Being naked when she is dresses is? - What men say about female led relationships

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Being naked when she is dresses is? - What men say about female led relationships

Discussing Questions about Female Led Relationships

The question "Being naked when she is dresses is? - What men say about female led relationships" comes from one of our user polls. The current poll tallies are posted below. We post the polls to discover real world answers to complex and intriguing questions about female led relationships. The reader should note that questions are often cast in combination (groups of questions) to create greater clarity. To see the entire poll click here

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Most men will rank this high on their list because "being naked when she is dresses is" is an outward sign of her control, dominance and power. It is part of the fantasy
Author: Admin 2011-01-06 19:49:40

What our users say

One of the tecniques I used to get him in panties,,I also rode on the back of our Harley if he wore panties to the biker bar,under his tight jeans,I prefer him on the back.I love motorcycles one of his last resistence he likes to be the one in the front seat,if we go to a masculine bar..
Author: Ladyjolynn 2011-11-16 21:00:49
What Rb74110 said is SO true. This is very exciting for almost all men, ME included. Being naked while she is clothed and on top of that, I'm doing housework while she is watching TV or reading a book....this really puts me in a submissive posture to keep the "little soldier" standing at attention.
Author: Jellybean 2011-11-28 20:40:41
Author: Django08 2012-01-13 02:54:50
Although my wife isn't totally into a female led relationship, we both get very aroused by me being naked while she is fully dressed. We use it as foreplay and I am hoping that it is a sign of things to come in our relationship.
Author: Rick 2012-01-14 03:25:38
As a man, I like this. I guess it let's me know she is a lttle bit smarter and better.
Author: BIll8555 2012-05-01 20:13:50
I think being naked while your mate is clothed is very important in maintaining a healthy respect for the leader in your relationship. This is especially true when you sign your training agreement, and doubly so if your mate is requiring witnesses for the contract.
Author: Dashro23 2013-12-01 09:45:29
It is very important to be naked before her. It shows her authority and power and also allows her to see if there is some erotic response to their commands, expliciting her power to him.
Author: Idario_SZ 2013-12-03 12:17:56
Clothing can often be used as a sign of status and power - e.g. power dressing for work. Without clothes there is a vulnerability especially in the presence of someone fully clothed. It is important for the man to have no clothing while his partner is getting dressed and indeed to help the partner to get dressed. Only clothing oneself when getting permission to do so.
Author: Magnus 2014-10-27 12:58:04
Clothed women easily dominate and humiliate naked males, one of the many ways the stronger sex has of controlling weaker males. Naked males obeying strong dominant matriarchs brings a good relationship to its natural state of FLR. The more often the male is nude, obediently passive, meekly obeying his domina, the better off they both are. A naked male submissive is a good way to arrange a marriage/relationship, a clear sign that "SHE wears the pants in the house." FLR is better for everyone, especially for the dominant women. The sooner he is naked and submissive to her will, the sooner both are happy and contented with the woman in charge!!! - edited by staff [reason: this is rhetoric - I idea is sound but this site is not about men telling women what to do]
Author: Guest 2014-12-01 03:04:57
this is more then submitting to one or one taking Power. It is a sign of open honest communication between each other by keeping an open mind and willingness to learn and try new things for each other, that instills that trust in one another.
Author: NDakDave49 2015-01-28 00:46:02
Being naked while she remains clothed is both humbling and liberating. It's a vulnerable state that symbolizes a mutual respect. I find it defining, if mostly symbolic, and makes an eloquent statement about the status of both parties in the arrangement.
Author: Guest 2016-04-21 17:27:01
Interesting how 98% of men like this. Enjoying being taken away all your clothes by her and living your life stark naked and defenseless with her while she remains dressed is a proof of your ultimate craving for your complete submission and obedience to her. As you are in a state of total defeat you will, in your unconditional surrender, forfeit all your rights and your personal freedom. Of course you will also transfer to her all your belongings (houses, shares, bankaccount, etc) so that you don`t own anything anymore and become totally dependent of her and live in a state of utter nudity. She will own everything and you nothing and in this way deliver you from any thinking about yourself or any other selfish behaviour you might have. Having no longer any personal freedom you will be completely owned by her and be her property and this will be such a divine experience you won`t be able to resist but to give her your uttermost love. As she now completely possesses and dominates you she can give free reign to her deeper feminine desires of using you at her pleasure, enjoy to see how profoundly happy you are being her slave, and make you sacrificing yourself so that she feels adored like a goddess and in this relation achieve intense happiness with you. - edited by staff [reason: none of the founders of the site would agree with this statement. Live freely and responsibly in the way that best suits you and your mate. Men tend towards extremes.]
Author: HappyMan 2016-08-10 12:54:41
Being naked feels exciting. I feel objectified and since she's dressed I definitely feel we're in an unequal relationship, she's in charge. It started when my girlfriend once came from work earlier and caught me exercising wearing only my shorts. She told me to take them off and from that day on I only put clothes when she tells me to, unless going out or having guests.
Author: Guest 2017-10-24 15:57:56
When I first met my wife I told her I wasn't much of a leader and actually disliked leading and that a matriarchal society would probably fit me much better than the actual patriarchal one. After we married our household quickly developed into a matriarchal one as my wife realized I wasn't indeed much use as head of a household. We had a nice and open conversation about it and she told me I'd better give up all my belongings to her, all of my monthly salary paid to her bankaccount, give up my own account and recognize her as head of the household. To compensate for the extra work I gave her I would commit myself to do all the household chores and duties and promess her unconditional obedience. I thought this was the best thing that ever happened to me and I was quick to agree. Without me realizing it we were actually in a flr ! After work I sometimes ran naked in the house (after taking a shower e.g.) but not on a regular basis as we had 2 daughters but who acually didn't bother very much about seeing their dad in the nude. When our kids had left home and I had retired my wife told me there was no longer any need for me to wear clothes in the home and requested I remain totally naked at all times. She also wanted me to have all hair from my entire body completely shaven on a daily basis because she didn't like bodily hair to start with and found it more beautiful and hygienic (I am the one who does all the cooking) if it was all removed. She would then give away all my clothes to charity. I thought I was really blessed and gladly obliged. It is really very enjoyable to live naked and for some reason I feel more "owned" and loved by my wife and also more fully her slave. Our daughters like seeing me naked and think to have their husbands do the same. The wives of retired friends that visited us and where the men are also slaves have equally decided that their husbands were going to live in total nudity. This is a nice evolution and we already had several parties with stark naked husbands and all their spouses beautifully dressed up. The women found it fantastic to be served by the naked men and to dance with them afterwards. This is really matriarchy at its best.
Author: Barthel 2018-05-20 11:53:16


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