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The 5 Food Groups In depth
How to have a harmonious relationship. Negotiating in relationships explained. How the 5 food groups can help you define and explain a better cleaner faster relationship. One hour with this book will enlighten you! Ready now
Training your man and yourself
Women who want to train, re-socalize or grow their men for the perfect FLR have a comprehensive guide. Boot camp, weight loss/shape-up, 2 day and multi week guided programs. We address punishment, masturbation and growing good habits. Ready now in PDF


NEW! Training men with chastity
This is a couple's guide using chastity and resocialization for training a man permanently. The guide does not re-cover anything from the first guide so you need them both. It covers chastity, punishment, rewards, positive reinforcement, community help and launching a growing FLR. Can be used to start any level FLR. 26 week program, ready now in PDF


Introduce your wife to FLR
Get a hand up on introducing his wife, mate or girlfriend to FLR. The most comprehensive guide to introducing your mate to FLR ever written. PDF version is available for discreet/immediate downloads, paperback is ready


For Relationships in Crisis
The most comprehensive guide to introducing your mate for relationships in crisis. PDF version is available for discreet/immediate downloads in advance of book release.

Press Releases, News and Social Networking

Women overwhelmingly think they are better leaders than men

Release date: March 21 2012 PRESS RELEASE -- categories: Dating, Lifestyle, Marriages, Relationship, Social Issues

Surprised? Men agreed (in a certain setting). The recent press about women overtaking men in earnings potential and actual earnings is just one of the pointers that life is changing for women and men. So are relationships changing too? Yes! In a poll given to over 9,300 unique people in 2011-12 both men and women agreed that women make better leaders "unqualified". The poll taken by AboutFLR.com asked several leadership questions which all overwhelmingly pointed to the changing roles of men and women in relationships. 91% of women felt they were equal to or better than men at leadership. 62% of women seem a little uncomfortable with their changing role by admitting moderate to heavy fear about leadership.

The poll also illuminated that women tend to have 3 primary leadership styles. 40% expressed their style of leadership to be a "Commander" like style, 32% said "Facilitator" and 21% said "Teacher." When asked what is his highest need in a relationship, 42% of women rated "Control" highest followed by "Connection" at 32% and Intimacy at 26%. Women seem to be gravitating toward command and control.

If women lead in becoming educated and will lead at earning; it seems an obvious extension to lead in their personal relationships. Women were overwhelmingly positive about the ideas of dominating, controlling and leading men. 96% of women agreed that dominating, controlling and leading men were positive ideas. Men who took the survey agree with an even higher score.

Women showed a very advanced understanding of their men's motivation and learning styles. Assuming they want to use this information to help growing in confidence and success in interpersonal relationships; the notion of women being governed by their feelings seems to be going out the window. Relationships in the USA are changing dramatically with more couples living together and less marrying women seem to be growing their understanding of how men think men to get more out of relationships.

AboutFLR.com is a site dedicated to understanding the changes going on in the subculture of female led relationships. For more information email is at informant@aboutFLR.com.

Over 30,000* men are wearing locking chastity devices for a variety of reasons

Release date: March 6 2012 PRESS RELEASE -- categories: Dating, Lifestyle, Marriages, Relationship, Social Issues

Men are changing the way they look at sexual self-control and a few are choosing to place their sex life into a lockable male chastity device. AboutFLR.com has been conducting interviews and a poll of men and women in chastity to see why.

For the most part men are positive about the benefits of male chastity and their mates are too. 95% of men practicing male chastity would recommend it with and without reservations. Women polled agree with a 98% positive outlook. The chief reason is male chastity is erotic and both men and women feel a sense of empowerment from him being locked up.

To put it in perspective 30,000 men would fill Boise State's "Bronco Stadium"; it would be all the men in a city of 85-100,000 people. Men as a group admit to masturbating 1-7 times a week even while in a long-term relationship, male chastity provides extended self-control for men. Practitioners report the increased hormone levels in men bring them into a more courtship mode similar to the mode a couple experiences while dating. "He is more romantic and responsive," one woman wrote.

Male chastity holds a promise for couples as well. As men surrender their sex life to their mates the couple hopes to have less strife and a better intimate relationship. Women report "chastity gives me a sense of my power". Women find male chastity "Erotic/sexy, Useful, Interesting and Needful."

Most of the 30,000 men are in the USA and Europe. The number is growing in two ways: first, chastity device manufacturers report expanding markets in Brazil and Asia and secondly, the number of sales to existing markets is growing. The devises themselves are made of plastic or silicone and use a small paddle lock. They cost between $80-250 USD for a complete package.

See the poll given to men
See the poll given to women

Learn more about who uses male chastity and they are saying about the benefits at aboutFLR.com or email us at informant@aboutFLR.com

*an estimate derived by interviewing the top 3 makes of lockable male chastity products.

