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MyIntro I'm LadyAmy

Age 20s
Body Type Few Extra Pounds
Height Average
Hair Lt Brown
A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I'm 25, new to FLR, but the more research I do the more it fits what I want. I don't have any children. I am curvy, with a large chest. 5'6" without heels. When I relax: Walks on the beach/cliffs - I'm lucky to live in Dorset where there's lots of choice. Find a dog to make friends with - I'd love to have my own but I work full time so wouldn't be fair. Cook a new recipe and test it out on my friends/family. Drinks with friends. In the summer, my hammock is the perfect place to relax after work. Hobbies I enjoy: Reading, photography, cooking, walking the office dog. When with friends: Met with some friends from Uni and went to a Greek restaurant to catch up.

Why I want FLR: I wish to broaden my understanding of the dynamics of flr in a safe, sane and consensual way. I feel a deep need to take control and am excited to embrace this need in my next relationship. I am in no rush to find a partner, and I am not willing to compromise. The perfect FLR man: A strong, intelligent, devoted man who trusts that I know what he needs. Someone who is a high achiever in their professional life. An appreciation of dry humour is essential. I do not want a doormat. Age and physical appearance is less important - for me, intelligence and the right attitude is key - but ideally he would be in his 30s, taller than me, healthy, and clean.

Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience No
Orientation bi-curious

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