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It is a best practice and the law for web sites quoting other web sites to use exact snippets of text in small amounts and include the source of the content's domain. We take your copy right seriously, please take ours seriously too. Here are some examples:

"Controlling attributes of a relationship is how people lead. The 3 key parts of leadership are influence, management, and control. Whether you negotiate each time, make a plan and stick to it or have more controlling process, these 5 things will be done and getting/giving up control of them and possible others is what FLR is about. from"

"Classic motivational styles include goal-oriented (needs a reward or negative constant), activity-oriented (enjoys the process), learning-oriented (on a journey). Goal oriented men need external rewards, the vast majority of men are goal oriented. Rewards like getting to do something exciting can be described as a negative constant, the reinforcement comes from the consistency not from achieving a goal. from"

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