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Adult corrective action - Issues in female led relationships

Discussing Issues in Female Led Relationships

The topic of "Adult corrective action - Issues in female led relationships" is covered from the viewpoint of the Author of this website, what Experts say about "Adult corrective action - Issues in female led relationships" and how our users feel about the subject. You can participate freely. We invite expert opinion via email. We value all kinds of information such as: research, anecdotal information and perspective.

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Many of thoughtful people have contributed to the authorship of this website. The authors of this website have thought long and hard about the topic of "Adult corrective action - Issues in female led relationships". We hope you find our viewpoint helpful and thought provoking

When undesirable behavior arises, the leader is responsible for beginning the corrective action process. Through the use of the corrective action measures, the leader hopes to correct a follower's negative or counter-productive behavior. Some circumstances require the leader to use corrective action measures including coaching, training, verbal warnings, written warnings, investigations, removal of privilege and breach of contract. A series of these actions may be used depending on the nature and severity of the follower's misconduct.
Author: Admin 2011-01-31 21:32:25    [reply]
All followers are expected to meet the standards and behave appropriately agreed upon. Corrective action is a process of communicating with the follower to improve unacceptable behavior or performance after other methods such as coaching and performance appraisal have not been successful. The goal is to guide the follower to correct performance or behavior by identifying the problems, causes and solutions, not to punish the follower. If there is no improvement or if there are repeat occurrences, correction action may be appropriate. In general, corrective action should be progressive, i.e., beginning with the lowest severity action before employing actions of more severity. Any formal corrective or disciplinary action must follow the principles of "Just Cause". After establishing that corrective or disciplinary action is warranted, use some or all of the following steps: State clearly that they are issuing an oral warning, Be specific in describing the unacceptable, Remind the follower of the acceptable standards or rules performance or behavior; State the consequences of failure to demonstrate immediate and sustained improvement: Further disciplinary action may be the result, Note the oral warning on the leaders and followers calendar.
Author: Victor 2011-01-31 21:38:15    [reply]
Victor what about women not living up to their end, what kind of accountability is there for them?
Reply by: Guest 2011-02-07 18:23:57    
Guest That is a good question - I think a relationship agreement is the basis for rules and remediation. She has given her word to abide by your agreement. If you dont have an agreement you dont have remediation.
Reply by: Randell 2011-02-07 18:27:06    
Guest In level 3-4 you may have agreed that she makes the rules, so whatever rule she makes is the law with no remediation. In the case where you have an agreement you may also have a regular time to review any relationship issues. It seems to be that is when you get to voice discontent.
Reply by: Victor 2011-02-07 18:30:16    

What our users say

A wiseman once told me that EVERYONE has something worth listening too and when you listen enough you will get smarter. We value the ideas and opinions of our readers on the topic of "Adult corrective action - Issues in female led relationships. "True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information." Winston Churchill (British Orator, Author and Prime Minister during World War II. 1874-1965)

