Hello I’m Miss Erin Marie,

From the time I was 3 I was constantly questioning adults about their behavior, making football players and state senators do what job I decided when running volunteer coordination on rebuilding together job sites, excelling at the male dominated restaurant industry, and running my very successful FLR’s.

I love to travel and connect with people on a deeper level in person, skipping the mundane for the exhilarating,

I am a goddess put in this earth to help humanity understand love and compassion through a true goddesses eyes and cause abundance to shoot forth from the muse energy I radiate. Trusting my guidance leads to inner peace and you will always be a better person for having followed my guidance and loving path filled with correction and training.

Because I am a Goddess among mortals I do have standards and expectations of dealing with gentlemen. If you adorn your Giddess with what she deserves you will be blessed with the true light only she can possess.

True men will fall at the feet of the Etherial feminine beauty and light I possess as an offering of trust and love. Fall at my feet and I promise the Gods will shine upon you with the pure light of love. My love is pure and powerful, it strengthens with nourishment and care.

Looking forward to meeting the beautiful soul you are.