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Gender Male
Username Complete2ServeFLRNC
Reputation Points Score 86 [what is this]
Location United States of America
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Are you looking for a new relationship ? Yes
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About FLR
How long have you been thinking about FLR ? 1-4 years
What level of FLR interests you most ? level 3
describe the perfect FLR kind of man He must be open to learning and growing in FLR ways, taking guidance and training from his woman. Must be anxious to please his lady, strong in character and humbly accept his role in servitude.
describe why you want an FLR I know that FLR completes me. It is my innate nature and something I came to accept a few years ago. I am at my best in all aspects of my life when I am denied my own pleasure, forced to wait, while surrendering control and providing service and pleasure with/for the woman I adore. I think I'm a level 3-plus, maybe even a 4. Have yet to experience that.
I have experienced FLR in a previous relationship? Yes
if you had been in a previous FLR
describe why your relationship ended
Ended when she needed to move back to her home (in Europe) for family reasons.
Sexual orientation ? heterosexual
Body type ? Fit
Height ? Average
Describe your body hair ? Groomed
Hair color ? Brown
My relationship status ? Looking
My age is ? 50s
Do you have an STD ? No
Readiness to communicate
I input a digital camera ? Yes
I have a highspeed internet connection ? Yes
I have internet video camera ? Yes
I am online ? daily
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