Do you believe women are superior to men? - What women say about female led relationships

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Do you believe women are superior to men? - What women say about female led relationships

Discussing Questions about Female Led Relationships

The question "Do you believe women are superior to men? - What women say about female led relationships" comes from one of our user polls. The current poll tallies are posted below. We post the polls to discover real world answers to complex and intriguing questions about female led relationships. The reader should note that questions are often cast in combination (groups of questions) to create greater clarity. To see the entire poll click here

49% 12% 39%
In Some Ways No Yes

*this poll was requested from women

The Opinions of The Authors of this Website

Many of thoughtful people have contributed to the authorship of this website. The authors of this website have thought long and hard about the question "Do you believe women are superior to men? - What women say about female led relationships". We hope you find our viewpoint helpful and thought provoking

I am surprised by this that the vast major of women believe women are superior to men in some or in all ways, this should give men confidence that women are interested in leading relationships and that men can rely on them as leaders because they have some confidence in their abilities and talents
Author: Randy 2011-01-06 19:49:40

What our users say

12% of people are wrong, women are superior in every way
Author: Guest 2011-10-01 08:43:51
Yes , females are superior, in many aspects, take morality for example , or crime, Crime is 95% a male burden on society, Females are the better leaders in almost all areas,..
Author: Tiemo33 2011-10-08 06:48:03
women are superior to men in all areas other than physical strength. They have more common sense, are more law abiding and are generally far more intelligent. Girls outperform boys in all exam levels at schools and universities in England. Men should accept their inferiority and dedicate their lives to serving the superior sex.
Author: Spider7 2011-11-27 07:03:49
wow, maybe in areas? if they are then the world is upside down because men seem to have the money and power.
Author: Guest 2011-11-27 07:20:52
Women are superior in all areas of society. They commit fewer violent crimes. They are more intelligent. They should be served and worshiped.
Author: Marzipan 2012-01-04 15:12:18
This is a hard question. I think this has to depend on your own ideas of superior. For instance, Women are more law abiding... This statement means they are superior in submitting to authority. Men naturally rebel against authority, and strive to do things their own way. In this day and age, men have lost their manliness in many ways. The men prior to World War Two obeyed the law, they were hard working, intelligent, and in most ways capable to a level hardly imaginable by todays men. Today, thought, men are whimpering idiots who will not stand up for themselves. Will not achieve greatness, and will sit in front of the television watching football like a nimrod. I will not. BUT, I still participate in a female led relationship because I am burnt out at the end of the day because I own two companies. My leadership gas tank is burnt out, so my wife leads me in our family life. That being said, men are very intelligent, but we are also lazy. Women need to learn to make men WANT to submit, because men can flip the switch and women could be forced into submission for another period of time
Author: Steve 2012-01-29 19:31:04
Ways in which women are superior. They have more working memory. They have more situational awareness. They use more caution....hence make lesser mistakes than men. For tasks which need prepare less than women. According to some studies,it is said that child birth increases a woman's brain power. And age related mental decline is more in men than in women.
Author: Guest 2012-02-16 00:30:49
And of course they drink less, sleep better,discuss their problems more with others.And its also said that their brains are speedier than men's.
Author: Guest 2012-02-16 00:37:57
In some ways yes in others not so much why cant we all love each other equally?
Author: Jay 2012-02-23 14:13:56
It is impossible to say that one entire sex of a species as complicated as the human race is superior to the other, no matter what physical, cognitive, social, emotional or spiritual metric you use. People are so different with wildly varying strengths, weaknesses, needs, wants and experiences it is a moot argument. All that can be truly said is that FLR works for some people and it is a wonderful and enabling thing for both parties. Who is 'superior' in that relationship would change depending on the nature of the situation they found themselves in. To delve a little deeper; Truly the notion of superiority, or more correctly the external recognition of it, is born of the ego and so cannot be a part of a healthy relationship, community or movement. It could be argued that the ego driven decisions of recent history's patriarchal society have brought the world to the state of disrepair we find ourselves in. The answer is not to effect an equal and opposite reaction to swing the pendulum the other direction, but to create a balance of forces to bring us all back to equilibrium. This is not to say that we take a one size fits all approach, but rather we recognise the innate differences present in every sentient human and strive to remain positive and pure in our actions. FLR is a medium for some to meet their intimate and/or social needs and the concept has great potential. It needs to, like every other approach, remain apart from influences such as ego that seek to slowly taint ideals and objectives. Thank you for your wonderful resource, I have learnt much from browsing your pages and will certainly be introducing a few of your concepts into my own behaviours. Best of luck to everyone passing through, and staying longer.
Author: TeachByLearning 2012-04-13 06:43:31
Yes women are superior to men in many ways because women are more realistic. They can face critical situations far more than men can do.
