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My experience (Men) long term with male chastity - Issues in female led relationships

Discussing Issues in Female Led Relationships

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12 years ago we started male chastity. the past 5 its been full time all the time. - edited by staff [reason: fetish username]
Author: Cb 2013-04-12 19:42:27    [reply]
Me and My wife have been using chastity for me for about the last 10 years. Only the last three have been 24/7. It doesn`t come off for anything but cleanings ever month or so. I went from daily masturbation to orgasms 3 or 4 times a year now. It has been a long and frustrating road. However i have become a much better husband, and lover to my wife. She never cared much for intercourse, mostly because I couldn`t last very long and I am not very big. She prefers oral and toys more than my penis. We both agreed that keeping me frustrated and horny was the best position to keep me in. We do live a more FLR now, and although I still wish I had control sexually at times. I couldn`t be happier now. Giving up the control of my sex life to my beautiful wife fulfills me more now than ever before. - edited by staff [reason: have your wife write this]
Author: Guest 2016-01-23 17:57:20    [reply]
We are one month short of having been in the male chastity lifestyle for a year. Currently, it's been 42 days since my last O. One average, she says yes about once every month to month and a half. Right now we are shooting for a minimum of another month. Here's the thing though- I've given her written permission to begin permanent chastity and denial at any time. During the last two teases, she has said she has decided it will be forever. Since it's totally her decision at this point, I don't know if she's teasing about that as well, or serious. I get regular teasing, regular denial. I whole heartedly recommend that couples exploring this invest in a device. I'm locked fairly regularly at her discretion- normally when we'll be apart, even for a couple of hours. Using a device enforces her total control and is a constant reminder of her control whenever I'm wearing it.
Author: Markadelphia 2012-07-02 12:44:08    [reply]
We are new to this web site but have been living the FLM for over 10 years. After trying a variety of devices we now have a Lori's 18a device with a PA piercing pin lock.It is the most comfortable and totally secure device we own.It was expensive but when you factor in permanent chastity and the good looks of the device along with being able to keep everything clean, it was well worth it. The assurance that I am totaly unable to satisfy myself unless "B" releases me gives her peace of mind. I am released twice a year, my birthday and our wedding anniversary for my pleasure. Otherwise I am locked or just let out for T&D once a week. One other added benefit is the bathroom stays a lot cleaner with having to sit to pee :). Good luck and give Lori's tube a look.
Author: Guest 2012-08-12 08:42:13    [reply]
I have been in and out of chastity for the past three years. I am currently in a Holy Trainer 2 and we have worked out that it can go through airport security so very little reason to take it off now. It is distracting for work in that I constantly let my mind wander but after a while I learn to control that. Other than that, I can always feel the loving embrace of my wifes device wrapped around her penis. As time goes on she gets more dominant to the point where I am expected to look after her every need at night other than putting one of our children to bed. She is pleasured at least 5 nights a week and occasionally in the morning if we wake early enough. An interesting effect that chastity has had is on her confidence. She dresses way more sexy than she used to. She wears stockings and heels for work most days, much higher heels than she ever wore before.She now is regularly a good inch or two taller than me and I am 6`2" so that is not something I am used to. There is nothing sexier when you are a tall man who is submissive than to have your wife slightly looking down on you. She has taken to bright red nail polish and always looks amazing. She has told me this is definitely a side effect of being so much more dominant. I have been locked for 5 weeks now and have been told it is likely to be next year before I orgasm, and as our previous best was nearly 5 months, this is very possible. - edited by staff [reason: written like a sex fantasy]
Author: Luckylocked 2015-08-11 01:14:55    [reply]
Its been 11 years since I gave my wife a CB-2000. I've been in a CB-6000S the past five years and its very comfortable. I agree with what Author: Guest 2012-08-12 08:42:13 said. The stainless steel devices are much better but allot more expensive. I could see how women in the future would require a prospective mate to wear a chastity device in her honor before dating her or marriage.
