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MyIntro I'm ladyjolynn

Age 50s
Body Type Buff
Height Tall
Hair Blond
A little about me
I am NOT looking for new relationships - I am currently Other LTR

A short bio: Strong,confident,beautiful Lioness woman.a sleek swift Cheetah,leopard. a former woman Marine S/sgt.,,I think like a man act like girly girl S/Sgt.I am extremely confident,I have been told I look like Kim Novak,,I am arrogant,dress very elegant,love to make men drool,beg When I relax: read,computer, with my bitch here I have time to read, Hobbies I enjoy: Motorcycles,art shows,I collect quilts,I adore rubies, the beach,festivals,restore furniture.karate,martial arts I studied under Ryukyu Masters,,I love to walk on a crowded beach in the tiniest Bikini,Stan wears an "Im with her" shirt When with friends: sept 25,2011 ,bitch stan met another subservient man,what a gossip stan has become!

Why I want FLR: My male bitch washes my feet,draws me a bubble bath,he cleans vacuum,washes,I do not put my man in a dress,but absolutely love a docile loving man in frilly lacy red panties,,I sew a bow on The perfect FLR man: Obedient.devoted,does as he is told,knows he will be punished if he looks at other women.I am more than most men deserve I changed him to sexy colorful underware,he wants to be stroked daly How I feel about men in FLR: They lack focus, they loose interest,men can be easily led,, they are use to following coaches,older sports, he was disobedient even if I slapped him,men are pigs about sex, so I found a weakness,,he loves to suckle,give a man the sex he wants

Location United States of America
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation bi-curious

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