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MyIntro I'm SatoriSeed

Age 30s
Body Type Average
Height Average
Hair Auburn
A little about me
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A short bio: There is so much more to me than many assume at first glance. I am a devoted meditator, passionate humanitarian, reliable friend and professional who loves to work but balances me time and we time. I’m excited about my passionate projects and always eager to meet like minds to create lasting connections with. When I relax: I have learned to be present thanks to meditation. I make sure to unplug from society and be in nature when I feel most uneasy. I think many things can be relaxing from ambient environments to high energy activity. Hobbies I enjoy: In a word experiential. I used to be shy so now I understand how important it is to live while I am still young and able to travel, without children or major obligations and so I try to rotate my favorite activities including but not limited to visiting museums trying new restaurants whether they are holes in the wall or fine dining. As a retired violinist I absolutely love the symphony and any live musical events and festivals. I am competitive and athletic so I love rock climbing and yoga . I also think it’s important to keep my inner child alive and I love game nights in karaoke as well! When with friends: I love having dinner with friends to catch up on life's moments and past stories and create new ones, most recently enjoyed a lovely italian brunch al fresco!

Why I want FLR: I want an FLR because I am a natural female leader. I believe that thanks to my self awareness I am attentive and compassionate and this able to in fact lead any relationship. As two people are required I look forward to a symbiotic dynamic rather than one that lacks depth. I look forward to exploring new realms with a man who seeks an FLR as well as discussion with fellow female leads in this community. The perfect FLR man: I don't believe in the concept of perfection, however an ideal FLR-kind of man is one who was likely raised by family where strong women were influential. Because of this, he understand that a man can lead without being dominating or aggressive. A man can love without being weak, and he can still take the lead in certain aspects of a relationship without being the leader of the relationship. How I feel about men in FLR: I believe that smart men are not intimidated by a woman’s strength and the best men are raised by strong women who instill that sense of reapect within them from childhood. I enjoy being appreciated by a man who is attentive and supportive to me as I will be to him.

Location United States of America

Orientation open

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