Author: Cb3000 2013-07-31 14:57:25    [reply]
I went for a year and a half with just 3-4 orgasms (don't remember) at the insistence of my girlfriend, and I did this without a chastity device! Moreover, I only looked at porn for a total of about 15 minutes in that year and a half, again at her insistence. She stopped having sex with me for about a year. "I feel too sick; I feel too tired; I feel too this or that or you this or you that." Yeah, I felt like masturbating and I had my fantasies, and I worked hard to make our relationship work and make her happy. Makes me laugh. Was this FLR? She told me I was a sick person, a sociopath, complained that I did not do what she wanted in spite of the fact that I cleaned the house, cooked, did the dishes, shopped, etc. I worked, discovered a great new career, met some good people and made some good friends. Frankly, I didn't really mind. I felt healthier, thought more clearly, and became less co-dependent, not more, and more of my own person. It was actually great in a lot of ways. It was easy to discuss our relationship and easy to end it. So, I think male chastity can be great. Why not? Or, why?
Author: Hotncolddotme 2013-08-13 17:23:54    [reply]
I'm now married, but an ex-boyfriend had a chastity fetish and although our relationship didn't work out (his drug use), I was INSTANTLY intrigued. I met my husband a year later, and to be quite honest, the poor guy didn't have a chance! I ordered a cb6000 and after I explained to him how badly I wanted to "fool around" with our new "toy", he agreed. It was FUN! and Sam actually LIKED being locked (although we only started with him being in the device for a few hours). That was three years ago...and his last orgasm was October 31, 2011. We've advanced to a stainless steel "Queen's Keep" from Mature Metals...and you can call B.S. all you want, but the fact is there is NO WAY Sam can back his penis out OR free his balls from the device. Sam is only 33 and as far as I'm concerned, he'll never cum again...which he's agreed to. Our marriage is "mostly" FLR...but not totally. We own a very profitable business which Sam runs without my help. I tend to make the vast majority of important decisions regarding our lives, including what house we'll buy and what area of the city we'll live in. We have a two y.o. daughter together, and I ALWAYS consider what's best for her. Sometimes Sam will "forget" that I enjoy showing him that I'm "in charge", even with the little things that come up day-to-day. Sam has had long hair for as long as I've known him, and one day last week he came home and told me his secretary had commented that she wished HER hair was as nice as his. For some reason, this "bothered" me. And I AM the "boss", right? So the next day I "ordered" him to find a barber (not his usual stylist, but a "BARBER") and have his head shaved. After the initial shock subsided and he discovered I was POSITIVELY serious, he sulkingly climbed into his truck and left on his "errand". An hour or so later Sam returned and the deed had been DONE! By the way, I LOVE it and I now can't keep my hands off his shiny bald head. I also told Sam to make sure to let his secretary know that HER hair is now nicer than Sam's. Being the FEMALE in a FLR wouldn't be much fun if I was NEVER a "bitch", now would it? I AM the "boss"...I LOVE my "man"...and I LOVE our life! Question or comments? I'd be happy to answer them.
Author: Happy wife. 2013-09-23 00:47:40    [reply]
Happy wife. Thanks for such a nice post. Something about this touched a chord for me as I am getting my husband to a similar level. Seems to me that you are very much at ease in having permanant chastity for your husband and how to make your decisions. How you described the interaction where you made your husband shave his head made me realize I have a lot to learn. Are you open to more direct communication. Many thanks.
Reply by: Eager to learn Wife 2014-05-07 15:20:03    [reply]
Eager to learn Wife hi, would you like to talk about this ?
Reply by: NoOrgasmEver 2017-06-01 00:25:22    
Happy wife. Happy Wife and her husband have moved into a special Level 4 relationship. The fact that her husband does not get any sexual release is unique in any marital relationship; it is essentially a wife imposed vow of celibacy on his part. I would like to hear that they are intimate in other ways especially the touching and holding that is so important. And hopefully her sexual desires are satisfied. While my mate controls that “food group” and is usually the instigator of lovemaking, I know that it will happen sooner or later. In the final analysis each couple has to communicate and decide what works best for them. If extreme male chastity is the decision on the Sex food group for them, than that is the right answer.
Reply by: Motleyfoool 2014-05-08 20:07:51    [reply]
Happy wife. Hi, I can't help to come to read this line of you so very often : " Sam is only 33 and as far as I'm concerned, he'll never cum again...". My wife gave me my last orgasm 23 April 2016, and as far as I feel, that may have been my last. How did you come to the decision to never let Sam have one again ? And why do you think that way ?
