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MyIntro I'm gj1964

Age 50s
Body Type Fit
Height Tall
Hair Black
A little about me
I am NOT looking for new relationships - I am currently Other LTR

A short bio: I FOUND HIM! I found him HERE ON !!!!! I am a 53 year old educated woman- intellectual, passionate, outgoing and a lot of fun. I love to laugh and be silly. I love travel, food, people, culture...I like to live life fully and completely. New to FLR as an option for me. Seems like a good fit because I am just a natural born leader, able to take control and delegate.I am just good at it. Not a must, but, comfortable with all five food groups. To be negotiated. When I relax: meditate Hobbies I enjoy: swim, walk, yoga, garden, cook, When with friends: Last night, it was comfort food, a boiled dinner(not very refined) bottle wine and good intellectual conversation

Why I want FLR: Because I want a man confidant enough in his skin/masculinity to handle a strong and assertive woman. The perfect FLR man: doting, chivalrous, attending, strong, funny, intellectual, communicative, willing... Alpha like qualities in bedroom and in public while remaining observant to me. How I feel about men in FLR: Brilliant! If more men listened and where attentive, more men would be getting what they want...;) We would be getting what we want-SYMBIOTIC.

Location Canada
FLR Level beyond 4 FLR Experience No
Orientation heterosexual

A new contact asked me what I like about this site...Interestingly enough I was about to write my first blog and so the question gave me direction. This was my answer... Well this site is pretty grass roots, so, it is appreciated, right? And perhaps, that is part of it"s charm. Considering, as a newbie, I went from considering myself a level 2 to level four in two months just by reading says a lot about this I think the cross section of people and writings does a good job at normalising flr, for lack of a better word, because "it" is different for everyone. That is a challenging task. Aboutflr has also given me a place to learn the language in a non threatening forum and in the privacy of my bedroom kinda way. It has lead me, inadvertently, to different places such as, for example. Aboutflr played a huge part in my coming out to myself so to speak. And, in typical me fashion, I have since come out to everyone else including my five older sisters, 86 year old mother and my two daughters..;). Surprisingly, my only real disappointment, and I know this is a sweeping statement, has been the few men I chose to communicate with. I am so sorry! My expectations were higher here because IT IS FLR. Just a general lack of effort or know how after having expressed great interest in getting to know me. Has anyone written a course or something for online dating etiquette for men? Really basic things are being missed like how to listen/hear; how to keep your word and call on time; ask her what She would like instead of your preoccupation with what you would like; all women like compliments; ideas for small daily gestures;...the list goes on. I understand I AM THE WOMAN(albeit a newbie), but maaaan, do I have to spoon feed them? I am willing to micro manage if desired, but, there needs to be some readiness.Am I choosing the wrong men? All in all it has been a bitter sweet experience. It has been like coming home while, at the same time, there have been some significant growing pains like understanding that it is like anywhere else...I will have to kiss a few toads before this Queen meets Her knight.

May 11, 2017

A new friend said to me this morning that kindness is a strength beyond almost any other quality. I never considered "strength" when thinking about kindness. But indeed. When you chose to be kind, it defies logic and reasoning. It may not make sense at all to the onlooker. At times that could demand courage, tenacity and a certain amount of I do not give a f$%^@ attitude. To be honest, I was questioning my flr qualifications. It is a tad embarrassing to admit that I just did not expect to see or consider certain words describing the flr woman. Understanding, compassionate and sensitive were others. I was questioning whether these characteristics diminish the flr woman. Yes, I am admitting my brilliant ignorance. Needless to say, I was pleased to learn after great consideration and help from my new friend, they heighten Her strength, for many anyway. The flr women is a work of art. Her unique beauty truly does lie in the eyes of Her beholder. My grandmother used to say, "there is an ass for every seat." Good to know!!

May 11, 2017


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