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MyIntro I'm Lady Iza

Age 40s
Body Type Heavy
Height Short
Hair Lt Brown
A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Dating

A short bio: I am a naturally strong, open-minded, quick to laugh, curious, and sensual woman. When I relax: massage, long warm salt bath, comdedies Hobbies I enjoy: dance, paddle board, travel, play games When with friends: At the coast with friends - a lesbian couple I married and another married couple. Nice little bistro with locally sourced food. It was a lovely evening.

Why I want FLR: I believe this type of relationship would create the best environment for my, and my beloved's, growth and happiness. Level 3 is not a hard boundary either way, because those lines can shift depending on what type of relationship we develop together. The perfect FLR man: confident - comfortable with who he is - completely devoted to the woman he chooses to love - passionate - giving - respectful - playful

FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes

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Lady Iza


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