Like at work when you need an employee to change, you "write them up", there is a consequence and the benefit is keeping their job
Author: Admin 2010-12-10 17:27:50    [reply]
This is a good alternative to punishment, sounds very adult. I am not a manager but as an RN I can see how it motivates someone to changes and everything is above board and known to all.
Author: Unisis 2011-01-26 12:31:10    [reply]
JustWondering No so - you are incharge of how far it goes. once you make an agreement for you to lead, you get to exercise all your rights as leader. He on the other hand gets to support your leadership. It falls to your style of leadership, will you include him in decisions, will you delegate things to him. Control is what managers do and leaders manage. Just my thoughts enjoy!
Author: Unisis 2011-01-26 20:29:27    [reply]
Progressive corrective action seeks to affect positive change in an someone’s performance and/or behavior. It is a good thing
Author: Ann 2011-01-31 21:40:03    [reply]
Ann sounds like a good idea to me, much better than hitting
Reply by: Brenda61 2011-06-23 14:56:11    [reply]
A blogger has created a "Notice of Discipline" form that his wife uses regularly. For example, see
Author: Nerd 2011-02-17 12:33:15    [reply]
Nerd I'd love to hear the wife's version of that. At some level I like the idea but it seems a little parochial until you see what discipline is being used and then it seems like FemDom fantasy. This magazine will pay $25 to your wife if she steps up and identifies herself (drivers license, passport) and posts a blog agreeing with you. Use the contact form, we can pay through PayPal.
Reply by: Admin 2011-02-17 18:37:38    [reply]
Admin I'm not the blogger. Go look at the website link I provided and look at some of the postings. The blogger (Ken) has also posted numerous pictures of his wife (Cora) and himself. His profile states "Male part of a Female Led Relationship where misconduct results in Her spanking me." The pictures alone provide a version of verification. You can contact him by commenting on the blog.
Reply by: Nerd 2011-02-19 17:37:48    
Admin Interesting. I have a blog which my female partner posts to, I know the guy who uses the notice of discipline form, my partner used the form, I mailed it to him, and the guy who developed the form blogged about it, scanning our original. Not that I am interested in the $25, but wanted to let you know these things are used and can be fun. ServingB
Reply by: ServingB 2011-03-18 12:39:04    
Nerd I appreciate the post, like Admin I am not sure I believe it. It is interesting and I'd like to explore it. I'd love to know more about you, your life story and about your relationship. Most of all I'd love to hear from your mate. Please use the contact link at the bottom of the page.
Reply by: Gwen 2011-02-17 18:42:03    [reply]
Gwen As I stated above, I'm not the blogger I discussed. Most FLR blogs have the kinds of details you request in their early postings. His blog has those details in the early 2010 part of the "blog archive" on the right side of the page. In the April 2010 posting at which he gives details of the "Notice of Discipline" he provides an email address of SpankedbyWife@Yahoo.Com for people to request the form in word processor format. You may want to contact him there.
Reply by: Nerd 2011-02-19 17:52:35    
Admin and Gwen If you are looking for people to interview, look at the Guestbook section of the Disciplinary Wives Club site ( Many of the guestbook entries have email addresses. Although the DWC focuses on punishment, if it isn't just for play there has to be an FLR.
Author: Nerd 2011-02-21 07:16:06    [reply]
So much of the focus of men seems to be on slavery, punishment and forced control that it has blunted the power of relationship to play and active role in the man's life. The kinky approach actually defeats his cause no matter what he says. Look over the new article on how FLR is visualized and see the distraction to relationships caused by continued punishment, control and force. There is nothing that promotes relationship in punishment, just the opposite is true. Positive reinforcement is the way to get things done. Punishment for the sake of training can work but as a lifestyle it is really just kink, it looses its value for any other reason over time. Besides if a woman has enough energy to take on a project in the form of a man who must be controlled, then I don`t thing either of them will have time for anything else.
Author: Victor_1964 2011-04-02 09:49:44    [reply]
be happy and love. kiss
Author: Guest 2011-05-04 05:40:51    [reply]
The idea of being able to punish is a kick to me, though I don't think I'd use it often because it says something about me I don't like. So corrective action seems the better way most of the time.
Author: Brenda61 2011-06-23 14:50:38    [reply]
Kathy of has several recent postings discussing punishment. She points out how most of her ideas on punishment came from her friend Liz (who also has the same kind of Level 4+ FLR that she does). She discusses the mistakes she made as she learned when and how to punish her husband and the techniques she uses (that range from corner time to withdrawl of privileges). She also talks about the importance of love and intimacy surrounding the punishment and various aspects of the punishment itself. For example, she requires her husband to explain to her in his own words why he is being punished, and discussed the importance of steps such as doing so. I recommend her recent postings on this topic.
Author: Nerd 2011-07-27 18:44:24    [reply]
The idea of a man having rules with consequences turns me on. The idea that he is a grown-up and follows the rules because he wants to and only gets a negative consequence when I feel he is not living up to his agreements is beautiful to me. The idea he will volunteer to submit to corrective action or punishment seems very adult and honoring both of me and his commitment to his way of life. It takes all the guess work out of management.
Author: SusanM88 2011-08-06 07:06:41    [reply]
SusanM88 The important thing to me about punishment in an FLR is that it is rarely handed out and typically only when needed. That said is up to the female to decide when that is, explain it so that the male can understand it, and then deliver it with without apology. Whether that punishment is corporal or restrictive or some combination should be left up to her wisdom.
Reply by: Dashro23 2013-12-05 17:24:06    [reply]
This is a subject that conjurs slavish boys and women with whips in leather. Perhaps the biggest obsticle for women to enjoy FLR.
Author: Guest 2011-09-19 05:43:26    [reply]
NOTE: ALL site users - we are considering closing this topic because of the amount of spam we get - have we exhausted this topic to your satisfaction? If not we will leave it open and monitor, if so we will close comments. Let us know.
Author: SusanM88 2011-10-21 10:21:08    [reply]
This topic is about how couples handle correcting behaviors that don`t work for them. That included fines, punishment and reinforcement of good behaviors. Adult corrective action is how couple use discipline to make their relationships better.
Author: Randell 2011-12-06 10:08:11    [reply]
One method I use at work is the carrot and carrot take away. The carrot is a reward the person wants, perhaps tied to growing their career. The take away is when they have proven they are not ready. That does not mean they do get another carrot, just that for the one taken away they need real training.
Author: Prickly Pear 2011-12-13 21:25:04    [reply]
Prickly Pear Is that what you used on me? Well it does works.
Reply by: SusanM88 2011-12-16 13:08:55    [reply]


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