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Polls for Women Practicing Male Chastity In Your Relationships

This poll is for women, please don't answer if 1) you are not a woman and 2) you are not interested in or practicing male chastity with your man/men. It is critical we all get the right information about this important subject.

What is "Male Chastity?" Male chastity includes: self control "he gets to climax when the woman says so", wearing a chastity devices, orgasm denial "does not get to climax except under special circumstances", ruined orgasms "begins a climax but is stopped before the satisfaction of completion" and no orgasm. The topic of male chastity often includes the related topics of prostate milking, beta male training and cuckolding.

There is a great deal of lore about male chastity, we want to learn the truth about it in relationships. The myths support a fetish or two on the internet. Most women who answered our other polls at aboutFLR.com are interested in orgasm control and in controlling the "sex" food group.


What level of FLR interests you? Describe your relationship status? What is your leadership style?
level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 Married Live In Dating Looking Commander Facilitator Teacher Other


Describe your FLR status We are practicing male chastity? Whose ideas was male chastity?
LTFLR* Experimenting Want To Be None Yes Want to be Want to try No Mine (woman) His (man) Both
*LTFLR=Longterm FLR


How often do you practice? I see some value in male chastity? How many days a month do you use MC?
Everyday Sometimes Experimenting Only In Play Very Much Much Some None 22+ 15-21 8-14 less than 7


We use a chastity device? His climax comes from? Chastity gives me a sense of my power*?
Yes Sometimes No Variety Love making only Masturbation** Prostate milking Yes Sometimes No
*I feel more in control or powerful being in charge of his climax.
**Only by his own hand when I say so


We use self control?(1) We use ruined orgasm?(2) What best describes your goal?
Yes Sometimes No Yes Sometimes No Masturbation control Focus on service Power/control Fun/erotic
(1) He is NOT using a devise and only climaxes when I give permission.
(2) I stop him when he first starts to climax so he cannot complete


How often do you allow climax? I am a keyholder We use orgasm denial?(1)
Anytime When I Want 7th day Never Other Yes Sometimes No Yes Sometimes No
(1) I forbid orgasm until an appointed time or as a reward


I find male chastity? I use chastity as punishment? I use climax as a reward?
Erotic/sexy Useful Interesting Needful* A chore Yes Sometimes No Yes Sometimes No
*Required to maintain a healthy relationship


We practice sex just for me? I control the sex food group? I allow him to penetrate me?
Yes Sometimes No Yes Sometimes No Yes Sometimes No


My plans for male chastity? We have tried prostate milking? I would recommend MC to other women?
Use 7x24 Use part time Experiment Discontinue Yes I Want to No Yes With reservation No



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