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Gender Male
Username Trody82
Reputation Points Score 106 [what is this]
Location United States of America
Interests & hobbies cooking, wine, reading, film, surfing, jogging/hiking, fishing, love water and the outdoors
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Dating Information
Are you looking for a new relationship ? Yes
General Information
tell people what you want them to know about you I am a kind-hearted, affectionate and devoted person; honest and sincere. I'm educated, creative, confident, intelligent and rational. I have much more to offer than just subservience, and hope to find someone who can respect and admire me for my strengths, a true friend and partner who can take ownership over many aspects of my life but still respect and love me as a man. I believe I have a lot yet to offer
describe what you do for fun/hobbies I enjoy cooking, watching movies, listening to music, the usual stuff. I paint (a little) and would like to spend more time painting. I love the water and active water-based activities, especially surfing and snorkeling.
describe your formal education
describe what you do to relax

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describe what you do to stay healthy and fit
describe what you do to earn money/career
describe the last 3 books you read When The Killing's Done, by T.C. Boyle The Economics of Food, Patrick Westhoff First As Tragedy, Then As Farce, Slavoj Zizek
describe the last 3 movies you saw We Steal Secrets . . . a documentary about Julien Assange and Wikileaks Blackfish . . . . documentary about the exploitation of killer whales Last movie I saw in theaters was Don Jon, but please let me qualify that: NOT my firs choice. I'd like to say Twelve Years a Slave or American Hustle, but I haven't been out to the theaters in awhile and the last time I went it was on a date. It was the only thing "decent" playing at the time.
describe the last time you had dinner with friends
describe the last 3 places you traveled to/visited
describe where you live
About FLR
How long have you been thinking about FLR ? 1-4 years
What level of FLR interests you most ? level 3
describe the perfect FLR kind of man
describe why you want an FLR
I have experienced FLR in a previous relationship? Yes
if you had been in a previous FLR
describe why your relationship ended
Sexual orientation ? heterosexual
Body type ? Slim
Height ? Tall
Describe your body hair ? Moderate
Hair color ? Brown
My relationship status ? Looking
My age is ? 30s
Do you have an STD ? No
Readiness to communicate
I input a digital camera ? Yes
I have a highspeed internet connection ? Yes
I have internet video camera ? Yes
I am online ? all the time
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