Reply by: NoOrgasmEver 2017-05-31 08:15:43    [reply]
We are moving toward permanent denial for me, and I have not had an orgasm in about a year. My beautiful wife leads our marriage. I enjoy this and defer to her control. My wife never embraced permanent denial for me initially, and use of chastity devices was not frequent. It has become frequent, and better device such as a "Queen's Keep" will be needed. Only a friend of my wife's going back to her sorority days, who is a quite open thinking person, knows anything about our marriage details. I am very sure that when we visit with her in the near future my wife will make sure she knows my situation.
Author: Guest 2013-10-13 20:39:59    [reply]
Guys this is not the place for CB ads but it is the place to tell how it feels to wear a device, how you feel wearing one, issues you have wearing it; how it make her feel; injury; and how to become more successful with chastity. It would be nice to have some women who have objections post to hear the other side.
Author: Susan 2014-02-25 15:34:12    [reply]
For most of our 40+ year marriage, my wife and her girlfriend were heads of household. It made sense to us because I was away on business almost half of each year so they ran the household. Our FLR was just an arrangement that put the women in charge of all things concerning our household. It worked well for us and quite frankly, I was glad to not have to run things as I had limited time due to work. When we moved away from our girlfriend we continued with our FLR which was now a wife led marriage. We found ourselves as a couple after so many years and our sex life took a nose dive without our third or second wife, as we called her. My wife and I enjoyed different things sexually so we were not good together. Her g/f was the one who took care of our individual needs so without her we were floundering and just having sex because we felt that we should after a few weeks. It was then that I discovered chastity. After a life of surrounding myself with women so that I could have a lot of orgasms, I found chastity play intriguing. We started off with very short term chastity with a lot of teasing and denial. Lo and behold, my wife took to T&D like a fish to water. She never had a fetish in her life. She has one now! Over the last 6 months, my wife gradually increased the time between my orgasms to a point where I did not think I could go that long. That is when she told me to buy a chastity device, which I did. Over that time period we went from a few days to a week and then two. She is now testing me to see how long I can go as she really likes the way I am without any orgasm for a few weeks and does not want to start all over again. I occasionally get panic attacks when I think about not having an orgasm any time soon. I usually tell my wife that it is OK if she lets me have an orgasm but she just says no and teases me for an hour and has her own orgasm, which strangely calms me. I have learned to share her orgasm and I actually do feel like I had one too. At this time, we do not know how far we will take chastity play but it is clear that my wife is enjoying it a lot and after sharing her girlfriend with me for so long, I feel that I owe her this. I must admit that it does feel good to be aroused all the time by the simplest things. I am now locked up 24/7 with occasional unlocking only when necessary. We had never brought sex into our WLM before, but now we have. My wife's new found love of controlling me, as her g/f used to do, has brought her to domestic discipline which is sparingly administered. I think we have now incorporated everything in our life into our WLM. The main reason for that was that it is hard to dominant someone during sex and then become the submissive one outside of the bedroom. Chastity does not end at the bedroom though so it bled into our WLM and fit in quite nicely. From my wife's point of view, I have controlled our sex life for all of our marriage and now it is her turn to do so for the rest of our lives. I agree and so here we are. :)
Author: Guest 2014-03-15 15:28:56    [reply]
I have been living with a woman the better part of five. Prior to that I lived with three Males individually,For the better part of 30 years years. I am BiSexual, I want my girlfriend to trust me, she does'nt like me looking at hot looking guys and Women on the internet, I have a career where any outside sex could jepardize my career.I want her to trust me but not be completely dependent on me.Does experience show that male chastity commitment will improve the relationship? please comment
Author: Guest 2014-06-08 07:39:44    [reply]
Gave your wife written permission? It is not something that serious players would do since it is meaningless and unenforceable. When you hand control over your penis to a key holder, they do what they want and do not need your permission in writing. It is unenforceable in all respects and smacks of topping from the bottom just like all those submissive slave contracts that are nothing more than what the sub wants to do and have done to him I turned over the keys to my wife and put no conditions on it. Sometimes she denies me for a month and sometimes only a week. If any of us wants to quit, we quit. A written agreement would make no difference. I really do not know real players in fetishes who do written agreements or contracts. We consider that topping from the bottom. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Not many people actually do permanent chastity in real life. Many more post about it than actually try it. Out of those that try it, very few make it. Try to find one old guy who is in permanent chastity for any length of time. You probably will not. Too much living fantasies online for my taste. Everyone is permanent chastity, cuckolded or dominated by their wife. Try to find them in real life though. Even guys who wear latex and are led by a leash, are not 24/7 slaves. There is a find line between a fetish and a psychological disorder.