Alpha Women, Beta Men, Changing Gender Roles, Female Led Relationships

Release date: March 2 2012 PRESS RELEASE -- categories: Dating, Lifestyle, Marriages, Relationship, Social Issues

In media, internet, and urban legend we are birthing a new relationship model; one where men follow women in some or all aspects of relationships. There exists now a large body of articles, books and blogs repeating the message: "female-led relationships exist" " alpha women exists and are become increasingly celebrated" and they are increasing or at least coming out of the closet. This is not just a role reversal but a change in the way the dynamics of relationships are done.

In a Match.com poll twenty percent of men reported dating women who earned more. That is not the only social change observed; Scott South, a sociologist at the Albany State University of New York, examined the characteristics most desirable to men ages 19 to 35. He found men showed increased willingness to marry women with greater education than their own. There is a large segment of men attracted to women who have shown some measure of accomplishment. AboutFLR.com found these social change increased dramatically after age 40.

For over a year, the website aboutFLR.com questioned women and men on a wide range of topics and found that women want more control and all the things they had been asking for but unable to get from men too; all in one package. In an article summarizing the polls "What women want and don't want in FLR," women showed a surprising desire for more control and changes in men summarized below:

Women were 100% positive about these statements
  • I want him to appreciate me openly
  • I want him to ask me what help he can be
  • I want him to seek my approval
  • I want him to seek my advice
  • I want him to be obedient to me
  • I want to control our Life Direction - FOOD GROUP
  • I want FLR benefits
Women were 99% positive about
  • I want him to desire me sexually
  • I want him to keep a nice home
  • I want him to make himself attractive for me
  • I want him to do the housework
  • I want him to be a confident gentleman
  • I want to control Household Chores - FOOD GROUP
  • I want final say in our decisions
Women were 98% positive about
  • I want him to comfort me
  • I want him to do errands for me
  • I want him to reveal his inner fears
  • I want to control his Free Time - FOOD GROUP
  • I like the thought of leading a man
  • I want FLR pampering
  • I want him to prove his desire to serve me
Women were 97% positive about
  • I want him to be vulnerable to me
  • I like the thought of dominating a man
  • I like the thought of controlling him
Women were 96% positive about
  • I want him to greet me at the door
  • I want him to rub my feet
  • I want him to fetch for me
  • I want to control Sex - FOOD GROUP
  • I want to choose his grooming style
  • I like the thought of managing our life
Women were 95% positive about
  • I want to control Finances - FOOD GROUP
  • I want him to train him

These new dynamics are causing some problems for relationships as reported in the New York Magazine article "Alpha Women, Beta Men." Women remain uncomfortable with their new freedoms and the social change. Despite the problems caused by changing gender roles men and women persist in experimenting with female led relationships. 20% of all men show some interest in accomplished women and the men coming to aboutFLR.com are either in, experimenting with, or crying out for female leadership.

Stephanie Coontz of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington wrote "We're experiencing a historic change in the things people want out of marriage, the reasons they enter into it and stay in it."

There also exists a double standard where women in alpha roles are seen in a dis-favorable or erotic light while for men it seems "natural." The culture has labels for dominant women that don`t apply to men equally. People constantly say "a male dominated world" and no one thinks of men in leather corsets with whips. It is a double standard. Conversely the submissive women might get a label of mousy but submissive men are often labeled much harsher. There is no evidence that points to alpha women being aggressive or beta men being submissive. Alpha women shoot the gambit from feminine to business tough and their men from passive quiet geeks to the proverbial man's man.

For more information on the polls, articles and research about female led relationships visit aboutFLR.com or contact by email informant@aboutflr.com

Better, Smarter, Longer Lasting, Relationships the new 'little book' that helps anyone

Release date: February 21 2012 PRESS RELEASE -- categories: Dating, Lifestyle, Marriages, Relationship, Social Issues [read on mmd news wire]

Better, Smarter, Longer Lasting, Relationships are achievable. The new 'little book' that helps anyone rediscover and understand how to find and keep harmony in a relationship.

Better, Smarter, Longer Lasting, Relationships the new 'little book' that helps anyone.

If you want to know what a man is thinking, read this book.

If you want to know how compatible you will be as a couple, read this book.

There are many ways for people to initially meet. Most of them revolve around the laws of attraction and common interests. Then comes the hard part -- how to understand how we each deal with some of the strongest issues of life: "Life Direction, Finances, Household Chores, Sex, and how we spend our Free Time. We call those "The 5 Food Groups." This book discusses these areas and how to explore them to discover the real person -- down deep and personal. Having a clear understanding of these 'food groups' and the rationale behind them illuminates a budding relationship.

