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MyIntro I'm Ladykatherine

Age 40s
Body Type Fit
Height Average
Hair Black
A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I am a professionally successful business executive with a strong TypeA personality. I have strong and specific preferences regarding almost everything in life but particularly in terms of beauty and food, relationships and men. I am looking for a combination of trusted servant, valient generous knight and bodyguard. The man i seek has a strong physical presence and walks by my side, slightly behind me with his hand on my shoulder or back to ensure he's always ready to keep me safe. I expect him to maintain constant physical contact with me whenever we are together. I want him to protect me from contact with the public by doing things like holding me against him in a crowd, pulling me back tight against his "chest" while we stand in line". I expect him to be scanning the environment and looking out for my safety and wellbeing. I appreciate gifts and keep a gift registry which can be made available to anyone who asks. Because, in all likelihood, my FLR will be long distance, I expect you to be able to travel to me on a regular basis. I am an introvert, meaning, i get my energy from within myself. I do not require external approval, in fact, it can annoy me. My life is designed the way I want it to be and I don't need anyone's commentary on it. When I relax: Walk, talk with friends over cocktails. Hobbies I enjoy: I do yoga 5-8x a week, tai chi, and qi gong. I enjoy going to specialised learning events and spend a great deal of time doing very indepth research on topics of interest to me. I snowboard in the winter. And I have a group of women friends who meet weekly as well as many other friends i try to see on a fairly regular basis. I am also very caring lover and will invest time in coming up with ways to pleasure my FLR partner. I enjoy giving and like to be able to reward his good behavior with things that will please him most When with friends: Last monday

Why I want FLR: I want to express my desires and preferences and have them met by a willing partner. I want to use my natural personality to bring fulfillment to a man who appreciates my talents. The perfect FLR man: Tall, masculine looking, broad chested, conservative, cleanly shaven, income above $250,000. A man who is the boss, in-charge in his daily life. I am looking for a real relationship, so I expect him to have a successful career and be able to converse on current events in business and politics as well as his interests. He must be smart, as well as savvy. I want to be impressed with how he communicates, the questions he asks, and how well he extrapolates the things he learns about me into his behaviour towards me. One of the things I value most as a leader, is someone who can think for themselves and does not need to be told every detail of what to do. I expect him to use his life experience and observational skills to initiate things that will please me even if they don't please me, he will be rewarded for the initiative. How I feel about men in FLR: It is a great relief to the men i know who have been in FLR. I think they are courageous to admit what they want and admire them for their awareness in understanding their own needs.

Location Downtown Toronto
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation heterosexual

Since I joined a few days ago, I have been contacted by 7 men. It is clear that our geographic diversity makes FLR a defacto LDR also. Long Distance FLRs are challenging because there are fewer levers to work with and visual observation of your servatude is difficult. That said, every single man who has approached me has been very clear about what they want from me. They have detailed fantasies and a wishlist of ways in which they would like to be controlled. Not one man has yet asked me how I would like to be pleased. It is an assumption that sexual control over the male is as satisfying for me as it is for him. This may or may not be true. But not one of the men I have spoken to would know, because they have not asked. I find it fascinating that to a man, each has started the conversation with the list of things they want from me - many want significant time and attention. Again, this may or may not be what pleases me, they would not know because they have not asked. I�ve yet to be impressed by a man;s willingness to serve me. I have, however, been impressed by the detail with which all the men have been able to tell me what THEY desire. ------------ It has taken me some time to figure this out but men who are truly wanting a FLR show it early. I�ve now met some wonderful men and an making so nice progress, as difficult as it is in an LDR. I want to thank the one stinker who claimed to want an FLR but objected to every one of my requests, he taught me a lot about what to avoid. The book the Five Love Languages" is an excellent way to determine how to please your partner.

Jun 13, 2015


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