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How to you broach the topic of FLR dark with her? because you likely have an FLR fantasy, how will you open that subject with your mate?
Author: Max1985 2018-04-26 11:22:04   
Open up discussions from her point of view. Actually serve her, listen to her, consider her, pamper her showing how life would be with you as her supporting partner. Do not talk a lot --- give her reading materials and URLs for websites and demonstrate the benefits to the FLR lifestyle.
Author: Simmer51 2018-01-04 00:02:00   
Honest communication I’ve read that most higher level flr s have a fair amount of kink in them but I must concentrate on the work at hand to progress the relationship to a point where my mate seeks to please me because she has seen my desire is to please her first and foremost and as a result an environment where intamacy is possible can exist
Author: Igor2learn 2017-10-25 19:58:33   
We have open communication with each other and do not hide anything. No secrets has been a way we live. I approached her simply by telling her ans asking that we try.
Author: LittleMiss-Hubby 2017-10-19 08:16:38   
I seriously doubt that she would be interested in male fantasy. In the extremely unlikely case that she might be curious about his fantasies, she would decide on the time and manner of asking. If he actually gives her the full details, he should not be surprised if there is something he says that is creepy to her. The less said about male fantasies the better. Q. "Do you sometimes have fantasies of being dominated?" A. "Indeed, Ma'am. How may I be of service at this time?"
Author: David Jeeves 2017-10-10 20:22:53   
Honestly I would wait for her to ask or suggest something but I'm not to worried about that. I don't really feel comfortable talking about that sort of thing online, but I will say that it all goes back to communication.
Author: JackStephen 2017-07-01 06:12:19   
My FLR fantasy is in my mind. If I try to manipulate her to gain ground on my fantasy, she sees right through my intentions. We take a step backwards in the FLR. Because I have lied and broken my faith and trust in her. She now sees me as controlling and manipulative. So to stay true to total devotion to her , I must be silent on my fantasy and let her lead and her fantasy unfold. Allowing this to happen is far better than my limited fantasy. I have already stated to her my desire. Now I must have total trust , confidences and faith that her ideals and dreams out perform mine.
Author: Flrjer 2017-06-01 11:44:31   
I think I've learned to just be open from the start so actually, if the opportunity arises where it feels comfortable to open up on fantasies then do so
Author: DorianGrey 2016-10-24 13:35:59   
I showed her by facts the benefits of my submissive role, and talked with her about the ways it can work for us.
Author: Gammagamma64 2016-09-06 05:14:06   
After her confidence has reached a certain point i believe she will desire a different role in the bedroom my only kink i guess would be gender role reversal on a permanent level not just sexual but in title as well like referring me as her wife
Author: Lelandswede333 2016-03-29 05:46:17   
I wish I knew the concrete answer. I plan to show her with small actions and see if she notices a trend. Right now I don't think there is anyway I can bring this to her directly..but a part of me thinks she may approve of all of this..until then I will live in suspsnse.
Author: Want2b#2 2016-01-18 10:09:39   
I will sit and discuss with her . I ma not directly put across m fantasy before her . Since I am submissive , I will start by doing small small things for her like fetching her a cup of coffee , preparing food and taking responsibility of the household chores . I will do this step by step and slowly will create curiosity to explore this lifestyle in my partner .
Author: Sandy_2 2015-12-11 11:31:59   
I have already done so as it was through therapy (individual and as a couple that we are still attending) we discovered why I have had a lack of interest in sex (sexual anorexia) for the last 20 years of our marriage. My past sexual experiences were "not the norm", I am a submissive and my desires conflicted with my conservative upbringing and desires for what I was taught was a normal marriage. To resolve the conflict and shame I repressed my desires and subordinated myself to my military career, much too successfully as it turned out.
Author: Baloo.1957 2015-07-19 11:45:27   
Baloo.1957 It almost sounds as if I wrote that, right down to to include the military part. How is the FLR relationship working for u? Right now, I truly want it after analyzing myself and believe it might be the only thing to save my marriage.
Reply by: Want2b#2 2016-01-18 10:11:13   
I would let her open this conversation, it is not something that should be pushed.
Author: Mario4Level3 2015-06-25 18:59:05   
It's a non-issue; every woman I've ever been with knows full-well that I honor and respect all women, particularly her! Partly due to my participation in MAG, and (more fundamentally) just because of my sense of right and wrong, and my sensitivity to women being used and abused... 'FLR Dark' hasn't entered my life for at least a decade, and it will not. End of discussion.
Author: Mr.Bill 2015-04-28 18:05:46   
Just talk about it. Most woman if asked correctly would love this type of life style. Woman are the natural in charge of house hold persons.
Author: 1goodguy2u 2015-02-22 02:23:50   
It is best to let her know that it is something you have been thinking about and then let her read about it. She needs to absorb this and process it at her own speed. This is about her leading so let her lead this decision by giving her time to feel in control of it.
Author: Davesma 2014-08-18 22:38:03   
i would sit her down and talk to her . Im not gonna force her . but like everything else Im gonna tell her that I have been thinking about it and I want her to know what I think about and what goes in my head cause I love sharing stuff with other people in general .
Author: Michaelwarlock 2014-07-28 07:16:33   
Michaelwarlock you might want to test the waters first, especially if you have nor discussed FLR with her yet. Sometimes there is just to much information to fast.
Reply by: SusanM88 2014-08-04 11:10:44   
SusanM88 I agree, some ladies just go out of their mind when the topic comes up, as if it is the most unheard thing that they have heard.
Reply by: Mario4Level3 2015-06-25 20:11:41    
I have told her that looking at porn is bad and that i have sworn that off. I have told her that the only woman I want to focus on is her, and that is the healthy and honorable thing. I have told her and put into practice that my only sexual gratification should be with and come form, and be under her direct permission and supervision. I have told her that the sterio types of femdom and kink are really just forms of propaganda to keep women out of leadership roles and to keep men in power over women.
Author: Wannapleaser 2014-06-01 12:10:30   
After applying the rules and being of service to her for a period, at least a month where she watches some serious changes I will take her in a quiet place and bring up the subject that I have been thinking about or I have read it or googled it and it seems that it works for me, and I believe that it can be helpful for our relationship. I assure that I love her and I think that it can be very helpful for the relationship and I hand over to her the manual so she can read it.
Author: Dionn_4FD 2014-01-22 18:32:43   


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