Introductions is a program to introduce FLR women to FLR men in a positive and uplifting way

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READ THIS BEFORE STARTING: This year we expect more than 384,000 men and women will look for information, friendship and love right here on this site. Introductions provides a beautiful way for couples to meet each other and singles to find a mate. Get involved today. Make new friends, meet people, join for free, get verified for as little as $2. Men are required to go through a short course teaching them new skills. They will earn 60 reputation points to show women they are serious about FLR. Men can qualify in less than an 15 minutes. NOTE: Couples sign-up as men and women individually then reconnect on their profiles

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How do I get my green light?

For women download the MAG introduction handbook, a $2 investment in understanding what men are learning about relationships with women. Then enter the license in your Intro page. For men download the MAG handbook and earn 60 points or more by attending class and enter the License into Introductions for men "go to individual assignments". Women on this site judge your eagerness to become an FLR man by your point score.

[women download manual - turn light green] [men download manual - turn light green]

What do the lights mean?

The lights are all about helping members see who has been "address verified" or which men have earned communication privileges. because a member purchases the introduction handbook, they use their credit card or paypal account through The system generates a license number. Now we can put together the member and the license to validate their name and address. Financial and personal information is NOT stored on this site, just the license number provided the member at the time of purchase. So the member remains anonymous and is able to become address verified. We don`t want any fakes or pretenders here, just real people who want to interact.

Green light = address verified
Yellow light = communication privileges and enrollment in introductions
Red light = member has not yet taken the step to verify themselves

How do I search for others?

Under the Dating/Friendship tab in the right hand menu is a menu with all the features of Introductions. You can see links under "FIND MEMBERS".

Where do I find my messages?

Under the Dating/Friendship tab in the right hand menu is a menu with all the features of Introductions. You can see links under "MY INTRO" - look for "Intro Message Center". Your messages also appear in the tab "Messages" in the upper right of every page.

How do I contact someone?

To contact someone find them with the "Finding FLR Women" or "Finding FLR Men" under "FIND MEMBERS" in the right hand menu on this page. Each member will have a "Become My Friend" and "Contact me" link you can use to communicate.

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Connections & Introductions
Meet Other FLR People - Single? Married? LTR? Introductions allows FLR women to meet and or evaluate men in a positive and uplifting way. Men can earn respect and couples can rekindle their flame.
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