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If I become a sissy slave, I would love to be on feminine clothes all the time, like shorts exposing my thighs and pink satin panties as I do house chores.I would love my partner to take me to shopping, dressed up in her clothes like stockings, panties, bras etcEvery time when I’m not sexually used, my package should be tied up tight with a satin or silk squares. If she insists, ill wear a cage and I’m sure she will demand that.Invite her friends for a party and make me do the job of a maid, serving everyone, as the naughty ones will spank my exposed butt and squeeze my balls and silicon boobs.Do anything and everything which fulfills her expectations after tying me up.I would love my partner to be a lover of scarves as she could use it to tie me up.When her friends come for a visit, I should serve them with a buttplug that has a vibrator which could be controlled remotely. Along with that, my mouth should be stuffed with her panty, wet with her on piss or juices and securely masked with a gag.Make me go naked with only a chasity device and a dildo in my mouth or ass and order me do the house chores.Tie me up at night and make me do what pleasure both of us with a lighted candle fixed in my ass hole.And most importantly, love me