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We want quality content and dialogue

Your part of quality content is to provide comments in understandable language, it is your responsibility to get your ideas across. Just criticizing another is not a quality idea. Instead provide them a well thought out reasons(s) for criticism. We want thinkers and feelers to think and feel freely while exploring this rich complex subject.

We respect your right to privacy

Participating in this site means you will not post any postal mailing address or telephone number. Further no one may post an email address in a discussion thread.

Spamming, scamming, fakes and rule violations are not tolerated

We relentlessly flag every member who breaks trust; posts a fake photo, misrepresents themselves, poses as looking for a relationship when they are really looking for money; spams members or breaks a rule. Decent people do not want all that hassle.

  1. This is not a place for pro doms to prey on victims.
  2. Do not copy and paste the same message to many users.
  3. Do not claim to be younger than you are.
  4. Do not claim to be from a place you do not live in.
  5. Do not use photos of that are not us (avatars are okay).

General ground rules

We want the content on this website to reflect the real world, debates, conversations and essays are encouraged under the following rules.

  1. Others will read and comment on your contributions
  2. Editors, Authors, Experts, Moderators, Mentors and Monitors will read what you contribute
  3. will take the information you provide and use it to create content that helps you and others.
  1. Speak for yourself not your mate/partner - no second hand information
  2. Keep your language clean, swearing has it place to make a point - use it appropriately
  3. Share your experiences, desires, plans - bring it out into the light of day
  1. If you are male don't pretend to be female and visa-versa - this is very important to everyone's understanding of FLR
  2. If you are not an expert say so, don't portray one. Anecdotal information is cool to share when we agree that is what it is.
  3. Don't share lengthily kinky fantasies, upload images of naked people or sex, it is enough to know you have an interest
  4. Don't write protracted essays - if you want to submit an essay contact the editor about adding a page.
  5. Don't criticize or judge anyone (including government leaders or nations) - make your grievance against their ideas not against them
  6. Don't abuse other contributors - keep your communications positive and helpful if at all possible
  7. Don't post any want ads, or advertisement
  8. Don't use fetish jargon such as: sissy, sub, toy, top, bottom, Mistress/slave
  9. Don't capitalize She, Her or any other inappropriate title unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.
  10. Don't preach female supremacy or goddess doctrine.
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