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      Mistress Helena

      33/CA 5’6” I am very private and monogamous. I do not engage in groups or public play, and insist on a completely vanilla exterior. My sub is mine. I choose not to share him and prefer that his attentions and adoration be centered on me.
      I seek 24/7 submission on a psychological level and physical submission at my whim. Of course, that is something that is built gradually over time in a relationship, once trust has been established. Mine is a loving, nurturing Domination. I am not a sadist, but am very strict. That is, I don’t believe in pain for the sake of pain alone, but I do believe in discipline and training, and there is certainly pain inherent in that. I am a firm believer in the value of domestic discipline, principally otk spanking with a hairbrush and corner time. I’m not really into anything extreme. It is perhaps true that one might describe the situation that I am looking for as more of a Female Led Relationship (FLR) than a more bdsm-centric kind of interaction.
      I am seeking a man who is truly a pleaser….someone who finds that he derives much of his own fulfillment from pleasing his Domme, and from giving over control to her. I am not interested in some kind of mindless slave, but rather someone who is a person in his own right. He should have a mind and a sense of humor, and should not be afraid to use them at the appropriate times. I am looking for someone who will flourish under my guidance, not who seeks to lose himself in me.

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      Hello Mistress,
      I am a self-proclaimed or, perhaps, self-realized, submissive male that has found his way to Your doorstep. Now, I gently but firmly knock upon Your door, hoping that You will grant me the privilege of an audience before Your Highness. I gravitated to BDSM a few years ago and served as a sub/slave. As a result of relocation, I am seeking FLR . My profile has more info that you might find useful. If that sounds interesting please reply for further communication.
      Thank you,

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      I am Markizz 32 years old, to be honest i am a virgin man who was shy to say louder that i like submission becausr of my arabic environment but after all those years i decided to break that with a loyal vanilla lady, and i am ready to be an open book and to be fully honest if that what you aim for

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      If I become a sissy slave, I would love to be on feminine clothes all the time, like shorts exposing my thighs and pink satin panties as I do house chores.I would love my partner to take me to shopping, dressed up in her clothes like stockings, panties, bras etcEvery time when I’m not sexually used, my package should be tied up tight with a satin or silk squares. If she insists, ill wear a cage and I’m sure she will demand that.Invite her friends for a party and make me do the job of a maid, serving everyone, as the naughty ones will spank my exposed butt and squeeze my balls and silicon boobs.Do anything and everything which fulfills her expectations after tying me up.I would love my partner to be a lover of scarves as she could use it to tie me up.When her friends come for a visit, I should serve them with a buttplug that has a vibrator which could be controlled remotely. Along with that, my mouth should be stuffed with her panty, wet with her on piss or juices and securely masked with a gag.Make me go naked with only a chasity device and a dildo in my mouth or ass and order me do the house chores.Tie me up at night and make me do what pleasure both of us with a lighted candle fixed in my ass hole.And most importantly, love me

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      I am fully ready 😉

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      Good evening Mistress Helena,

      California man and unashamed submissive. I worked through the dissonance of what society “expects” in a relationship and very comfortable with what is in my heart and know from past successful relationships that there are women who appreciate a submissive male who loves to learn and flourishes in a loving FLR. That you believe discipline and discomfort only makes sense in the context of teaching is the stuff of romance. That someone would invest in me to help me become my best for them and us is a beautiful concept. I would love an opportunity to introduce myself if something about my thoughts piques your interest. Thank you, Daniel

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      You sound like what I’m looking for…if you reply, I’ll send more details

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      I have just read your ad and liked it
      please, permit me to introduce myself to you:
      I am 53 years old single submissive german male seeking a strictly dominant and controlling Lady for a FLR
      I work as academic in the health care sector
      for my private life I would love to live with a strictly dominant Lady
      I would love to read back from you
      most submissively

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      Dear Mistress Helena! I am a very first-time sub trying to make it right. After reading your post, I’ve got you. I understand what You are looking for, and I feel very motivated that I will be the perfect sub for you with your guidance in the very sense of what it means to you, such as 24/7 submission on a psychological level and physical submission at Your whim. With Your loving, nurturing Domination, and my obedience following Your lead with Your guidelines and framework I am sure this will build in no time this relationship so suitable for both of us, with me worshipping You for a lifetime or as You expect it. I already apologize if I am not properly addressing You, but I am a fast learner if that would be Your choice. sub at Your service, Marc.

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