"Food groups" focus on the 5 areas that couples fight over most often and are the ones most likely to result in stress and break-ups. These 5 areas are the practical center of a relationship. People tend to see through rose colored glasses when a relationship is new. Then when they move forward, these issues arise because the couple never talked about their needs in any detail. In addition, the never tested their ability to jointly negotiate or how their partner's decisions are made. The 5 Food Groups - Negotiating in Relationships - a book that helps couples either get to a more harmonious relationship or make one. It also helps singles discover the real person they are thinking about dating -- keeping them from making bad decisions based on 'chemistry' or worse -- no criteria at all.

This book helps you energize your relationship decision processes and redefine and streamline decision making as a couple. Using this technique you can solve identify and manage the obstacles to fulfillment and harmony of life together.

"I used the 'food groups' to ask more refined questions of prospective dates. The food groups helped me quickly see how compatible I would be in a relationship with them in the way we make decisions and conduct ourselves. The 5 food groups go beyond personality and compatibility testing to real life situational examples with cognitive reasoning."

"My mate and I use the 5 food groups as a foundation for our relationship now. Applying these in all areas of our relationship has made our ability to communicate much better."

"Hey, someone has to manage finances, household chores, life direction, free time and how much sex we have; whether it is both of you or one of you; all aspects of your life need at least a little management or things fall apart. There is a law which applies to all things in life: "if you don't put energy into a thing, the thing tends to decay" -- this is called the law of entropy and decay is how we can describe relationships that people don't put energy into. Energy does not mean "work, effort, drama", it means power as in "empowered" relationship members."

One hour with this little book will enlighten you; it is the little book that could!


For more information visit the website http://www.5-food-groups.com/ or contact the author 5foodgroups@mikesart.com. ISBN-13: 978-1461185222 and ISBN-10: 146118522X


Release date: February 17 2012 PRESS RELEASE -- categories: Dating, Lifestyle, Marriages, Relationship, Social Issues [read on mmd news wire]

An ever growing number of men are seeking out the option of having a woman lead them and their personal relationship. Many men and women have experienced disappointment and confusion with traditional male/female roles in relationships. They see the option of a Female Led Relationship (FLR) as a wonderful alternative to traditional "male led relationships" and the even more confusing "50-50 relationships." In an aboutFLR.com poll of over 8,700 people 97% of women answered positively to the question "I like the thought of leading a man?" and 99% of men answered positive to the question "I am willing to obey my woman?" This is a real shift from traditional relationships.

Part of this shift can be directly attributed to the changing roles of women in society, which is causing pressure on relationships. Men too are more likely to want women to contribute at a higher level in personal relationships because of the confusion from changing roles. Men and women are looking for new definitions to their interpersonal roles. Because so many men are women are meeting online, the internet allows them to express themselves in ways they would have shied away from in years past.

AboutFLR.com is addressing this growing niche relationship type, providing practical and usable knowledge to help couples become successful. For over a year, 81,000 Men and women have been building friendships and learning about FLR on our beta site. We are now ready to help women and men everywhere experience the benefits and romance of FLR in a safe, private and simple to use way. We are now open to the public.

AboutFLR.com announces an online environment rich in all things FLR including: friendships, dating, information, community building, articles, user posts, and courses for men to improve their skills focused on serving and supporting the women they love. Men and women participate anonymously until they are ready to reveal personal information. Joining is free, however we ask for an optional address verification (which is stored offline) for a nominal fee. To that end address verification through Amazon.com helps us show members as 'real and verified' giving our members confidence to communicate with other real people.

FLR is a newer alternative relationship type and as such is not for everyone. Anonymity is important to our users. No personal information is ever shared about those using the website unless they reveal it themselves. We store no personal or financial information online about our members to keep them safe and anonymous.

A quote from the website "Female Dominant Couples, what is that? Don't put to much into the usage of the word 'Dominant', it merely describes a relationship where the woman has greater responsibility and authority as a leader for the couple. People constantly say "a male dominated world" and no one thinks of men in leather corsets with whips. It is a double standard, and a dirty trick to have such double standards especially when they represent a system of control over all our lives beckoning us follow a traditional pattern of living."


For more information please visit the website at aboutFLR.com or email us at informant@aboutflr.com. All inquiries must first be conducted via email.

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#1 site in the world for credible information on Female Led Relationships. 384,000* people will come here this year and read 2,508,000* pages: seeking information, friendship, training, dating, and reliable information. We believe the entire community of alpha women and men interested in FLR to be approximately 18,000,000. Most are located in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.
*real time data

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Only 2% of women don't like the idea of leading their men in some way and 75% like the thought of leading. That is a change in how things have been done, a departure form the tradition of male leadership.


Take the polls for yourself - contribute to our knowledge of how women feel about female led relationships [click here]


99% of men said they were willing to "obey" their woman - women in female led relationships will enjoy less dissension. Imagine the cultural shift if men, in open society, could do just that.



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