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Polls for Men who are currently in training or want to begin a course of training

This poll is for men in relationships, please don't answer if 1) you are not a man and 2) you are interested in training from your mate in your relationship with a "woman". It is critical we all get the right information about this important subject. Men training on their own, please do not participate. Be honest, be real, learn to serve others by being open.


we are using training in our FLR? my mate wants to train me?
yes just starting experimenting playing want to tried and failed disaster yes in play no


our goal role for me is? does she use rewards for success? does she use punishment for failure?
co-leader mate supportive mate servant mate slave/subject yes no yes no


We are using a chastity device? We are using restraints? We are using a training agreement?
yes no yes no yes no


I want a loving relationship? I want to inspire her leadership? I want to learn to be supportive?
yes if she wants no yes if she wants no yes if she wants no


On This website

These questions are about your habits on this website and learning.


How many articles have you read? I participated in on-line training? I read "The woman's guide to training?"
none 1-5 6-10 11+ yes no yes no


How many forum entries have you posted? I am in the reputation score program? I have read "the 5 food groups" book?
none 1-5 6-10 11+ yes no yes no
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