is now ready to mentor
  • 501+ means the user has the highest reputation showing he has mastered improvement and has demonstrated outstanding abilities as an FLR man and mentor
  • (Flag) a flag in brackets means this user is practicing inappropriate behavior and has been flagged, yellow for caution and red for warning

Benefits to men who earn high level reputation score has created this score to help you build your dream. The score represents your education, improvement, growth and participation in the community of FLR. The things you will do to earn a high score show your committment to FLR for you as a man.

  • If you want to date FLR women your high score will be the ultimate stamp of approval
  • Shows your mate or potential mate how far you have grown/improved
  • Use your score on other websites to show your dedication and mastery of a man's role in FLR
  • Use your score to attract potential mates
  • Use your score to earn a sence of fulfilment and accomplishment
  • Use your score to show your credibility in internet blogs and discussions (use it anywhere)
  • Use your score to show your credibility to mentor other men in FLR
  • Women on will be more inclined to interact with you
  • You will be working towards re-socializing yourself
  • You will gain the respect and admiration of FLR women and men
Men growing in FLR fulfilment
Becoming the man she always wanted and showing yourself a man most desired by FLR women is now a course - this is step 1. PDF version is available for discreet/immediate downloads
Men's Workshop Links
Earning Reputation Points
Current ways to earn reputation points
  • Join A MAG (up to 90 points)
  • Submit A Popular Article (up to 40 points)
  • Submit A Scholarly Article (up to 100 points)
  • Advance the body of FLR knowledge
  • Up to 50 points awarded by moderators for excellence in contributions
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