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MyIntro I'm ariyas

Age 40s
Body Type Average
Height Average
Hair Black
A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I am an attractive, engaging Black woman in my 40s. I lead an active lifestyle, and regularly enjoy many outdoor activities- particularly hiking, running, and horseback riding. I also enjoy attending cultural events, wine tastings, travel, and fine dining. I am an avid reader, and my taste in music is diverse- rock, pop, jazz, country, r and b,etc. I am a passionate lady, who is interested only in pursuing a committed, loving relationship. When I relax: Meditation Hobbies I enjoy: Reading, Running, Hiking, Horseback Riding When with friends: Last weekend

Why I want FLR: For me being in an FLR is not simply about indulging in kinks (though this is a delicious byproduct of a relationship built on mutual love and respect). I am not looking for a casual affair. I am only interested in a committed long term relationship. I love the structure, open-communication, and learning environment that an FLR provides. I thrive in the security, dependability, and intimacy that develops through structure, communication, and learning together. I enjoy exercising my loving female authority, and also being served, pampered, and spoiled by the man devoted to me. I believe that this kind of relationship promotes an exceptional level of intimacy between two people(physical, spiritual, mental) and as a result both experience their greatest fulfillment in the relationship. The perfect FLR man: The man that is perfect for me would possess a similar lifestyle and values as myself, namely a commitment to healthy living and establishing a monogamous longterm relationship with me. He would be sincere in his desire to be led by me. He would be an educated, professional, gentle man. How I feel about men in FLR: Only men who have a genuine desire to follow should become involved in these types of relationships

Location United States of America {Mid Atlantic region}
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation heterosexual

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