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More and more women are entering into business and education and their earnings, leadership and power have grown with these changes. This changes the nature of women coupling up with men because there are now more options besides traditional roles. The 50/50 relationship was first proposed while FLR is more of a flip from the traditional male-based relationship.
Author: HonestSoul 2018-05-15 14:46:15   
Traditional gender roles change when the woman becomes the primary wage earner. Men must be open to assuming duties generally fulfilled by women in these newer type relationships.
Author: Sweet 2018-05-09 13:47:11   
Women have gained in business and education dramatically since the 1970s, this means they are getting more and more confidence and independence, power.
Author: MrCybelle 2018-04-27 17:04:03   
Women have gained in business and education dramatically since the 1970`s, how are women changing, how does this effect coupling up?
Author: Max1985 2018-04-26 11:12:26   
Women have more autonomy, and more financial independence, this has allowed women to flourish in society, and it is only appropriate tha this be reflected in relationships.
Author: Wayland 2018-03-13 19:56:53   
They have become leaders, bosses, presidential candidates and presidents in other countries and have now equal pay equal opportunities in the Western world. And it's justified. If their were women leaders around the world there would be peace without wars
Author: Panchafinder5 2017-11-03 18:52:41   
Women are realizing all the ways they are just as good or better than men in the workplace I believe that they have known this it has been men who are slow to recognize how this changes coupling up is that women are far more independent
Author: Igor2learn 2017-10-24 21:32:28   
Women are breaking through glass ceilings in business and education. Women are changing in terms of their self-image as being as tough and resourceful as they need to be to compete for and achieve in the top positions. Coupling up on a Male-Led basis is becoming less common... 50/50 is more the norm.
Author: David Jeeves 2017-09-15 16:20:18   
A woman's power through not only her allure but through her intelligence is more to the fore now. The intimidating nature of this for a submissive man adds to his excitement and her authority. This will make it even more natural for the woman to command and the man to kneel and serve.
Author: Philipt 2017-08-08 08:25:43   
Woman have made massive strides in all forms of careers despite being unjustly restricted at times. This allows them to attain knowledge and experience to achieve what they desire in life and this creates a need to support woman in there life endeavors.
Author: JackStephen 2017-07-01 05:19:02   
The changing role of a Dominate woman is seen throughout the world. The political, home life, workplace and community involvements. The world is a better place with the women making decision with the help of the supportive man. The incredible world we live in would be stagnant and one sided if the women role is not supported by her man. The coupling is still the same, only sometimes the leadership roles of the Dominate woman takes longer to develop. However with the rise of woman superiority in the world stage ,the superiority of women in relationships growing faster in establishment of her as the lead. The culture of understanding and support for woman grows in our society leading to a better role in the success of the coupling.
Author: Flrjer 2017-05-28 08:59:28   
Well some relationships might have the woman as the main breadwinner so that dynamic alone is very different from decades ago. Men are generally more accepting, especially the younger the generation are
Author: DorianGrey 2016-10-24 13:24:57   
Women are working more and don't need men. Now they want them. Since it's ladies choice men should feel honored she is allowing him to come into her life.
Author: Helpme555 2016-09-21 14:07:42   
More women are gaining senior roles in management , education, health and law and with it comes less time for family life free time and relationships. Therefore it is more important than ever that when a women enters into a new relationship her partner understands and accepts where he fits in and how he can help her and ultimately him by improving the quality of the relationship
Author: Perversey 2016-09-16 10:52:02   
Women's advancement in the workplace and the university means they aren't financially independent on men anymore. They are also usually more educated than men too. So, they need a partner who understands this and is not threatened by a successful and intelligent woman. It makes the traditional roles seem less important and opens up new possibilities where women can lead and men can follow.
Author: Ericthebritt 2016-08-21 01:55:29   
Woman are still vastly underpaid in relation to their male counterparts, while very often doing a much better job in the same postion.
Author: Readytoplease 2016-05-14 14:04:41   
Once women were liberated and allowed to compete with men on an even playing field, it was only a matter of time before women began to excel. I think the most interesting aspect of what is taking place is the male reaction to the success of the female gender. At first, men fought it. They tried to convince society that women in the workplace was morally wrong and that it signaled a decline in western civilization. Men said that women could not function outside the home and that society and business would greatly suffer. Now that enough time has passed, men see that not only can women function in the higher institutes of learning and the workplace but they are in fact out performing men.This has caused a different reaction within the male gender. Men are finding that they are desiring to be in submission to women. Deep inside, a lot of men use to fantasize about being in submission to women in the bedroom but now those desires are evolving so men want to be dominated in every area of their lives by women. Men are desiring not only sexual domination but also social domination. Women are becoming more confident and assure of themselves in not only the classroom but also in social settings. Women are becoming the decision makers within relationships and men are more easily falling into the submissive role. Not all men, as there are still the macho males who hold to their father's traditions when it comes to the roles of the sexes. But more men with each generation are becoming more comfortable and at peace with being the submissive partner in a relationship with a woman. As women continue to excel in colleges and universities, it is just a matter of time that they will gain the power in the business world and the political world. As this happens, the societal change will rapidly increase because of the natural submissive desire within men. When they see women as leaders and their bosses in the workplace, the desire to submit will become stronger. This will make it easier for the wife to run the marriage, as the man will be use to submitting to a woman in all areas of his life. The ramifications of this will only re-enforce and increase the rise of women to power. Young girls will grow up seeing mommy as the main bread-winner and the dominant partner. This will tear down past stereotypes and instill in girls an expectation to succeed and excel in school. That will cause the cycle to continue and to grow with each passing generation.
Author: Sandy_2 2015-12-22 00:36:36   
i think it is fabulous and LONG over due, it is a natural taking back and progression . i think this is a re setting of the natural order of life = Hilary 2016
Author: Steven4FLR 2015-11-02 10:56:35   
Their role has evolved, however, and certainly most unfortunately, the Leaders of Business World are men who have high degree of prejudice for women's promotion, therefore, it is still a limited society only because the men of the Business World still fiercely oppose women to be the ultimate BOSS.
Author: Mario4Level3 2015-06-25 17:56:45   
Women don't have to take on power roles, but in today's society, they can choose to or choose not to.
Author: Holdmenow 2015-04-12 18:24:14   


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