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      Are you a successful, confident man who yearns to surrender to a naturally dominant, stunningly beautiful woman of color? I am a 46-year-old professional with a commanding presence and a passion for adventure, travel, and the finer things in life.

      I am looking for a devoted partner who embodies success and strength in the public eye, yet craves the fulfillment that comes from total submission in private. Our dynamic will be rooted in intense communication, unwavering trust, and authenticity, creating a sanctuary where you can fully embrace your submissive nature.

      In our committed relationship, you will experience the profound joy of serving and pleasing me, deriving your happiness from my satisfaction and well-being. I will guide and nurture your growth through corrective punishment and support, helping you become the best version of yourself.

      As a luxury travel advisor, I often explore hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Imagine a life where we combine our passions – you, as my devoted submissive, catering to my every need and desire, while we traverse the world together, immersing ourselves in unique cultures and experiences. Our journey will be one of discovery, not only of the world but of the depths of our desires and kinks.

      If you are ready to surrender all control and find true meaning in a life dedicated to pleasing me, let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together. A life of luxury, adventure, and profound connection awaits us.

      Submit yourself to a life of purpose, passion, and unwavering devotion. Reach out and let’s begin our adventure.

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      Hello Mistress,

      I’d like to introduce myself regarding a possible FLR.

      I believe I have a lot to offer you. I’m 64 years old (not ideal, I know), currently living in Oregon. I’m single, childfree, financially able to relocate, very much seeking an FLR, primed to be yours.

      I so much want to serve a superior woman, to offer my obedience, loyalty, honesty and service.

      I am drug and disease free, a non-smoker, only a social drinker. I’m healthy, I’m stocky by nature.

      I’m a science writer by profession. I have three degrees, bachelor’s in physics & mathematics, a master’s in physics, and a PhD in physics.

      But I am far from an eggheaded nerd. I’m extremely well rounded, and well read. I’ve published over 300 journalistic in some of the best nonfiction science magazines – Scientific American, Audubon, Popular Science, Wired, etc. I once backpacked for 1500 miles straight. Another time, 350 miles without stopping. I am self-employed, free. I keep overcoming obstacles to stay here.

      I’ve published fiction short stories in bone fide, legitimate literary journals.

      I am multi-dimensional: very smart, but also conversational, funny, clever, witty, aware, intuitive, empathetic, loving, submissive, desirous, and much more. I think you will like me, honestly like me.

      And I want someone like you to own and guide me. I mean that. I need that. I do. I can tell you why I understand that now. In return I will worship and serve you in whatever ways you wish, seeking to fulfill you completely. I will be all yours. Use me.

      I need focus and discipline and to focus on another, with punishment if I stray. I know I need this.

      Though I have no experience serving a mistress except a few afternoons and a weekend, this is what I have to offer you.


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        David please message me privately.

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      Good evening.
      Successful, erudite, thoughtful and well traveled gent here seeking that amazing love of his life for the best chapter ever.
      I closing the world, and our desires in style? What else should a couple do…?

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      Your response doesn’t include a location nor did it include a photo, which is highly disappointing.

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