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Things that make him hot - Issues in female led relationships - AboutFLR.com

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Things that make him hot - Issues in female led relationships

Discussing Issues in Female Led Relationships

The topic of "Things that make him hot - Issues in female led relationships" is covered from the viewpoint of the Author of this website, what Experts say about "Things that make him hot - Issues in female led relationships" and how our users feel about the subject. You can participate freely. We invite expert opinion via email. We value all kinds of information such as: research, anecdotal information and perspective.

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What our users say

A wiseman once told me that EVERYONE has something worth listening too and when you listen enough you will get smarter. We value the ideas and opinions of our readers on the topic of "Things that make him hot - Issues in female led relationships. "True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information." Winston Churchill (British Orator, Author and Prime Minister during World War II. 1874-1965)

Since we assume you know his kinks, how do you use them to steam him up?
Author: Admin 2010-12-10 18:35:08    [reply]
Admin I have never been in chastity and I have a question about it. In reviewing your web site it appears that the use of a chastity device for a man in an FLR is not an uncommon practice. It also appears that the chastity device is used to prevent him from having any unauthorized releases in order to both keep his sexual interest at a peak and to keep him focused on his wife/partner. My question is this: Men normally associate a high level of sexual excitement and desire with the state of being fully aroused. Since a man in chastity cannot get fully aroused because of the chastity constraint, is he able to feel the same level of excitement and desire during sexual activity as an unconstrained man does?
Reply by: Curiousone32 2011-02-28 18:48:55    [reply]
Curiousone32 The evidence is most FLR's don't use chastity but people are curious. Level 4 FLR seems to the the exception. I have tried it with little success because it is so damn uncomfortable but rumor has it that hundreds (not thousands) of men use it. Why it gets so much press is beyoud me.
Reply by: Prickly Pear 2011-02-28 20:14:30    
Just the thought of me serving a beautiful, strong, intelligent, superior, kind but firm woman makes me both happy, fulfilled, and is a big turn-on. Orgasm denial is one of my favorite turn-ons, especially when repeated denial causes "blue-balls".
Author: Guest 2011-01-25 14:44:03    [reply]
For my money the thing he likes best is my being dominant of him. That has all kinds of images associated with it, him naked, me dresses, him bowing, me standing, me asking him for sex when he won't get any. Devilish? I don't think so, but it really lights him and when he is lit I am too.
Author: GG1964 2011-01-25 17:22:44    [reply]
He really enjoys protocol: standard behavior, postures and positions for our typical situations. He is very pleased on being able to serve me what I need before I know I need to be served. He truly enjoys being a good boy. He also really likes being naked while I'm clothed walking about him inspecting his body or service performed.
Author: Livilicious 2011-01-26 12:19:53    [reply]
First of all tease his mind with sexual words. This will stimulate his genitals immediately and ensure you remain in his mind all day. Surprise him with horny texts/emails, and state how horny you feel without your underwear. Describe a scene where you're under his desk or in the passenger seat of his car rubbing your soft fingers over his cock, then turn it rampant with deep sucks and make him race off to the toilet to masturbate. If he's in the car, hopefully he'll ignore your message as it an offence to use a phone at the wheel in the UK. However, if he's in the office, tease him until he's ready to burst. He'll be desperate to fulfil your pleasure. When he's at your demand, tie him up or straddle him, and set to work on his cock with soft strokes to turn him harder, then run your finger between his balls and ass to make him quake.
Author: Girlwithadirtymind 2011-01-26 12:29:24    [reply]
The hottest thing that ever happened to me was in FLR play - well experimentation. I was naked and tied up with the ropes tight against me and me facing the wall and the floor; gagged and partly blind folded. My hand and arms were behind my back and pulled up very high, my thighs tied together - it was like I was bowing but without the arms outstretched. I could not move. I could never see her but I knew she was there. She hit me very hard 10 or so times with a belt and there was nothing I could do but surrender to it - I was helpless. Of course that was not all that happened and the experience lasted a couple of hours but that moment was one like of those things that happen in our lives to change us for ever. Like an incredible sunset that you never forget, or watching the birth of a child, a life changing experience - sounds corney to compare such things but I really believe that.
Author: Victor 2011-01-26 16:36:12    [reply]
There is an erotic side from my end; to submit to a women who has power over me. It is an erotic thought but not much of a reality. The times it becomes most erotic is when she makes demands on me and requires me to 'obey'. The notion of her using her sexual power or any kind of power over me, by stimulating my eyes and skin with the things I that tantalize me (her body, her words, her actions - all of with intentional tantalize and much of which already tantalized without her trying).
Author: Guest 2011-01-29 06:21:11    [reply]
Just once, and it was a complete surprise to both of us, she back-handed me in the car (she was driving of course). I'd questioned her about money. I don't know if she was really angry or if she was experimenting. Either way, she hugged me, promised never to do it again (I hope she does), said she'd make it up to me and took me to bed. She was gentler than she usually is, and kept telling me how beautiful I was, she was lucky to have me, didn't I know I meant the world to her - all the bullshit things men tell women. The more she flattered me, and the harder I made her work for it, the hotter it became. She brought me to climax twice, and I don't think she came once. I know, this doesn't sound female led, but it was; she hurt my feelings, and she worked hard to win me over with flattery and sex, the way a guy would. I still dream about that moment after the slap.
Author: D_Antoni 2011-02-03 09:09:11    [reply]
D_Antoni Great example of make up sex. She did lead you into bed. It also shows how wonderful women are as leaders.
Reply by: Guest 2011-02-03 12:29:25    [reply]
Boots: big heeled stompy boots that he can bow down and worship, lick, kiss, and adore. The big boots will show him your power as a woman and he will adore you for it.
Author: Liv 2011-02-27 08:01:43    [reply]
First, I don't allow my hubby to touch himself unless I say. I, on the other hand, can touch anytime I please and without any warning. Secondly, I find that periods of denial helps to keep his focus. Denial can be me undressed, teasing and deny orgasms, assignments with an erotic intention etc. I keep him nude. This allows for unplanned and exciting couple time. I supply him with eye candy sightings of me. Direct orders works wonders in getting and keeping his attention. For example, me requiring him to give me oral service during one of his favorite shows.
Author: Regula 2012-03-18 11:50:05    [reply]
There are so many things that can make a guy 'hot'. In my past experience, something simple like giving oral whilst she is relaxed on the sofa watching tv or reading a book or in bed whilst she distracts herself. A very simple, mutually enjoyable act but made all the hotter by knowing it lasts as long as she likes and anything else that happens is only if she wants it to happen. It's just taking something healthy and normal and making it 'hot'
Author: DorianGrey 2016-10-25 05:50:01    [reply]


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