Author: Guest 2014-07-23 09:08:41    [reply]
Guest Where are you getting the data from which you are drawing your conclusions? Also, can you show how your personal relationship style is representative or even preferable for all?
Reply by: Guest 2014-08-25 06:53:04    [reply]
Guest From the same place you are.
Reply by: Micky 2014-10-17 00:40:49    
Guest I got my information from over 40 years doing it. How about you? I did not say my lifestyle was preferable. I do not think most men would like to be used as a toilet by two women for 7 years, being whipped until they bleed or have not had intercourse in so long that they cannot remember when the last time was. There is very little statistical data about most fetishes so I have to rely on my own experiences and those of the members of my BDSM, Swingers and Wife Swapping clubs. We are old enough that we did not have the internet or cable TV for most of our marriage so there were no ready made fantasies to copy or pretend we lived. We only had clubs to join and since we lived in NYC and other major urban centers, it was not difficult to find them. Like networking in business, once you get deeply into a fetish lifestyle you meet others into it and then you meet others that they know and your club knows of other clubs where you are moving too and so it goes. I have seen and experienced things most guys never even dream about. If you have statistical data to dispute my experiences then refer me to the source.
Reply by: Guest 2014-12-21 01:02:47    
Guest Stand down boys! This is not a pissing contest. Obviously the writer is from the perspective of a swinger, this site is not really about swinging, or clubbing or BDSM so lets keep this to the relationship elements and our decisions (which he did). He disagrees with this site and one of the authors in this forum and that is okay... He does not have to believe that in relationships you can write agreements even if they are for reference only to remind us what we agreed upon. In relationships we can hold our mates accountable. Relationship agreements and contracts are court worthy documents (as in Prenuptial) but he is right no one can sign away their rights completely in most countries.
Reply by: Prickly Pear 2014-12-21 09:14:00    [reply]
[I am in real chastity not make belief of wanabe 24/7 as and when ordered to?? Longest was 58 days with a 10 to 15 minute release to perform my duty to my wife. No other release at all. I am caged 90% of the time and never ask for release. My wife decided that I should have a bit of control over my chastity of late and now allows me to beg to be re caged if I cant resist masturbation any longer and for that I thank her.
Reply by: Guest 2017-11-02 21:06:09    [reply]
It is now a year since we started our chastity lifestyle. After many starts and stops we found that it works best if we have no rules other than my wife makes the rules and can change them at any time. I think for most reality based chastity play, permanent chastity is not desired. I know that if I had no hope of an orgasm I would not be submissive, quite the opposite. I wear my device 24/7 and my orgasms come after various time periods as my wife sees fit. While she gets pleasure from teasing and denying me, she also enjoys making me cum explosively. The longest she has made me wait has been almost 5 weeks. Most times it is closer to a month as we do not consider it chastity until 2 weeks have passed. That is because I can easily go two weeks without an orgasm before I get the urge. We tried a month with no chastity and we both did not like it so we agreed that we are happier when my wife controls my orgasms and that is how we live now. We do not live a D/s lifestyle, just chastity. Of course I try to please my wife because I ant relief sooner than later but it is not because she is ordering me to.
Author: Guest 2014-11-27 13:24:27    [reply]
The women’s polls on this site (obviously slanted towards Levels 3 and 4 FLR) show that a preponderance of these women want control over their mates sexuality, e.g. two-thirds practice male chastity with a device and sexual release control. In the larger population I would think that women primarily want a faithful partner who is caring and when appropriate romantic. We approached male chastity later in life (60’s) as an option to enhance our relationship. It was at my suggestion that we use a device. My wife is not an enthusiastic keyholder, the main benefit is to allow better control by both of us on that aspect of our relationship. We remain deep into romance even though she is not often interested in sexual activity. It allows me to know clearly her intentions when she is interested.
