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Listen closely and carefully when she is speaking to you. Keep a notebook: take notes either as she is speaking to you (if she permits), or immediately afterwards to ensure you don't forget important instructions. Take note when you notice that an aspect of your behaviour pleased or displeased her. Review your notes regularly - Try to learn what pleases her without having to be told. Do your chores exactly how she likes them done, BEFORE you are told to do them. Prepare her favourite food or beverage without being asked, and when serving it to her, strictly follow any service protocol she taught you in the past.
Author: Kneelingbe4Her 2018-10-26 19:11:02   
First of all total honesty in word and act. Let her feel her control by showing you mean it. Do things that eases the daily life, please her, by give her enjoyment. If She tell you to do something, do it for her without complaining, even if you do not like it. Remember you love her, and show it.
Author: Joedee 2018-09-14 16:37:19   
One of the best ways is with 1) finances - money. Give all the financial power over to Her. Set up an automatic deposit of Your pay into a bank account only She has access to. Sigh over all assets, property, vehicles, etc... to Her in only Her name. Surrender You credit cards over to Her possession. Be put on an allowance even if it means no money for You to shop or buy 'stuff' only You like. Go buy a high quality locking chastity device and give Her the key. Set up a timeline of personal responsibility such as being home after work by a certain time, performing certain daily duties, chores, tasks, to perfection. I could go on and on but that is a good start.
Author: Steven_Evans 2018-09-12 05:02:54   
Ask her what she wants and just start doing. See how she receives your attention frees.
Author: SeekingFLR17 2018-08-26 18:12:37   
What steps can you take to show you are serious and ready? Women overwhelmingly say they want men to prove their desire to serve, how will you prove it?
Author: Max1985 2018-04-26 11:21:32   
Well the old expression walk the walk comes to mind. Show her in your actions how you would behave in the relationship and prepare yourself well with the homework. You can prove this by deferring to her, seeking her opinion, having good grooming, treating her as if she were special, massages etc, compliment her, seek her advice and opinions. Just elevate her to a special position without really talking about it.
Author: Simmer51 2018-01-03 23:46:48   
The surrender of the 5 food groups should be clear cut proof of my desire to serve her my hope is that doing this will help her to grow in her leadership ability and my servitude can help her and a result us soar to new heights
Author: Igor2learn 2017-10-25 19:26:37   
A man might show his readiness for FLR by showing support for her leadership in a variety of ways. The handbook suggests that FLR violates social norms. Truly. So there man needs to do things to increase her comfort level and confidence. He can practice voluntarily giving control to her of Money or sex for instance. Let her take the stick of the aircraft and enjoy control.
Author: David Jeeves 2017-10-09 19:36:17   
Share something personal about yourself respectfully. Not instantly but if you feel a strong connection share something personal to demonstrate your desire for a relationship.
Author: JackStephen 2017-07-01 06:03:01   
Proving the inner need to serve her is so exciting for me. Whether its getting her coffee, back rubs, just listening to her I enjoy every minute. Shopping or just watching a movie it is exhilarating for me to be close to her. I find best way to prove my devotion is by not talking ,just listen try my best to create a awesome environment in what ever setting we are in. Look out for any need or wants she has and fulfill if possible. I serve her well in all food groups. The sex food group is difficult because she will not allow me to act out my desires. so I just follow her commands I take what I get. This I wish she would expand on to try and understand my inner desires. But I prove my devotion by putting her first always .
Author: Flrjer 2017-06-01 05:50:06   
Give benefits to a woman without expecting or asking anything in return. Be patient, prove that it is her and not another one. Prove that she is your priority, above everyhting else
Author: Mattcannes 2016-12-25 16:08:03   
Well, this is a serious question. You have to do a lot of work, hopefully never falling or giving up. To do this You have to be strongly motivated. Chastity can help You to find motivation, even if she doesn't control this issue. In the past i falled cause of my kinks inducing masturbation and loss of motivation, now I'm tryng correcting this mistake, and it seems working good
Author: Gammagamma64 2016-09-06 04:49:57   
Gradual displays if thoughtfulness that she would have never expected and not verbally boasting about all your good deeds all the time she will recognise the faster than you can say it anyway
Author: Lelandswede333 2016-03-29 05:24:39   
I will taken on all of the domestic duties because that will free my partner to take on more important responsibilities. I will never watch porn or masturbate to it . If she wishes that I stay away from my friends and closed ones , I will do so . I will check with my partner if I could take her last name after marriage . I believe that taking our Wife’s name can be a good way for a man to shed undeserved privilege and demonstrate to the whole world his commitment, devotion, and subservience. I would focus my energy and attention on her all of the time. I would treat her like a Queen, would pamper her, give her foot and body massages . I would try to make the evening Hers. Will never complain if she comes home late or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without me. Instead, I will try to understand her world of strain and pressure and her very real need to be at home and relax. I believe my goal should be to try and make sure our home is a place of peace, order and tranquility where my partner can renew herself in body and spirit.I will greet Her with complaints and problems. I will never complain if she's late home for dinner or even if she stays out all night. I will count this as minor compared to what she might have gone through that day. I will try my best to make Her comfortable , have her lean back in a comfortable chair or have her lie down in the bedroom. Also I will try to havea cool or warm drink ready for Her ,arrange her pillows and offer to take off her shoes. I will alwas speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice. I will never ask her questions about her actions or question her judgement or integrity. I will just try to be there for her .
Author: Sandy_2 2015-12-11 11:06:27   
I have already surrendered the 5 Food Groups to my wife and I have asked her to temper my bad habits; consistently taking independent action and unwillingness to be open to new ideas, options, approaches (My way or the Highway). I ma taking MAG training and continue to research; regularly discussing what I find with my partner. My wife chose my time of retirement and chose our new home in a new location more closely aligned with her needs post military (access to crafts and close to our daughter's workplace so we can provide care to our new grandson).
Author: Baloo.1957 2015-07-19 11:35:17   
To become selfless and listen to her needs, not yours.
Author: Mario4Level3 2015-06-25 16:53:28   
The best way is just to start by serving without being asked. Take care of the things that the woman dislikes doing first
Author: Incognito 2015-06-19 11:22:09   
Taking these course and getting this rating. Being me, I am very courteous and kind to people. Showing how I can serve the woman I love.
Author: 1goodguy2u 2015-02-22 02:16:47   
1goodguy2u That is a good idea, always be learning.
Reply by: SusanM88 2015-03-06 22:20:35   
By listening to her and following her advice. If she wants something, i will be here to serve. Good communication is the key
Author: Eric_vi 2014-09-04 11:16:20   
he is telling you he wants to give control to you and serve you . so maybe by giving them a chance . they might prove it . but of course you gotta be able to trust the guy /
Author: Michaelwarlock 2014-07-28 07:08:41   
Michaelwarlock copying an answer does not really answer a question
Reply by: SusanM88 2014-08-04 11:14:32   
SusanM88 Glad to see Ladies read all answers and can pinpoint duplicates.
Reply by: Mario4Level3 2015-06-25 19:47:52    


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