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MyIntro I'm lostinlovelust

Age 30s
Body Type Fit
Height Short
Hair Black
A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Dating

A short bio: Early 30s Asian, active woman (hourglass shorty) coming into owning my dominance! I love life and people, adventurous, sassy, goofy, fun loving, honest, sensing/emotional/empathetic. Tomboy during the day and feminine in the evenings. Pix available once we start talking. When I relax: Dance, cook, workout, knit, bubble baths, saunas, hot tubs, ice skate/rollerblade, hiking Hobbies I enjoy: I dance (salsa, bachata, hip hop, reggaeton) run/walk, hike, work out, cook, garden, and knit! When with friends: Just had shared an salad with a friend after dance class.

Why I want FLR: Clear roles in the relationship with foundation of trust in my leadership to design the best life for the family. I desire a partner who wants to uphold and constantly build an adventurous, exhilarating, nurturing, and stable life together. The perfect FLR man: Sweet, romantic, sensing, obedient, loyal, competent, with alpha tendencies outside the home How I feel about men in FLR: Sounds ideal

FLR Level level 4 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation bi-curious

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