Author: Motleyfoool 2014-12-12 12:37:03    [reply]
Motleyfoool My wife started out being my KH to please me and over the last 13 months has become dominant and an enthusiastic KH strict about limiting my orgasms. Her goal is to never give me a full orgasm anymore. Just a few ruined ones each year. My little once submissive wife now has a small collection of whips, crops, floggers and most recently, the dreaded cane. She has become comfortable telling me instead of asking me, to do things. We are not like master and slave as real life has to be dealt with in a real way. However, after I finish work my night starts by doing the dishes, massaging her feet and being her servant for the rest of the evening. I really do not have many tasks to do as I work all day and she does not. She does not want a slave for a husband. The turning point for her is realizing that you do not have to be a bitch to act like A Bitch. She now realizes that we are role playing. Her role is to dominate me and deny me orgasms as long as she can and my role is to be submissive and try to get her to give me orgasms. :) When we want to step out of our roles we use our safe word which serves like a time out where we can discuss any problems outside of our D/s roles. We are a long time married couple and have romantic sex regularly; just with no orgasm for me. I have always been romantic, more so than most husbands I know. I am the only guy I know that speak lovingly about his wife during boys night out. Most complain about their wives and lack of sex. I once had a woman try to get me into bed with her and finally told me that if I do not shut up about my wife, she was going to leave. She left. My wife's friends are jealous of how I treat my wife when with them. Orgasms have nothing to do with whether we are romantic or not or who assumes the dominant role. My wife never uses my submission to her for the sake of making me look foolish. She does things that get me hard and make me want her even more. What a difference a year makes.
Reply by: Lenny 2014-12-21 01:15:23    [reply]
I have been practacing Chastity with my wife for a couple months and I have learned to enjoy my confinement. I have learned to become a more loving husband. She likes the change I have gone through. I enjoy giving my wife a orgasm and me being denied. I dont think I could ever go back to not being in chastity. I am much happier that my wife controls my orgasms.
Author: Jack58 2015-02-08 21:19:05    [reply]
Jack58 is she happier? is she more satisfied? Is your relationship better? This should be about her too right?
Reply by: Ann1000Days 2015-02-26 17:27:32    [reply]
Ann1000Days Yes my wife is much happier. I now do all the chores around the house and let my wife relax when she comes home from work. I cook her dinner then in the evening give her a massage or what ever she requests. I keep her very satisfied. Our relationship has grown stronger and I get comment from my wifes freinds on how much I love my wife. Many people have seen a big changes since my long term chastity. Yes Chastity is all being in it for her.
Reply by: Jack58 2015-03-01 18:59:31    
Ann1000Days I read somewhere that most women just want to be someone's priority - being there - all in - is a good idea.
Reply by: SusanM88 2015-03-06 22:27:19    
I have been locked up in a custom chastity cage 24/7 for four years now. I am given an orgasm by my wife 2-3 times a year if I have been a good hubby. Long term chastity works well for us for several reasons. We have not had intercourse since finding out that my wife cannot have children. I also have a very small penis that sometimes retreats into my body and cannot be seen. My chastity cage is only 1 1/4" long and I still can get erect in it. Sex was emasculating for me and frustrating for my wife. She literally would ask if it was in yet. I could not even feel any friction so it was not enjoyable for either of us so we simply eliminated intercourse from our marriage. For a while we were fine with just oral but after a while my wife fell in love with her vibrator and I became simply a bystander who at most, caressed her breast while she used her vibrator. She always wanted me to keep quiet which I found out was because she was fantasizing about having intercourse with whoever she saw during the week. Sex became less frequent and our intimacy was almost gone. It started to affect other areas of our marriage so I wanted to do something about it. Chastity came to the rescue as I no longer was upset by the lack of orgasms or spectator role I was in. Now it became chastity play and was fun for both of us. Chastity on its own started to get boring. I was only getting 2-3 orgams a year and most times the orgasm was not too great and I regretted having them. We both got bored with chastity so we started some BDSM play and eventually domestic discipline when my wife discovered that canning my butt was a great motivator for doing household chores correctly. My wife occasionally finds someone to have intercourse with but is very discrete about it and mostly sticks to out of town businessmen who she will never see again. She always comes home very happy and has another orgasm by having me perform