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MyIntro I'm Missy Scarlett

Age 40s
Body Type Average
Height Average
Hair Brown
A little about me
I'm a couple with - I am currently Other LTR

A short bio: I am slowly moving towards a complelty female led relationship one step at a time. It has been a series of learnings for me as I was introduced to the concept by my partner. I am however extremely pleased that he broached the subject. When I relax: Have beauty treatments, visit with friends, host parties and travel Hobbies I enjoy: Read, go to the theatre, cook ( only when I have to ... :) ) When with friends: It was a lovely social event at a friends restraunt.

Why I want FLR: It is what is meant to be for me! The perfect FLR man: A strong astute business man that hands over his body heart and soul to me. How I feel about men in FLR: Love having men as followers and a number of my friends are dominat females .

Location South Africa
FLR Level beyond 4 FLR Experience No
Orientation heterosexual

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Missy Scarlett


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