Author: DaniJ1974 2012-03-29 05:20:14
I 100% believe women are not superior to men. We are all beautiful human beings and deserve to be treated with love and respect. Men and women are simply different, not just on a gender basis but also on an individual basis. I want too very badly find myself in a relationship where I can be submissive to a woman in almost every way but I do not consider myself inferior to women I consider myself complimentary to a woman who needs/or should to be treated like I would like to treat her. I do however believe that women carry a significant burden of responsibility for what happens in the world and how men and women relate to one another. The problem is that women do not understand this, women don't get how much power they have, I want them to though listen to me please! There needs to be a dialogue amongst women, an awakening, an educational process, maybe this site is a step in that direction. Forward this message to your friends. People need to talk about female power and help them become more educated and knowledgeable about it.
Author: Modern guy 2012-05-09 15:53:31
My Wife is the Guide, the Leader, the Boss, and it makes both very happy. We decided for this kind of relatonship few days after we met the first time. I'am a strong and intelligent man, but I saw from the beginning She was stronger, wiser, more intelligent than me. She was aware of her superiority since she was a child, but I am the first lucky man who noticed and accepted it. So she loves me a lot, she is very happy with her follower, and she likes to be obeyed, praised, and admired. I can say my opinion of corse, and very often we think in the same way, but when our opinion are different we do her way. It makes her strong and pleased, and givbe me happiness and peace. I must say She is black and younger, I am white and older, and these differences are exciting for both.
Author: Guest 2012-09-12 09:20:56
Yes they are, absolutely, but just like in romantic relationships, you have to meet the one for you.
Author: Ands79 2014-01-22 00:31:18
Women are Superior to men on Every level. It's not even an opinion, it's a fact! Intellect, decision making, education, managers, leaders, multi tasking, taking care of responsibilities, workers, talent, beauty, on many levels strength - yes strength both physical and mental (men fall apart after a break up, women remain strong, resilient and successful), even driving - don't believe me check the stats. Hands down women are superior. Women were the last created, every living thing before them was created to serve them. Life cannot sustain without them. They are the mothers to all. Men, stop challenging this and accept it for the truth it is. The sooner you do the sooner we we all live in a better, more peaceful, and happier world. I don't believe in God; I believe in Goddess. I am a man and I accept, respect, appreciate, and am honored to have such wonderful leaders, and mentors. Thank you ladies! Let's move forward as a society. Move over guys and accept the transfer of power to the gender to who clearly it belongs. James D.
Author: Guest 2014-02-13 07:46:54
I've always felt that women are superior in many ways. They are better leaders, have a better sense of how things should be done, more sensitive and show more maturity and wisdom. I think men benefit so much from female authority and direction.
Author: Pleasingyou 2014-02-15 08:53:22
Well said James D. The key is accepting our inferiority you gave a enough examples
Author: Honestyjoe 2014-03-30 04:32:18
Honestly i find the Men and Women have both their upsides and downsides. Women have privileges in society today, despite calls otherwise. In the past Men and Women were known to be content in their communities. Women would care for the children, the homes and various small duties, while Men would take work the fields and march off to war to protect their wives, daughters and children. Society todays if putting a bias towards women as 'feminists' can throw things like 'sexist' around and media is supporting of Women.
Author: Guest 2014-05-28 15:45:51
seem to be alot of misinformed people here who misinterpret data or statistics. I could easily show stats suggesting men are superior in every way. If it wasnt for men we wouldnt have buildings, bridges, roads,the telephone, cars, the internet....the list is endless. Just about every single thing on this earth of any significance was designed, created and built by men. Women were just the by product. Sorry but it is true. However the reality is men and women have different strengths and weaknesses despite what everyone has written above. The universe is about balance in every respect and that applies to men and women. You cannot fight nature.
Author: Okky101 2014-06-06 00:03:32
I agree with guest
Author: Guest 2014-12-03 11:50:19
These comments are fake. Noone thinks women are superior to men (they are not, even if 99% comments said so, its a silly idea, really). Noone says that they are inferior either. Someone who thinks a gender is superior to the other is likely to have psychological issues. I find it sad and idiotic, to say the least. Do not believe all the crap you read on the Internet.
Author: DEF 2014-12-18 23:08:06
I agree with prices of most all I read and what guest said up to the last statement. We all have have wants needs and desires... its finding the one that can except you for who you are.
Author: Iam4myFox 2015-05-24 20:59:43
Women are now realizing their superiority. They are gradually tearing down and taking over male bastions.Personally I always believed Females were smarter, more sensitive, you name it. Males should admit this and help Women achive success.I always try to do this.
Author: Fred 2016-01-05 07:42:24
Dumbest question ever. Would you ask the question, `Are white people superior to black people?" Of course not,it just promotes bigotry and stereotyping. Yet you have no problems when referencing gender. You should be ashamed of yourselves. - edited by staff [reason: violation of ground rules -20 points]
Author: CactusGerry 2015-10-16 07:02:33
