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Gender Male
Username francis121
Reputation Points Score 126 [what is this]
Occupation Warehouse manager
Location United States of America
Interests & hobbies Sporting events, gardening, politics, astronomy, science stuff if I don have to do the math, exploring new cultures and new areas.
Extended Profile
Dating Information
Are you looking for a new relationship ? Yes
General Information
tell people what you want them to know about you Gee. I am a really nice guy. Been a single father and I hope the kids leave the nest soon! I am honest and loyal. I have never cheated and you are toast if you cheat on me.
describe what you do for fun/hobbies
describe your formal education BA
describe what you do to relax

Groups I'm In

describe what you do to stay healthy and fit The job keeps me active physically and then there are always chores at home.
describe what you do to earn money/career I manage a branch of a larger company.
describe the last 3 books you read
describe the last 3 movies you saw
describe the last time you had dinner with friends BBQ in mid June.
describe the last 3 places you traveled to/visited Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, Nirvana
describe where you live Sw Idaho.
About FLR
How long have you been thinking about FLR ? more than 8 years
What level of FLR interests you most ? level 3
describe the perfect FLR kind of man That is not for me to decide. I am not a doormat. I would think it would be as a masculine, successful, confident male who is very comfortable on his knees, living with a Goddess. One must adapt to his Superior.
describe why you want an FLR I have never been a leader. Structure, control, rules, submission and loyalty is all I need. It would be very nice to be loved as I only expect the level of respect a submissive/slave deserves. I expect to work away from home and be the vanilla/masculine guy and be her ┬┤property┬┤ at all times. I would hope chastity would not be needed as it is uncomfortable.. lol.
I have experienced FLR in a previous relationship? Yes
if you had been in a previous FLR
describe why your relationship ended
My spouse passed away after a long illness. It was perfect. Since I have found it very difficult to connect with Superior lady. This was a Female Led Marriage. I have walked the walk.
Sexual orientation ? heterosexual
Body type ? Average
Height ? Average
Describe your body hair ? Moderate
Hair color ? Lt Brown
My relationship status ? Looking
My age is ? 50s
Do you have an STD ? No
Readiness to communicate
I input a digital camera ? Yes
I have a highspeed internet connection ? Yes
I have internet video camera ? No
I am online ? 1-4 times a week
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