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MyIntro I'm Igor2learn

Age 50s
Body Type Fit
Height Tall
Hair Silver

Hi I'm Igor2learn (454 reputation points)

A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I’m a hardworking guy , a very family oriented person I try to be a source of goodness to those around me . Although I’m an old fashioned guy in many ways I am aware of the ever changing world and what the role of a man is becoming as time moves on When I relax: I enjoy movies and good conversation Hobbies I enjoy: I love the outdoors and I also love to ride motorcycles I love music from many genres and a good movie and a nice meal is always nice When with friends: Last Saturday night myself and three friends went out had a steak shared some laughs talked over what was up at our jobs and pretty much called it a night

Why I want FLR: I believe it fits me I´m most comfortable not being in charge The perfect FLR man: The perfect flr guy would be attentive to his lady´s needs and be capable of listening and willing to do as she wishes mostly because he has realized she knows better

Location Central jersey
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience No
Orientation heterosexual

MAG's I am in or have completed

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