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MyIntro I'm Mark J[issue reported]

Age 40s
Body Type Fit
Height Tall
Hair Brown

Hi I'm Mark J[issue reported] (123 reputation points)

A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I am ultimately seeking a long term relationship with the right dominant partner. I have had submissive thoughts and tendencies for as long as I can recall. It was only after I matured was I able to understand and accept myself as a submissive man. I am perceived as an "Alpha Male" by family, friends and colleagues. I am a "pleaser" by nature and derive satisfaction from making my partner happy. I am always looking to make sure she knows I care about her through my gestures. I am educated and well spoken. I am very open-minded and can easily fit into any social environment. I spent 4 years in the military before going back to college and getting my undergrad. I do have a goal to go back and obtain my Masters I am looking for a healthy female led relationship. I am not the "doormat" type. I am a very capable man and do not need a woman to take care of me. I also donĀ“t need or want to be micro-managed. I want to make life easier for my partner, not be a burden. I am seeking a FLR because it is what makes me feel most complete. I am a consultant in the telecom industry which requires me to travel regularly. I work out of my home when not traveling for business. I am flexible to travel for personal business and can relocate under the right circumstances. I look forward to hearing from you! When I relax: Working out, exercising, outdoor activities Hobbies I enjoy: Fitness is a passion of mine. I enjoy travel, cooking, dining, wine and experiencing different cultures and social settings.

Why I want FLR: I want to be with a strong and confident woman in a loving and supportive FLR. I admire a strong woman who knows what she wants and desires to lead the relationship to keep it on track. The perfect FLR man: A man who loves, supports and respects his dominant partner.

Location PA
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation heterosexual

MAG's I am in or have completed

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