I am norwegian living and working as engineering consultant i Copenhagen since many years back. I am 170cm high and normally slim, nonsmoker, handyman, owns my own house with secluded garden – but I am submissive and don’t want to hide that side of me any more, at least at home. I feel at least Level3 is needed if a D/s dynamich is to be irreversibel and real, and I am very open to be brought fairly rapidly into a contractual level 4 FLR in case of mutual attraction and trust. I am well used to housework, divorced many years ago and have given up on vanilla relationships. Can work most places, don’t need to stay in scandinavia. I have bdsm fantasies (of course) but don’t need any hard and kinky, more in need of a loving relationship where I am guided and prodded to become a better me – with a degree of domestic discipline that You fidn natural, to cement Your authority and adapt me to Your Household.
Here is the resulting comment after I completed the text on Page#139,
it is spot on !! :
“A Female-Led Relationship is Perfect For You!
You’ve found the lifestyle for you! You may enjoy a more formal or extreme level of FLR. You would love for a woman to take the reins on the most important elements of your life, making it your job to worship and obey. Your role in the household may be more akin to a traditional wife, and you may desire to be completely sexually subservient.”