oral on her. It is humiliating too but I love it. So long term chastity has worked very well for us. My wife would like to make it permanent because she hates the way I get after an orgasm. She knows she cannot date for a few weeks or I get upset. We both agree that we both like me better when I am denied so she is trying to see how it goes by denying me an orgasm until the end of this year. Long term chastity has opened up new kinds of sex for us and returned the intimacy we used to have. My wife is talking about bringing guys home so I can sit there and watch in my panties and bra with a chastity cage on me. I think she is just saying that to turn me on because I cannot imagine any guy wanting a husband watching him have sex. Never know if he is going to get mad and attack. My wife says that she will handcuff me to the chair so that cannot happen. :) - edited by staff [reason: over the top fetish - we are not a fetish site, we want to know about your relationships and how chastity helps or hurts it - most of this entry is toxic kink according to our surveys ]
Author: Walther 2015-03-01 00:35:34    [reply]
My wife and I began experimenting with a FLR about a year ago, after a particularly troublesome time in our marriage. While we always dabbled in kink in our sexual relationship, it was typically "one-offs" with me the Dom 95% of the time. I'd always fantasized about a FLR, and knew she had the personality for it, so we discussed it seriously and started it last spring. One thing that is different from most of the stories I've read on the Internet is that we don't use a chastity device. I simply don't touch myself and don't have an orgasm without her permission. The few times I have touched myself (either my penis or my nipples), I've told her and been punished for it. Our relationship has, to put it mildly, blossomed under this arrangement. I'm much more loving and attentive towards her, and she found herself wanting to spend more time with me. I handle all of the household chores, etc., and have several strict rules I have to follow. We make "life" decisions together, but almost all of the day-to-day decisions are made by her. I have gone as long as 75-80 days without an orgasm, with fairly regular teasing and denial of me by her. She has on average two orgasms per week, with my assistance. We have taken a couple of breaks--each around a month long--throughout the process and found it to be a detriment to our relationship, so we recommitted to an FLR and I expect this will be our "normal" from here on out. I love it, I love pleasing her (both physically and through chores, etc.) and she loves being the Mistress of the house. I can't imagine it being any other way at this point, to be honest!
Author: SouthernLegal 2015-04-10 21:37:39    [reply]
I am single, and never have, but am seeking to be in an FLR. I however that the method of chastity imposed would depend on the male. In my case, I have a huge sex drive, and would not be able to go without an orgasm by one means or another, without the use of a chastity device. I think that the device, and the keys, would truly be a symbol of a males commitment, and his intent to be faithful and submissive. I can't say in my case, how long chastity would need to be imposed, but I suppose we are all different.
Author: Soulsearcher65 2015-05-04 20:46:06    [reply]
I am almost done with two years of wearing a chastity device. I went from off the shelf one to an expensive custom made one. It is much more comfortable for 24/7 wear so it was money well spent. Like many, my wife thought I was crazy to want to do this and now she cannot imagine not keeping me locked in a chastity device. She has a little bit of a cruel streak in her because she enjoys the teasing and denial part. :) As to how it feels to wear, I am so used to it that if I am not wearing a chastity device I do not feel the same. I have become addicted to feeling constantly aroused and the teasing sessions. We have gone from an orgasm a week to about 3-4 a year. My wife was very hesitant at first but as she learned that I will not explode if I do not orgasm, she had extended my chastity period a little at a time. She mostly allows me to orgasm on special occasion days like Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Christmas and my birthday are iffy depending on whether she wants to mess with my mind or not. The best part of being locked in chastity is no more masturbation and watching porn which had become a problem for me. Now I just post on forums. :)
Author: Jimmy 2015-05-28 00:20:15    [reply]
Jimmy I forgot to mention that we do not have a D/s relationship other than my wife controlling our sex life but that is where it ends.
Reply by: Jimmy 2015-05-28 00:21:31    [reply]
I feel like a lot of what we read about online is very unrealistic about chastity and very much from the viewpoint of men. My wife and I practice chastity. Usually it just involves me wearing the device monday through friday-with the occasional weekend if one of us is out of town for some reason. I have to ask to lock up monday morning and I have to ask to unlock on Friday. Sometimes we have sex over the weekends. It's really pretty tame overall.
