It’s difficult to find a good mix of FLR tenets of how power is exchanged, but also with friendship, companionship and some expectation of casual interaction even when the rules about the power are very strict.

I’ve tried to explain this in text but I’m never quite satisfied with how I can explain it without a long, verbal conversation, and even then some concepts may require more.

For a Lady that wants to share a good life, with fun and travel and also just happen to virtually own her partner, I’d hope she would make contact and we can find a means to talk in real time, either live text or video to see if our views about this, and goals are compatible.

I offer a lot for the right person.

For the record :: No, I will not send anyone I barely know any money for any reason, ever. I’m not looking to be trained, or a pro domme or any such. I will not be convinced that any occasion is special in that regard. Once I know someone and some aspect of trust is established we can talk.