Kissing her feet is? - What men say about female led relationships

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"Women have questions, women have answers, let's share openly - about our female led relationships"
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Kissing her feet is? - What men say about female led relationships

Discussing Questions about Female Led Relationships

The question "Kissing her feet is? - What men say about female led relationships" comes from one of our user polls. The current poll tallies are posted below. We post the polls to discover real world answers to complex and intriguing questions about female led relationships. The reader should note that questions are often cast in combination (groups of questions) to create greater clarity. To see the entire poll click here

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The Opinions of The Authors of this Website

Many of thoughtful people have contributed to the authorship of this website. The authors of this website have thought long and hard about the question "Kissing her feet is? - What men say about female led relationships". We hope you find our viewpoint helpful and thought provoking

Men want to kiss your feet and women think it is hot - what is holding you back. This is of course a submissive posture for him. It is a no guilt thing for either so enjoy
Author: Admin 2011-01-06 19:49:40

What our users say

That is great !
Author: Foot-man 2011-09-27 13:12:29
i I just this morning told my Wife wife i I wanted to kiss Her her feet forever and kiss Her her ass behind as well. Her response was simple "that's the way it should be and the way it WILL be for our entire marriage." I absolutely LOVE the FLR. - edited for femdom jargon by staff (remember this is not a femdom site - capitalizing female related names or using lowercase i to represent you is inappropriate)
Author: Lockedhusband 2011-10-09 08:03:05
kissing my wife's feet both excites me and makes me feel humble toward her. I become more tractable and she likes that. I like it too.
Author: Guest 2011-11-14 01:35:23
I hate it and I find it is humiliating for a man. For me kissing the feet of a lady or a girl always has something to do wit utmost submission. As a boy in a quite strict boarding school it was a usual and additional punishment to kiss the feet of elder girls and especially the lady teacher who were in a wide majority. It was extremely humiliating for a boy to kneel down and to kiss the feet of a lady in the wide public of all other boys. But is was usual and the lady teachers liked to give additional punish to a boy. Elder girls could punish the same way just as often they liked. Indeed it does never turn me on and when I came as an exchange-student with 11 years over to England it was my landlady and her lady-friends who made me kiss and massage their feet. It was endless humiliating to me because it was racist as well. Being a German boy my young English landlady told me with her friends that a German boy has to do that. I was too shy to say anything. After that time i never again kissed the feet of a lady or a girl and I am sure I never will do because was to me nothing but a humiliation which seemed to amuse the ladies only. May be other people see it different but I can not find anything interetsing in that although I know that in general women or girls like it when their feet and legs are caressed. But I am unable to do it. I think most men who made similar experiences like me think the same.
Author: Frederik 2011-12-04 07:45:17
I am not involved in a female led relationship and always wanted to be. Kissing a woman's feet is just a fantasy for me, but to me is a powerful gesture of acceptance of her authority in the relationship. It is also, in my opinion, the most powerful gesture of submission for a male to put his lips softly and meekly to the lowest part of the female. Of course, an added bonus is the woman's feet are frequently very cute, so kissing them is pleasurable that way as well. - Ryan
Author: Guest 2012-05-26 15:51:25
Personally I'd never refuse to kiss a woman's feet. It's a beautiful way for a man to demonstrate his respect for a woman, and it acknowledges the power differential. I'm not in a relationship, but if I were I'd hope to kiss my partner's feet every day.
Author: Pleasingyou 2014-02-15 13:53:57
Honestly speaking I really Love kissing my wife's feet out of Love and Respect but not out of Fantasy.
Author: Guest 2014-06-05 02:20:43
some women don;t like it and therefore i would not do it out of respect to their preferences. however, if my next partner happen to be a dominant lady, i would respectfully kiss her feet in acknowledgment that she is the one in control.
Author: Sal 2015-03-15 15:54:42


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