It depends on what is being measured. Testosterone figures in greatly, so men are superior in strength, fighting ability, protection/security, military duties, etc. I am starting to think that women may be superior in issues of government, decision making (decisions not fueled by testosterone/anger), leadership, etc. The latter one reason we have so many wars. I think this is why for the normal home/family relationship (sans need for those man traits above) women would be the better in charge.
Author: Jr 2016-03-27 13:51:23
Men suffer from less Dementia, Autoimmune disorders, Lung problems, Chronic inflammatory diseases and allergies. Men are also Physically stronger,faster and more endurant. Longest marathons are won by men and all sports are dominated by men (ok 99%) Males have higher IQ and intrapersonal EQ. Men also have greater motor skills.
Author: Guest 2016-07-13 10:05:30
As a man I personally believe women are the superior sex. A woman orgasm is nearly ten times as strong as a man. With this scientists reckon if a man was to be given a female orgasm the shock to his system might kill him. If this is not proof women are superior I don't know what is.
Author: Male 2016-07-11 15:02:47
 ★★★★★Are Not Women BIOLOGICALLY Superior to Men?★★★ ★★      If the hunger instinct and the sex instinct are considered as instincts, then we can define an instinct as follows: "An instinct is a biological force that has the capability to produce a periodical biological urge of a particular type."      According to this theory, the following is the list of the instincts that are present in men and women:         1. Respiratory instincts - instinct of inspiration               and instinct of expiration.         2. Hunger instinct.         3. Thirst instinct.          4. Salivary instinct, which produces an urge               for swallowing the saliva to keep the throat              and foodpipe moist.          5. Defecation instinct.         6. Urinary instinct.         7. Blinking instinct, which is for the urge to keep              the eyes moist during the period of waking.         8. Instinct of sleep.         9. Orgasm instinct (in grown-ups), commonly known as the sex instinct. The orgasm instinct periodically produces an urge for orgasmic ejaculation.       Besides the above-mentioned instincts, women also have the following special instincts:         a) Instinct of menstruation.          b) Instinct of ovulation and pregnancy.         c) Birth-giving instinct in pregnant women.         d) Lactation instinct in nursing mothers.       Three of these special instincts make women BIOLOGICALLY superior to men in the propagation and survival of the human race! 
Author: AshokJai 2016-07-10 17:03:37
Honestly I think the question of "superiority" of male vs female is completely irrelevant. You might just as well ask : who is superior, the proton or the electron ? Man and woman are made for each other and males without females don't have any reason for existence and vice versa and just as a proton and electron form an atom so does the couple man-woman form (either temporarily or for life) an entity that is fundamental to human society. Women havn't been able to fully exert their qualities in the past due to the merciless brutality in human society where physical force often made the difference and the law of the strongest was in vigor. Modern science has fundamentally changed our society in this respect and, at last and to my great relief, women are now in a position where they can exert the influence in society that has long been due to them and that will make our society, I'm sure, more harmonious and civilized. They really don't need to be "superior" for that.
Author: BartCad 2016-08-10 07:24:54
Biologically, women are superior sex its a fact. Men needs women for their survival but women does not necessarily need men for their survival according to some recent discoveries. Women can produce babies without the use of men. Secondly, women are most peaceful gender. They r better decision makers and can handle tougher situations better than men. They r emotionally stronger than men. They r builders of the family and a civilised culture. They have more control over their emotions anger,hatred,jealousy etc. which makes them superior gender over violent men. Also girls outclassing boys every year in india in schools,colleges and universities. In history, women are not allowed to do wars and take education and even they take,noone was there to take responsibility of them and this way they were ignored. But present scenario is changing, women are dominating over men. In most of the houses husbands have become remote controls of their wives. These all enough to prove women are superior gender and every males should have to accept nw or later. Only women can bring peace to the world. Like you know in dinosaurs time, female t-rex was bigger and more powerful than males. This proves females are superior gender whether its humans or animals And you have to accept this fact because dinosaurs have been the most dominant creatures in the history of earth.
Author: Aloksinha01 2016-10-24 08:20:14
I would be lost w/out female guidance .They are 2nd to no one . We males are so lucky they are on this earth w/us , if not we would never survive .
Author: Glass-doer 2016-11-21 16:44:46
I truly believe women are superior in all aspects of life not just the bedroom or sex but as leaders in compassion and yes warriors
Author: Guest 2017-09-23 21:39:59
Not surprised at how many people are confusing their fantasy world with reality. Just because you choose to see the world a certain way and can spout off cherry picked statistics and anecdotes doesn't make it so. The fact of the matter is that women are better in some ways, men are better in other ways. On top of that, there is a great deal of overlap between the two genders. It always has been that way and always will be.
Author: Eyeroller 2017-10-29 14:27:24
The Woman is superior to the male, simply because Woman is cause and the male is effect of the Woman, an effect can destroy its cause, but always it will be inferior.
Author: Ravanello 2017-11-02 18:06:28


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