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MyIntro I'm LadyNika

Age 40s
Body Type Average
Height Tall
Hair Brown
A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I am African-American. Physically attractive and very curvy. Not curvy as in euphemistically fat. I mean that I am shaped like a woman. I've added a photo. I am specifically looking for a real-life relationship. Online is fine in the beginning, of course, but if you are solely looking for a virtual relationship, move along. There is nothing to see here. You should be okay with domestic discipline and pegging within the relationship. I am. Communication is critically important. Critically. When I relax: same as hobbies Hobbies I enjoy: baking, audio books, sex, gardening, enjoy traveling, play with dog When with friends: Had dinner at a friend´s house to welcome her parents to town for an extended visit.

Why I want FLR: I think that this is just who I am. Whenever I read about it, it feels so right and natural. It isn't for everyone, but I definitely think it's for me. The perfect FLR man: He would have a great job and be financially secure. He would be a college graduate in a position of power in his public life, while I would have the power in his private life. He wouldn't just be willing to participate in this as a game; He would need to live this way to feel completely fulfilled. He would be truly devoted to submitting to my authority and leadership. One who is willing to take constructive guidance and understands and willingly accepts correction, when necessary. He would be a strong leader outside the home and a strong, obedient follower within the home. He would be willing to spend time in chastity with me as his loving keyholder. He would want a level 3/4. Let me be clear: You must be interested in this in real life, not just virtually. I am completely uninterested if your desire is to simply find someone to send you sexts. How I feel about men in FLR: I love the idea of men as followers. Everyone has the potential to be happy. Men are not left guessing (often wrongly) about what they need to do to please their woman. They can simply devote their attention and effort toward making her happy.

Location United States of America
FLR Level level 4 FLR Experience No
Orientation heterosexual

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