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Gender Male
Username Jerome_2
Reputation Points Score 82 [what is this]
Occupation Creative Director
Location Brighton, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Interests & hobbies Trail running, art, indie cinema, BBQ, discovering new music
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Dating Information
Are you looking for a new relationship ? Yes
General Information
tell people what you want them to know about you I hope that others would agree that I´m a fun, kind, creative person who tries to put others before himself. I´m interested in healthy living, ultra-running, art, indie cinema, spanking, geo-politics and behavioural economics.
describe what you do for fun/hobbies I tend to run quite long distances for fun! :) I guess I´m an ultra-marathon runner. I absolutely love getting out on the trails and connecting with nature (and disconnecting from digital devices!). I´m also interested in world cinema (my father is French, and we grew up watching crazy amazing films). I love art. In a world that always seeks to be defined and pigeon-holed, art is amazing because it can defy convention and rational thought, and free your mind from how you´re currently made to perceive things. It´s a powerful medium. I also love indie games, and the cross-over between interactive media and art. I´m also very interested in behavioural economics.
describe your formal education University-educated in Economics
describe what you do to relax I´m lucky to have a nice home where I can unwind. I love to put on a fire and listen to music. I also go running to relax. I find it empties the mind of all clutter.

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describe what you do to stay healthy and fit Running, squash, kettle bell / srength-training, football.
describe what you do to earn money/career I´m a creative director and co-founder of a 16-person creative agency.
describe the last 3 books you read Currently reading Jared Diamond's new book called The World Until Yesterday, about how traditional societies used to live, and how the various aspects contrast with modern societies. Moreover, he tries to pull out attributes that may have been lost in modern societies that might actually be beneficial for us to adopt. I'm also reading The Art of Running Faster. It's a book teaching you how to run faster! I just finished a book called Spanking The Male Mind, as I'm interested in the psychology of spanking.
describe the last 3 movies you saw The last film I saw was an abstract sci-fi called The Congress, in which an ageing actress is offered the 'opportunity' to have her body and all facial expressions scanned by a computer and used as a means of preserving her filmic state for eternity, so that she can be sold as a brand. Eventually, the film shifts to a world in which others can become this person by drinking a vile of liquid, and the understanding of the true boundaries of the individual are lost. It was a wonderful film about escapism, regret, commoditisation of the individual, and society's unhealthy fascination with stardom, at the expense of its own happiness.
describe the last time you had dinner with friends Some friends came over from Luxembourg and we went to a nice vegetarian restaurant called Terre a Terre. It was a lovely evening :)
describe the last 3 places you traveled to/visited I travelled to Devon a few weeks ago to compete in a 60k trail ultra race. It was incredible. The views from the cliff edge were awesome. In July, I went to the Sierra Nevada mountains, to live in a treehouse for a week. Crazy I know, but I´d just broken up with my long-term partner and I just needed to get away from everything. In June, I was in San Francisco and New York. I love SF. It feels like a second home to me. NY was great too, but I feel I´ve only scratched its surface.
describe where you live In terms of city, I live in Brighton, a bubbling melting pot of culture and curious characters. It´s a great place to spend time. In terms of where I live within Brighton, I´m lucky to have recently bought a nice ground floor flat of a period building. It´s got lovely high ceilings, fireplaces and a lovely big garden. I´m really lucky to have found it, and I´m currently learning how to look after and improve it.
About FLR
How long have you been thinking about FLR ? 1-4 years
What level of FLR interests you most ? level 3
describe the perfect FLR kind of man I guess the perfect FLR kind of man is one who listens, and is determined to improve following the love and care from his partner. I feel that he should genuinely want to address areas of his life that are lacking, and call upon the guidance of his loving partner to help him work through these things. I think he should put his partner´s needs before his own, as satisfying these will make him happy too. He should be respectful, empathic and work hard to gain his partner´s trust.
describe why you want an FLR My work life is incredibly unstructured and chaotic, as I run a creative company. Whilst I love my job, it drives a desire for a much more structured, disciplined life at home where there are expectations, rules and real consequences. I want to find someone who can guide me, who can tell me what´s expected of me, and allow me to put them first and help fulfil their dreams. I´m really interested in domestic discipline as a way of enforcing these rules, namely spanking. Fundamentally, I have a life that´s free of boundaries, and to some extent, that´s exciting, but on the other, it lacks definition and focus, which could be detrimental to achieving shared dreams.
I have experienced FLR in a previous relationship? No
if you had been in a previous FLR
describe why your relationship ended
Sexual orientation ? heterosexual
Body type ? Buff
Height ? Average
Describe your body hair ? Groomed
Hair color ? Brown
My relationship status ? Looking
My age is ? 30s
Do you have an STD ? No
Readiness to communicate
I input a digital camera ? Yes
I have a highspeed internet connection ? Yes
I have internet video camera ? Yes
I am online ? all the time
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