Author: Daved 2015-11-12 09:18:21    [reply]
we have toyed with male chastity for a while but it is much more serious today with us and our relationship. I have currently been in a device for 3 days and it is comfortable but heavy (stainless steel) and you constantly know and are aware of the device. She likes the control and it empowers her - she reaches orgasm many times a day and I am denied.
Author: Toxess 2015-11-16 04:48:06    [reply]
Please be very careful Toxess, it would probably be better to purchase a plastic chastity devise I have found these most comfortable for extended periods and believe me your wife will take control and you better get used to being an encased slave because it will happen, can be fun occasionally but you will always be horny, better give it a lot of thought and keep it off unless your cuffed next time, all the best
Reply by: Ankener 2016-07-04 05:44:45    [reply]
We are an older couple and started year 4 of chastity/orgasm denial. T&D is our primary fetish and wearing a custom chastity cage 24/7 is a part of that. I am very used to wearing a device after 3 years. If I am not wearing it, I miss it. We were supposed to take a break this year but we only lasted a month until we both realized that things are better in chastity. I am back to wearing 24/7 and still doing long term, 4-6 month, chastity periods. We are senior citizens so it is easier for me to be denied for long periods of time. If I was young again, I would not even consider chastity but now it works for us.
Author: Guest 2016-03-01 11:52:19    [reply]
I have been in a FLR relationship for two years now (been together for 6) we have a daughter together. Things started slowly and I would say we are both still learning, it really is a journey. I can feel myself becoming more submissive. My orgasms are controlled by her and I am forbidden to ever ask or beg for release. I never ever even try to 'top' from the bottom, what would be the point? It would make it all false. I don't want nor desire any control over it. I am currently in my longest period of chastity without release of any kind. No ruined or milking. I am on day 81. I can honestly say that I could go forever without release if she so desired it. Things change after this long in chastity, your mind alters, it's hard to explain but being beyond frustrated is better than a 15 second orgasm. The more cruel she is, the more I love her. I could never go back to selfish chronic self masturbation now. My life is set and my fate sealed. I don't regret a thing. I would love to hear from any genuine guys who have gone longer than my current 81 days. How does things change? I find days 15 to 30 the most difficult and when my mood swings are at their worst, now I feel calm, horny but calm. I get a nice dull ache in my balls most of the time but I don't find it unpleasant, I would say my penis has definitely shrunk, it is without a doubt smaller and thinner, I assume and have read this is normal. Would love to hear from any other more long term chaste men ( or their wives)
Author: Guest 2016-05-09 18:44:05    [reply]
That is a lengthy period Pal I have lasted 5 weeks and it has been very difficult, our problem was we had a contract that stated 4 weeks the wife got important once she had the key and broke it because she could for now who knows because I cannot talk about it or I get extensions not too sure if it is a good idea, if I had another chance I would keep a key so I can at least have a nice wank but that would not be fair, would it ?
Reply by: Bobby 2016-07-04 06:03:47    [reply]
Being older (65+) makes it much easier to be in essentially permanent chastity in a custom steel device (about 85% of the time. And yes your penis does shrink but not sure if it is age or non-use. The device prevents the normal erections that most men have in the early morning.
Author: Motleyfoool 2016-07-14 14:25:13    [reply]
I've had my husband locked up for years with no release. He is only allowed out for cleaning and doctor appointments. And when out his hands are handcuffed behind him. He has a lady doctor and she enjoys teasing him and then ruins his organism. I've had a great sex life I prefer women for sex and that drives my husband crazy. We are always naked in the house back yard where neighbors see us, and on occasion we will wash our cars nude out front.
Author: Amy 2016-07-18 16:34:05    [reply]
AmyI'm amazed his physician would do any such thing. As for the car wash, where are you located Amy?
Reply by: Motleyfoool 2016-08-19 14:43:52    [reply]
My X Wife and I have always leaned toward FLR. We have tried numerous chastity devices but they always have to come off due to pain. I went seven weeks once but I was bleeding and blistered under my sack. Same thing every time. We are committed to long term permanent chastity but we just cant find the right device to get there. Is there a solution without a cuff ring and if so is it successful long term?
