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The 5 food groups are finances, free time, life direction, household chores and sex. They're important because they're issues present in all relationships. Conflict resolution is aided when the 5 food groups have been properly delegated. Harmony is gained when you know what's expected and where the control lies.
Author: HonestSoul 2018-05-14 23:04:31   
When things are talked over and duties delineated conflict is greatly reduced. harmony is the expression of a relationship wherein duties and roles are clearly defined. It is much easier to move forward into success when conflict is reduced due to constant and clear communication.
Author: Sweet 2018-05-02 14:21:20   
M. Lyman Hill decided on the 5 food groups. Because they are at the heart of why couples fight, discuss conflict resolution and harmony gained by taking things over.
Author: MrCybelle 2018-04-27 16:52:15   
M. Lyman Hill decided on the 5 food groups because they are at the heart of why couples fight, discuss conflict resolution and the harmony gained by talking things over.
Author: Max1985 2018-04-26 11:10:50   
I kind of touched on this above the groups are finances and free time which are referred to as the big 2 and the others are life direction household chores and sex the are very important because it is the framework of all flr relationships
Author: Igor2learn 2017-10-24 20:58:04   
The 5 Food Groups are Life Direction, Finances, Free Time, Sex and Household Chores. Decisions need to be made in each area. The responsibility can be clearly defined, so any conflict is readily resolved by discussing (possibly renegotiating) goals, roles and procedures, rather than interminable bickering and blaming. When the 5 Food Groups are "settled", there can be harmony.
Author: David Jeeves 2017-09-15 15:36:23   
The man must understand why he wishes to please the lady, she must be clear in her own mind the benefits of keeping a servant. The 5 food groups help compartmentalise the areas of the relationship both parties need to think through
Author: Philipt 2017-08-08 08:17:38   
Life direction, Finances, Sex, free time, and household chores. They are the basis of why couples fight and having good communication about them as discussed earlier is how to avoid issues in a relationship. Set up the dynamic early.
Author: JackStephen 2017-07-01 05:00:29   
The 5 food groups really have made our life's focus much gratifying for her and me. We are gaining so much more quality time . Seems we have rediscovered a new love. I really enjoy having her to serve to pamper and to appreciate. The food groups have opened up so much good to reach our life direction. We are talking now about things of importance to her and the ability to converse with her is amazing. The subjects which were not discussed are being brought up and new ideas are arising for her. For me I just support her in her needs.
Author: Flrjer 2017-05-12 20:18:22   
Finances/Free Time/Sex/Life Direction/Household Chores. Importance is due to coverage of high priority areas that require communication, trust, and decision making that impacts ones relationship.
Author: Jeffrey_3 2017-03-06 21:26:09   
The five food groups are Life direction, free time, household chores, sex, finances. In an ideal world (for me at least) - decision making in all five of these five groups would lie solely with my partner.
Author: Butler1975 2017-01-03 09:54:28   
Finances, Free Time, Household Chores, Life Direction, Sex - very important areas that need weighed up with practicality vs desire etc
Author: DorianGrey 2016-10-24 13:14:50   
free time, finances, sex, household and personal life. Once he give in to her dominance then these issues resolve themselves because her wishes and desires are based on how she wants the 5 things conducted.
Author: Helpme555 2016-09-21 14:54:45   
Finance, Free Time, Chores,Life Direction and Sex. Basically they are a means to help couple communicate and identify a way forward mutually agreed in all five categories. The emphasis is they can be reviewed at any time and the purpose is to make the RELATIONSHIP WORK.
Author: Perversey 2016-09-16 05:34:16   
The five groups are finances, household chores, free time, life direction, and sex. They are important because they are large parts of our lives. By addressing each one and thinking about it in terms of a FLR we better understand how to connect our whole relationship to FLR principles.
Author: Ericthebritt 2016-08-21 01:02:59   
I think it starts with Household Chores, that is what I was first trained in as it really defines your subservient role. Free time is next as it just goes as a result because there are always chores. Sex is the next to go under control when she takes over that and it becomes a task too. Not that, as a task it is not pleasurable, but it becomes a task, a skill, that you are trained in how to please her. In my case, household chores morphed into boudiour duties (manicures, massage, hairdressing etc) into pleasuring her in other ways. Finances followed then as she takes control of that. Straightforward in my case as I have no income, I am hers, and have no property any more. Life Direction hardly seems to figure as my the time the others have kicked in, my life direction is pretty much determined to her will.
Author: Keith17 2016-03-20 02:45:58   
I do not know the 5 food groups because I have not gotten my book yet. I do know that My wife i were very happy in a female lead marriage that developed over the years. She died after 44 years of marriage and I do not know what to do.Ouir relationship grew to the point that I did not have an orgasium with out per permission.If I did,she punished me. She had the right to punish me any time and any way that she wanted to. I loved this lifestyle and she did to.
Author: Jeffery 2016-03-04 20:33:02   
She will control the five food groups these are Finances, Free time, sex, household chores, and life direction. These are wise cause problems in couples.
Author: David4 2016-01-17 11:20:15   
The 5 food groups are Finances , Free time , Sex , House hold chores and Life direction . These are very important in the context of maintaining successful relationships . Quite often couples fight because the roles and duties are not clearly defines . In FLR , with the help of these 5 food groups the roles and who is in charge is properly defined depending on the levels .
Author: Sandy_2 2015-12-22 00:20:33   
The five food groups are: finances,free-time, household chores, life direction, and sex. These are the correctly identified key elements of a relationship and the areas typically that cause the most conflict. When couples have agreements over the terms of each of these key elements, with the woman providing the majority of the direction, there is the possibility of growth and balance in the relationship.
Author: Kent_meridian 2015-11-25 13:22:31   


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