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MAG brings men closer to fulfilment through FLR

     MAG is a regular program offered to the 308,000 men who come to aboutFLR.com seeking fulfillment. MAG is a two part program. Part 1 is the Reputation Point System where you earn more points and gain a reputation as an FLR kind of man. The score shows dedication to change and growth in FLR. Part 2 is MAG courses (Men's Accountability Groups). MAG works a like self paced courses and a group support program combined with a re-socialization engine (very cool). MAG is the answer to men asking "how do I do it", "how do I get to fulfillment?". Both program are designed to answer some questions women have about you (the man).

  • Are you serious about FLR or is it just a way to get women to play in your fantasy?
  • Will you humble yourself to close the gap and meet women where they want FLR?
  • Will you complete a program of 8-10 courses to help in re-socialization?
  • Will you help pioneer a social revolution to re-cast FLR as a positive lifestyle choice?

To turn on reputation points sign-up or log in then after registration choose 'Point scoring "Reputation Points"' On, you can join MAG there too

"Men who won't make changes towards what women want, might just as well admit they are playing."

Men's Accountability Groups accepting members

How to get started

  1. read the ground rules for aboutFLR.com [click here]
  2. sign-up or log-in and go to your profile - make sure you are identified as male
  3. find the radio buttons under the title "Men's Accountability Groups" and select the groups you want to join
  4. All groups are eligible for Reputation Points

Men helping each other become better men


What men say they most want to learn
Men said in the aboutFLR.com survey that they want to learn to become better at FLR. Women wanted that from their men too. Men must then move towards what women want because that is how FLR works. MAG helps men to conform themselves closer to what FLR women want from them. Men who want FLR must make the effort to change, grow towards their woman's ideal, change their self-image and social-image. They need to prove themselves to each other and the women in their lives. The good stuff will come to men who work in the right direction.

Men are frustrated

     Most men are unsuccessful at FLR for a few reasons. 1) Men gravitate toward their own ideas of how FLR should work, little time is spent to move towards her ideal. 2) Men don't understand what women want from them in FLR. 3) Men don`t know what an FLR kind of man looks like, how he behaves, how he is transformed or how he derives fulfillment. 4) Men need help with re-socialization and it is almost never available. 5) Women don't participate at the level men want because men are attempting to get fantasies fulflled before basic needs. 6) Women are unskilled at directing their men because all this is new.

There is a better way

     Accountability groups work like a mini course, a community support system and a re-socialization machine to bring men more in alignment with what women want in FLR. Men and women are at least 35% away from each other. The fantasy of many men is sometimes 60-75% different than what women say they want. Women focus on the benefits first while men often focus on the gratification. FLR men can build a brave new world, open up new doors, clear the path for many more to join and gain confidence and fulfillment from committing themselves to logical, positive and cognitive momentum. Men who won't make changes towards what women want, might just as well admit they are playing.

Can women get involved with MAG

     Of course, this is about FLR after all. Women can take up some of the empty leadership roles in the program or just drop in and comment on how the men are doing. Wisdom and leadership help. Sign-up then use the contact link at the bottom of every page to contact us.

MAG 1 No Porn FLR Dark
Learn how women feel about porn, how it effects you and your FLR and how to get out of the vicious cycle - this is step 1. PDF version is available for discreet/immediate downloads
MAG 2 Handbook
Helping men with chastity, sex and control. This course offers group and self help lessons for men who want chastity anr/or are experimenting with it.
MAG 7 & Introductions
MAG 7 for men and Intros for women, Introductions allows FLR women looking for a new relationship to meet FLR men (on-line) and evaluate them in a positive and uplifting way.

MAG 4 Handbook
Helping men become more domestic, becoming more of a help at home, leading the home scene.
MAG 8 Handbook
The handbook on negotiation in relationships, for a better cleaner faster relationship. 7 lessons 34 pages.
MAG 9 Handbook
Understanding the ins and outs of introducing your mate to FLR in a positive and constructive way.

Men growing in FLR fulfilment
Becoming the man she always wanted and showing yourself a man most desired by FLR women is now a course - this is step 1. PDF version is available for discreet/immediate downloads
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Men were asked
I am willing to obey my woman?
7% 1% 92%
If She Wants No Yes

*on-going poll requested of men

99% of men said they were willing to "obey" their woman - women in female led relationships will enjoy less dissension. Imagine the cultural shift if men, in open society, could do just that.

Women were asked
I want him to be my slave?
36% 8% 14% 41% 0%
Full time No Only In Play When I Want Yes

*on-going poll requested of women

78% Women are positive about men being their slave in FLR, undoubtedly it means different things to different women but it will means compliance and obedience. That compares with the 81% of women wanting level 3 or 4 FLR and the 81% of women who want obedience all the time from their men.

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