I am an experienced male, healthy, athletic and competent. I have some service oriented experience in a FLR lifestyle, serving a woman, she the head of household.
I have always taken pride in a job well done and in pleasing others.
I have always felt right and very comfortable in a lesser or “beta” role in my personal life. This has fit well with a strong woman who is confident in her ability to lead, or even rule. The FLR dynamic feels right. It feels natural.
Of course, I have been in other kinds of relationship and dating situations. However, the FLR dynamic and its possibilities were always still on my mind. In other situations it always feels like something is missing. My submissive tendency and my appreciation of women who are powerful, and yes even dominant, is hard wired in me.
I am masculine, strong, competent and accomplished. I learn fast, I like new experiences and I think I am a good listener.
I have varied interests. I work hard. I like the outdoors and travel, I like to work around the home and in the garden too.
I hope to meet a strong woman who also has varied interests that match some of my own. We could start with dating or friendship and look at the possibility of forming a female led relationship that brings out the best in each of us.
I don’t believe that all women are superior to all men. However, I find that I am best suited to being with a woman whom I recognize as superior to me. In this way I am a believer in Female Supremacy. She the leader, the Head of Household and I an obedient servant. I am confident and possess many skills and useful attributes. I don’t see myself as lacking power or value. However, I feel more valuable on my knees obeying one woman with a greater power.