Author: No Cuff 2016-08-07 12:14:12    [reply]
No Cuff You are obviously using the wrong chastity devices, I have had hubby in all sorts but they are just below standard, loose, clunky, showing in normal wear etc. I have found the holy trainer is by far the best, expensive yes but fantastic, try that and I am certain you will be happy I only give it a real nice clean every Sunday while he is cuffed behind, currently we are heading for four months encased without orgasm or wank I am thinking he can go at least six well maybe more not sure he of course satisfies me with finger and mouth (getting real good at those) Male chastity is just so good for them, he might get a root on his birthday
Reply by: Sherry 2016-08-10 05:01:05    [reply]
We have just ordered a Holy Trainer, and when that gets here I will be going into chastity for four weeks, we have been doing it on and off with clumsy metal cages for a year but my wife wants to really control now so the best we feel is the Holy Trainer cannot wait for it to get here and feel how comfortable it will be for extended periods, going to be a nice chastity slave
Author: Pinky 2016-08-10 04:46:02    [reply]
We have been in the lifestyle for a year. We have tried several chasity devices, but they had hygiene issues, or were extremely uncomfortable. They were ere all to large in the cage. He's a grow and show. Luckily, we could customize the stainless steel to fit him perfectly. I keep him locked 24/7. He's only allowed out if I so wish. He tells me " he's never been happier". I have never been happier.
Author: Guest 2016-08-21 07:07:06    [reply]
Have been trying chastity for about 4 months and have been locked up for 70 days today. Have been let out for a shave and a couple of times due to a sore scrotum. No orgasm, and cleaning is managed while wearing the cage, a steel bon4m large. The collar behind the ballsack got a slack after using it for a month, causing unbearable pinching. Changed the pin with a screw and a nut to make it hold together tight, and a hole in the screw for the padlock so the nut can't come off. Then the cage cut into the under side of my cock, so I grinded it for a more smooth and curvy edge. It now works well. My wife was sceptic at first, but loves the new me being much more attentive and having plenty of sexdrive. Before this things were not very much so and I didn't even need to beat off more than once every one or two weeks (I'm 50 years). Now I'm ready to serve her whenever she wants it. Among other things we both find me using a strapon delightful. She now wants to try out giving me ruined orgasms. She does not want me to have a full orgasm, and has no plans letting me out for anything other than her playing with me and if things do not work. We are learning as we go, and I'm very happy with my situation, as sexdrive is back to me and I love to please her. I don't miss orgasms much, at least not yet, and I guess I may be happy without them all together.
Author: Guest 2017-01-15 10:52:33    [reply]
OK...I brought up chastity to my wife just over 3months ago.and we just finished our discussion on our progress an how male chastity is affecting our relationship...I'm submissive,very kinky and always wanted to be dominated.we are just turned 50...married for 20...we started with a popular plastic cage that I could only wear for bout a week and chafing got real bad.after two weeks we ordered a stainless steel came by mail in five chafeing and I'm wearing it 24/ loving wife has me up to two weeks now before allowed to have the big "o"...I have been totally honest and told her of my fetishes and interests of FLR me when I say she was not interested in some of my kinky interests,but knew I would tell her because this was part of the chastity journey we both agreed upon when we started.i work.she works at home and does what she wants.i come home after work and on days of I love to pamper her spoil her...because I love her so much.she just told me an our ago in our regular discussion that she likes the changes in me since I've been losses in chastity.she is sexually satisfied.satisfied with my able to give her multiple orgasms, and love the fact that we lay and cuddle after sex and talk and share our feelings afterwards...I enjoy the feelings of purely giving of myself knowing I will not get an orgasm until she decides!for the first time she told me a release date of a month and a half from now! I don't know if I can go that long with out but I know I wanted to longer periods withou release.i have told her of my interests.and she has agreed to keep increasing the times between release to see what happens.this is real and this is how it's working for us.....I do get regular tease and denial.....but always in my so lucky to have far this is working for both of us.....
Author: Guest 2017-02-06 12:38:12    [reply]
I live in chastity for 3 months now its going great. We have sex often and there has been a huge power swing within the home. It only works when you truly love each other and seperate reality from fantasy.
Author: Guest 2017-12-06 11:59:55    [reply]
Very much enjoy the comments here.I only really notice my device when I sit down to pee and need to make sure everything is lined up right.
Author: Motleyfoool 2017-12-18 18:02:51    [reply]


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